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  1. I have ordered most of my metal builds from Nin Nin and have had only one issue. That issue was more related to the shippers that the company. Overall I have had a good experience with them since 2018
  2. L-O-L not quite what I was looking for but it does the job. I was more or less trying to figure out what time is it in the US when its 4PM in tokyo. I also think we are ahead of them time wise right? Not sure if its the flash in the photos or the quality of that metal build but that Justice looks like its a China KO . I hope the actual in person finished product is a lot better.
  3. First go around it will be Justice + Space Station Jabber next release will have them both sold separate. Then after that they will release it again at some BS tamashii event or Comic Com ….. sold separate of course
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Hobby-Dendrobium-Universal-Century/dp/B00030EU9Y You mean kind of like this or a metal build version? Bandai needs to pull their heads out of their JDM a**es and drop the Metal Build GN Arms Type E they teased a while ago. They have done the R&D so they might as well sell it https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/07/metal-build-concept-model-01-gn-arms.html
  5. It seems like GFFMC got their s*** together with these tri stars. Im glad I drunk ordered 3 of these because they do not have the weak joints or quality control issues that their predecessors did. They put a lot more detail into these and the maneuverability backpack and leg parts look really good with the paint scheme. Im too scared to put numbers on mine though.
  6. As a whole I believe they are focused on JP markets via the Tamashii Nations line. The Tamashii exhibits and events over there are quite popular. Bandai as of 2019 owns Sunset/Sotsu or owns like 70% of the companies. Yoshiko Tomino is also still an employee under Sunrise. So I would say they have a pretty heavy hand of control over the Gundam Franchise
  7. Not sarcasm. I get this is a Macross forum. I am just saying because of other communities , we are in the situation we are in now. Those sly japs at bandai saw an opportunity and ran with it all the way to the bank. Plus the whole "Alternative Strike" bull****with its f***ing accessories is a whole separate rant. Im not a big Macross collector so I only have the VF 31s from Macross Delta + parts , a Kairos and a Kronos . Thats it. Now Metal Build Gundam I have just about every one except the original Trans Am Raiser & Exia Avalanche parts. I only have duplicates of "Infinity Strike (Five)" and "Exia Repair IV (Two)". If you look at Show Z and other similar websites the 3rd party communities are pumping out products all the time. I used the transformers market as an example because its over saturated and over extended. The people that I know in the transformers community have given up buying name brand and most of the time will wait for 3rd party because it will be the same quality at a fraction of the cost. The new thing now in Transformers world is milking the Nemesis and Shattered Glass variants So with that said if someone out there from Bandai is reading this , they can suck my D*** with their overplayed re releases. Like finish a damn series would you ? Finish Wing , finish Seed or finish 00 Raiser instead of going up and down with the same models in a slightly different color.
  8. must... fight.... temptation ....
  9. Thats a very good point , forgot about all the reboots of the Metal Build Destiny. The Soul Red was a good redemption but 2 other reboots and an ugly *** Heine custom :vomit
  10. Bandai is too busy milking the **** out of the Metal Build Franchise. If you really look they just keep re releasing Exias , Astraeas , Strike Freedoms and Raisers. The F91 re release was trash and so was the White/Gold Frame astrays. They have been rebooting the poor Exia frame for how F***ing long and it still has hip/shoulder issues in 2021? This BS is happening because of the Star Wars/Transformers community. All they do is re release a character with a small color change or different box and all the fanboys are trying to shove a pre order down their throat. Then it came over to the Macross community with all the revivals/revisions/re releases. So unless more people voice their opinion we are going to keep getting these **** re releases. This is coming from a devout Metal Build addict too. At the same time Im also pissed that this is going to be the 5th release of that Red Frame. Can we have Nu , Justice or any of the other teased Metal Builds? *puts alcohol down , turns off rant*
  11. I just moved into a new house and am still in the process of setting up the man cave. I dont have a wide closet in that room , narrow as seen. It was a matter of getting everything out of storage and into the closet. I also have 2 Dynames on pre order waiting to take up more space lol and maybe a Metal Club Kshatriya Funnel kit . My collection is probably just as bad ( if not worse) than that Carslayr guy. I also have the KO Inactive Strike & Destiny in there somewhere and a Green Metal Club Strike
  12. Those bastards are releasing a Gundam Wing MS Mode !?!?!? Talk about milking the franchise. They could have picked anything else from the Wing series to reboot but they picked this ?!?!?! I’m still waiting on a Metal Build or GFFMC Heavy Arms , Death Scythe or Epion …. F*** me right …. It’s cool I’ll just toss into the collection closet
  13. If you want the backpack but not the strike I would be willing to buy the figure off you at a later time. I just realized I ordered a second gen aile strike pack and all my MB strikes are used up currently
  14. The same way they played the Metal Build Strike and the Metal Build Strike Infinite? Then they sold all those F***ing accessories after that. I bought 2 strikes at lauch w/ jet packs , then 2 infinite strikes (no jet pack) then I said F it and got 3 of the bootleg strike gundams from Show Z store which were pretty decent for being $100 each. Probably going to order 2 Strike Rouges here before the price goes up to $500 after release On a side note , the Metal Build Alternative Strike series still has yet to release Loenghorne Launcher ( i think thats how its spelled) and the Grand Slam Sword both of which were teased at a show but not yet released. So for those wanting a Grand Slam for the Rouge and Strike , its on the way but date is TBA
  15. Nin Nin was $34 more expensive but they shipped much much faster. I have just about every metal build in the collection ( Aside from Exia Avalance and Trans Am Riser) and most of my collection has always come from Nin Nin Game. The only time I had an issue was with my VF-31 ARAD Super Parts , they needed $12 more since they estimated shipping wrong. The $34 difference was total after everything. Nin Nin > No tax but higher shipping , usually EMS P Bandai > Tax but cheaper shipping. I wouldnt use P bandai again unless they were the only ones left, they werent bad, I am just impatient
  16. Where did you get this display and do you think it will fit the factory diorama for the Nu ? I ask because I am also one of the people that Pre ordered 1 x Metal Structure 2x Fin FUnnels and 2x Londo Bell sets ( F*** the haters ) . I have no place to display it due to its size and how I dont want it covered in dust.
  17. P bandai takes forever to ship and they charge tax. I ordered 2 Metal Build Full Cloths on the day they released ( One of my fav gundams) The Nin Nin order shipped when they first released. THe P bandai ordered shipped 4 months later. The price difference was $34 or something of the like. P bandai delivers but be warned there is a delay
  18. Those guys are sketchy , they got over on me for $750 on the last Metal Structure Fin Funnel pre order. They wont ship for 90 days so you cant leave feedback on them via ebay. In my case I was charged and the item never shipped . I tried reaching out to them multiple times to which they politely told me to pound sand. I was unable to use Ebay or Paypal claims service as the item went beyond the protection window. They also scrub their youtube comments to get rid of the hate. If you want to gamble away $1500 thats on you guys.
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