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  1. I think it was Metal Club but someone made a KO Strike Freedom and KO Destiny in DeActive color scheme. I feel the same way. Bandai has milked the Strike Frame , Astray Frame and now Crossbone frame to no end. The other thing killing me is Bandais quality control, the paint quality isnt as good as it was Pre Covid (especially on Trans Am Raiser re release). Ive also noticed there is some false advertising going on too. The Type F and Gundam Crossbone X0 are examples of this. The colors we see and the colors they are releasing the figure in seem to be lackluster from what was originally shown. Its gotten so bad Ive started buying Macross planes or KO figures to fuel the addiction
  2. Those Metal Kingdom Strikes are now about $150-170 these days. They even have a KO strike rouge now and a KO Metal Kingdom strike with a sword and blaster Strike https://showzstore.com/metal-kingdom-mg-1-100-gat-x105-strike-gundam_p1895.html Strike rouge https://gundamit.com/metal-kingdom-aile-strike-rouge-ootori_p0714.html Strike + Aile + Blaster + Sword https://gundamit.com/metal-kingdom-perfect-strike-gundam_p0711.html
  3. New Strike Rouge 1/72 KO . Looks cool but could be as bad as the regular strike. https://gundamit.com/ms-1-72-nt-02-gat-x105-aile-strike-gundam-metal-build-red-phoenix-version_p1164.html Here is a video review
  4. Get the "Fix Loose Joints" by Kiki on ebay. The legit stuff works and saves your from sanding/filling joints. The mystery black bottle with no logo is a waste of money. I just recently had to use this stuff on my KO MB Gundam Wing and my MB EVA 01
  5. If its anything liek the last two, it will by hyped at first and then settle down between $240 - $275. I bought the first RX78 to drop for $350 because hype. 8-9 months later when there were more on the market it was sitting sub $300. WIth the current Gundam market Im sure we will see more of these in circulation at a later time. yeah but you get it sent to you in a plastic envelope because of their new shipping practices. Its scheduled for release 06/30 so realistically they will start hitting vendors the following week or two.
  6. SO did this thing not drop or did I miss PO ? Both P bandai and Nin Nin dont show it in stock. LP can suck it before anyone mentions that name
  7. LP receives heat on the regular for their questionable business practices but people still flock to them. LP hasnt also posted any videos of quality in months
  8. Have you guys seen the 1/72 KO version of Deathscythe yet? Its a spin off of the Endless Waltz version https://showzstore.com/pre-order-lihua-1-72-xxxg-01d-gundam-deathscythe-hell-endless-waltz-ver-metal-build_p0964.html
  9. Nin Nin sent me mine on Friday. QC issues were still present but nowhere near as bad as Hayate. Guns did not point down , arms were more tucked into the wings and only one panel was out of place. The big issue mine had was the wing tabs wont fit into the legs but ill cut those down later.
  10. I was able to get my hands on one of these NIB. Not because I want it but it goes with my DLX Optimus Shattered Glass
  11. https://www.favorgk.com/products/dx-series-rx-78-2-gundam-vs-ms-06s-zaku-ii-mobile-suit-gundam-seed-official-statue-bandai-namco-pre-order?variant=39993227673670 only site left that i could find that isnt over $500. Its going to be steep everywhere because i believe its an officially licensed Bandai Namco product
  12. Out of curiosity , did anyone order that Bandai (ish) RX 78 vs Zaku statue? I dont know if its kosher in this thread so I didnt post a link to it
  13. Toy Dojo is a legit seller , I have ordered a few metal builds from them as well as a Metal Club Kshatriya. The only time they piss me off is when I have to visit their store in Austin. I live in TX and they still have like an 8% tax
  14. Super glad I bought 2 of the GFFMC Wing Gundams after seeing the reviews. Downside is I bought them from P Bandai so with their delays Ill see them in August probably
  15. GUndamnit stealthily dropped a Strike Rouge KO with Ootori backpack https://gundamit.com/metal-kingdom-aile-strike-rouge-ootori_p0714.html Also dropped a Strike KO with Sword and Blaster https://gundamit.com/metal-kingdom-perfect-strike-gundam_p0711.html
  16. The MC were cool but they were small and didnt do the Kshatriya justice as it was a big frame in the anime. Steel Legends did it more justice and the extra fin funnel kit + Booster Kit was a pretty slick add on too.
  17. They only did so because they were getting backlash in multiple sections in this place and on other forums. They realized their solution of paying an extra monthly subscription for better shipping wasnt working in their favor.
  18. Unlikely as of now. Bandai will just print them and tell us to pound sand. If you notice the pics that are available are really good about hiding the undercarriage where the issues are.
  19. The one thing we all want and Bandai wont drop that pre order. I think we are all over the Exia, Strike, and Red/Blue/Gold frame releases at this point. Just ask Carlsylar or David , they are going to order 3 to 5 at a time and Im sure they will have an extra
  20. Easy. They take pictures and throw up a listing on their website, even before we have release dates or confirmed pricing. they are hustling a Metal Structure Sazabi and we don’t have a release date or price on that thing yet
  21. The sad part is your are probably right. they will have just the dynames for sale , the backpack sold separately now , then an add on rifle , then a re release of dynames without the backpack and then a re release of dynames but with a small change to the box or a Trans-Am dynames. Bandais milking the franchise has made it hard to stay in this hobby as they re release the same products while the quality control goes lower and lower
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