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  1. I was just throwing it out there for those that missed it. also prayers to you that you receive your product in decent condition if you receive it at all.
  2. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/metal-build/51624-metal-build-gn-0000-gnr-010-00-trans-am-riser-full-particle-ver-tamashii-nation-2021-limited-edition-bandai-.html Nin Nin has it for $590 , grab one before it’s gone.
  3. Nostalgia factor. Especially since Eva hit Netflix , all the weebs are trying to re live the childhood nostalgia. They buy the MB Evas, realize they are a waste of money and then re sell them. Especially that Eva 2 , there’s always one for sale cheap. I also say this as an owner of both MB Eva 01 version and the first MB Eva 2
  4. Don’t ever underestimate Bandais ability to milk the s*** out of something. The Eva models featured the “Arming Tree” and “Progressive Weapons” . Pretty sure they are going to polish the turd again and re release something other than Eva 0 in the event I’m wrong Sqidd will send you 50 XLM to your crypto wallet.
  5. I think Eva 01 stuff sells. Eva 02 sales were a bust from what I’ve seen on forums. I’m hoping this Eva re release comes with the “Arming Tree” because that would be sweet. so if I’m seeing this event right I have the following scheduled ( because I need to get my wallet ready) -some MN Crossbone -Gundam Wing OG GFFMC -supposedly Red Dragon Astray with Cavelwtch backpack - MB Eva 01 & 2 re release did I forget something ?
  6. Speaking of the GUndam Factory Rx-78 , have the Illuminated versions dropped anywhere other than ebay yet? Im not ready to pay $400 + tax for one
  7. I mean , I want to act surprised but Bandai is about to milk the F out the Crossbone molds by the looks of things. Question is are they dropping another Full Cloth or an accessory kit for a different crossbone
  8. Anyone get that DLX Shattered Glass Soundwave? If so can you please share some pics ?
  9. Just found this thread. I just received my 1/72 Strike and all the reviews are correct. Its of poor quality Also now I need to buy a KO Snow White gundam
  10. If any one is thinking about getting that new 1/72 MoShow Strike , don't do it. It looks cool but you cant see all the tape I used to hold it together lol. It comes with weak/flimsy torso and wobbly hip joints. It looks cool but it may not stand up properly under its own power. When it arrived it was missing Grand Slam so i don't have it to display. QC was just as bad as the 2017 release they did , this one has way better paint on it though.
  11. What country are you in? What is the shipping fee to the states
  12. The GFFMC version of the unicorn where early models in the GFFMC line. Most of the GFFMC line suffered from weak joints , hands that didnt stay in place and general QC inconsistencies, quality wasnt really fixed until the GFFMC Wing gundam came out. I bought the first GFFMC unicorn build and Final Battle version. I kept the final battle version because the colors on it are awesome but it lives in the box due to poor posability. I hope that if the Metal Build line launches one that it will have far better quality than the GFFMC line did. Also Im quoting this because I want to see you bite a Metal Build Unicorn
  13. Yes I checked , then I checked my notification settings also. Not sure why they stopped. Glad im not alone. Im using an Ikea Regissor Glass door cabinet. If I use the stands I get it about 1/3 full , if I dont use stands I can get half of the collection in there. If i wanted to display everything properly I would need 3 . They are front heavy and need to be drilled into the wall to avoid tipping , so Ive been hesitant to get the other 2. My collection is missing -Original 00 Raiser trans am -Exia Avalanche (just didnt care for it) -Gerbera powered arms set. -White Astraea test maneuver parts In terms of KO I have -Metal Club Kashatriya with funnel effects -Inactive Strike Freedom & Inactive Destiny - Strike Freedom "Soul Blue" - Strike GTX -Teal Strike Freedom - Trans Am Raiser - Raiser Plane with sword pack and more -Metal Club Sinanju 1/100 & Sazabi 1/72 As you can see this repressed childhood obsession becomes a problem when you grow up and get a good job and an adult bank account. This all could have been prevented had my parents just bought me the gundam stuff I wanted instead of forcing that lame Star Wars crap on me lol
  14. P Bandai & Big Bad Toy STore are notoriously slow when it comes to shipping. Also how do I go about getting notification emails?I have my alerts turned on but they arent showing up?
  15. What is IBO MRS and which lupus rex did you buy? Are you talking about that "Metal Myth Dragon King" lupus knock off? The stand base has unique designs which are cool but the stupid arm that is included makes it hard to put in display cases or balance properly. This is why I wish someone would make a small clear 2-3 in adapter just like what the Metal Build Strike includes or the Gold Frame Astray. That way I can display my MB figure without having 12-15in high figure in a cabinet that only has 15in space between shelves. If bandai could start adding/selling the display stand pictured below, that would be great. You think they would have by now considering every Exia to date has had weak hips joins and its hard to pose them without a stand. https://twitter.com/amiami_english/status/1141999871710261248 Couldnt insert photos from link , so here is link
  16. Hey Sqidd , here is the size comparison I promised you lol. I also hate the MB stands for the most part. I do like the mini stands that the Strike and Gold Frame Amatsu come with. If you make smaller stands out me down for a few
  17. Their attempt was more about "Saving Face" on a public forum. I also got a nice lesson from them about forum etiquette as well. Its slightly smaller, less detailed and less articulation than a metal build. Same weight thought. If I have time later today Ill pull out the Chogokin RX78 and take some pictures next to my Exias or Strikes for comparison. I thought it was part of the " Chogokin" line given that yellow box in the upper left corner of the package?
  18. I have trust issues with Luna Park because they have burned me in the past. Do we even have a release date on that so far or do I just need to keep an eye on ebay?
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