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  1. All the Astraeas were that way. The Proton Launcher model was a weird white with some off white that wasnt shown during pre order . The Type F was shown as a bright vivid red but we got a slightly faded red and two tone shields. Honestly Im not too surprised the Type X didnt live up to the color it was portrayed but its still a cool looking design with sniper rifle and helmet included.
  2. you dont think they made a better quality styrofoam back in the day? It seems like styrofoam is made by the cheapest bidders these days.
  3. multiple hobby shops on youtube have basically said the same thing. They said have your figure in enough plastic to allow the gas to go around/over the figure. Another point that was brought up was moisture/humidity for those non A/C houses and probably Florida lol.
  4. They are already charging questionable prices. I looked at them for shipping on a valk and they wanted $50 already. To pay an extra fee monthly is setting a dangerous precedent. The shipping service we used to get prior to this scamdemic is now being re sold to us . This is the same BS ideal that got us those " Rewards Points" you are now seeing, you pay for an item and you get rewards (which are already factored into the price) and only good for that store. The other downfall is the "Priority Customer" list. If you ordered on day 1 of pre sale and arent a premium member , you could get bumped down to the second batch and wait longer. Your "priority" on the list is also contingent on how much you spend with them. If you are ok with this , then go ahead, pay for premium, help the girls make their cocktail bar tour videos at our expense.
  5. I got mine last week. Packaged well. THanks ! I purchased a second one People are still shopping with them after that "Premium Shipping BS" they tried to pull?
  6. Anyone got a lead on where to get one of those +/- $300 ? On ebay they are at $330 plus taxes and possible shipping. I kind of want a second one in hopes that the arms would at least line up symmetrically.
  7. Bandai is going to tell us all to suck it. If they fix it then this plane will be re released as a "Revival" or "Renewal" version and we will probably have to buy it again if you want an eye appealing version
  8. Full Disclosure here , this is not a collector grade item. There are minor imperfections in paint and some swirl marks in paint due to poor quality control at factory. The item was opened, inspected and never displayed. The box has a couple creases in the corner and the booklet is slightly bent. The unit will be a decent display of you keep your distance from it lol. Feel free to ask me anything about it asking $420 + shipping ( 48 states only) will consider some kind of trade for Hayate Kairos Plus VF 31
  9. I’m loving the redesign overall but the ugly gaps near the shoulders are triggering my OCD. The leg doesn’t even snap into place by the forward intake vent , it just pops out of place.
  10. I bought two of the first batch of the glossy ones. The quality on both of them was pretty bad. Parts fall off randomly and the hands need to be super glued to hold anything. As much as I want this I too will be passing. Its the same HongLaJiao company making it again with a different coat of paint, I highly doubt they have improved the previous model and/or addressed the shortcomings it had. Im also pissed with Gundamits Customer Service. I sent them a message about how they changed their listing on the 1/72 Strike and left out the sword and they basically said " Sorry, we cant do anything". They do not feel like an extension of Show Z store , they feel like they are just coasting off of the name. Just a heads up for anyone who hasnt dealt with Gundamit before
  11. P Bandai is usually 4-8 weeks behind the curve. When the MB full cloth came out I ordered 1 from Nin Nin Game and 1 from P Bandai a few hours later. Nin Nin had it at my front door 5-7 days after release date. P Bandai took about 6-8 weeks to arrive after the release date. so just be aware P Bandai is legit , their shipping times suck. I believe someone said Pbamdai has to wait for all US bound builds to finish because they send them over on boat or something of the like
  12. So Luna Park is now gouging people and still thieving products? Its reasons like this I refuse to do business with them as they have already burned me in the past
  13. Whats the surprise ? I looked at P bandai and other photos and it all seems to check out. The smaller "slow burner" pistols are just hidden better in other photos
  14. I meant living that lavish metal build life. Instead of women in mansions he’s got metal builds in mansions. I was only able to affford one Raiser this go around and dude got 4 #FlossingSeason
  15. SO a couple of videos just dropped for the Strike Rouge. First video is half unboxing segment and half posing segment. Second video is a quick unboxing with more of a focus on the flight units and how they combine. Low key glad I ordered 2 after watching these
  16. Thanks broski , i wasnt going to grab an eva due to short funds but the $28 deposit at BBTS was a life saver. Thats the thing with BBTS , patience. Ive gotten a few things from them previously and while they deliver a good product , they are usually a couple months behind the release date similar to P Bandai. They are a usually a good option as long as they dont gouge like they are doing with GFFMC Wing
  17. If you are looking for one , Nin Nin Game still has them for sale and they ship world wide. I will tell you from my experience with mine, the quality control was sub standard on the Full Particle Raiser. Arrived with imperfections in paint all over the Raiser and plane. Paint is beautiful but quality control is bad. The Raiser Blue was had a perfect paint job , the full particle not so much, it was probably rushed into production.
  18. Ok here are the measurements of the effect parts included with the Full Particle Raiser. in my household we don’t use Communist Meters , we measure with a system befitting back to back World War Champs. Here are measurements in Inches instead of CM
  19. So you’re asking me for a “length measurement” of my “effect parts”??? I didn’t know this was that kind of forum lol. the video posted here a couple pages back has the small saber effects at 7 inches and large saber between 12-13in . I haven’t opened it yet because I’m running errands but will confirm it later tonight.
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