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  1. Had it in cart at HLJ, but order stopped before I could check out.
  2. AmiAmi: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=FIGURE-060557
  3. The HLJ wheel was spinning for over 30 minutes, finally gave up and refreshed...item in cart is no longer available. If you can, keep waiting for that wheel to stop!
  4. I was F5'ing, and the button changed to Pre-Order. Still showing as available for me?
  5. Got one at Ami Ami!
  6. Jungle's online webstore is back up! Apparently, they had a data breach. They are also waiving their 5% international handling fee until 6/30.
  7. gochow

    Macross figures

    Thanks! I've been looking at sets on ebay, but this one was priced much nicer!
  8. Worth a try, @ChristopherB, could you please PM me? I'm interested in a few items. Thanks!
  9. Could you please post pics? This is the combo I'm interested in trying.
  10. These are becoming more regular... Ebay 15% off $25+, max discount $100, expires 11pm PT Code: PRIMOSALE
  11. I've been using a 0.03mm Copic Multiliner on the Arcadia/Yamato v2 valks. Like this one. The ultrafine point makes it much easier to get in there.
  12. Another eBay code: PERFECTDAY for 15% off anything, minimum $25 purchase, maximum $100 discount, expires 9pm Pacific.
  13. As someone who just paid the current market rate for an Arcadia VF-1J with GBP, I'm a little irked. However, I'm such a big fan of the GBP armor, I'd probably buy another one if reissued. *sigh*
  14. I'm interested in the Regult, sent a PM.
  15. 20% off on purchases of $50+ eBay (max discount $100), code: PICKDADSGIFT
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