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  1. Ah that makes sense, thanks. I suppose I could try to pry it out, maybe tighten the screw, then glue it again. I'd probably cause more damage than it's worth, though. It's not really a big deal, just an odd thing I noticed. I guess I could turn the bicep around and basically never notice, as well.
  2. So cabin fever is starting to set in and I got to staring at my displays a little too long. And I noticed the oddest defect on my Hikaru VF-1S copy. The upper part of the left bicep is slightly raised. At first I thought it was cracked or something, and maybe causing it to poke out a bit, but no, it's actually molded that way. My Hikaru 1J and Max 1A are completely flat on all the biceps. Has anyone else noticed this issue on any of theirs?
  3. In the anime, the TV skull leader has red triangles on the shoulders, and the DYRL skull leader has yellow triangles. Whether Bandai would care about that is anyone's guess.
  4. My theory on this is that if they admit it is wrong, they could possibly be legally liable and therefore obligated to do something about it (refund, discount, reissue, etc.). They could have said nothing at all, but I imagine they've gotten quite a lot of "feedback" about it in Japan. So they decided to claim it was on purpose to cover their ass. Just my theory, though.
  5. Regarding the cockpit, the short answer is that there are differences between the TV and DYRL cockpits. Most toys don't really make the distinction, though, and end up either picking one style or the other, or doing some kind of hybrid. The DX cockpit favors the DYRL canopy shape, but I wouldn't say it is exactly that. I think if we were going to get accurate TV/DYRL style different cockpits and canopies, it would have happened in the yamcadia v2 1/60 line, since they were separate pieces that could theoretically be made differently and put together easily. It didn't happen even then. I believe some kits do make the distinction.
  6. Great set-up. Is that the perfect grade Wing Zero up there?
  7. With Macross releases slowing to a trickle lately, I've decided to follow one of my other nostalgic/guilty pleasures: Gundam Wing
  8. Looking at that it really reminds much of how much stuff Bandai as a company puts out. Glad the SSP aren't delayed (yet). Of course I have to deal with the NY delay, as well. No, they cannot. You can disassemble it if you are so inclined, but that's just taking the toy apart. It's not an intended gimmick.
  9. HardlyNever

    Macross figures

    Any word on the KC Misa Lisa Hayes? I'm assuming it's delayed like everything else from China?
  10. Don't have any packs, but I'll still wait the extra 3-4 months for the ones I ordered from NY. I waited this long, whats another few months. They kind of don't exist to me at this point.
  11. Finally got the TV style fists I've been working on to a place I'm (mostly) happy with. I'll probably have to do another left one for Hikaru, as I'm not happy about the color, but it will do for now. I'll have to make another set if/when we get TV Kakizaki, as well.
  12. Sii forte, ragazzo! Amo il paese, mi fa male vedere questo situazione.
  13. I'd say it is a legit coin-toss as to whether Bandai reissues the Hikaru 1J(with or without gray goggles). It would make sense to do so, and probably boost GBP sales. Also, the whole "first release/first press" display stand seems to imply that they were planning another release (or it could just be the first release in the new DX VF-1 line). But this is Bandai, and what makes sense and what they actually do are often at odds with one another.
  14. Can't speak for the Photon, but where I work I have access to a Form 2 resin 3D printer, and I still have issues with consistency in detail. Sometimes I get almost exactly what I want, and sometimes it is a fuzzy mess. But that printer is a bit on the old side, at this point. All I'm saying is resin doesn't always give you the best detail, either.
  15. Similar situation. Only I don't actually want a DYRL Kakizaki at all (only a TV one). My fear is that if this barely sells, we'll never even seen a TV Kakizaki, so I'm considering possibly grabbing one just to subsidize poor Kakizaki. I would probably end up selling the DYRL Kakizaki, as well.
  16. "Soul web" sounds like a robot lol. Just call it Tamashii Web exclusive (TWE). I think that's the right way to go with him, though, and I hope they do the same for his TV release.
  17. I'm a bit confused. Is this a new display we're seeing pictures from? All the DYRL VF-1As were shown back at the Tamashii Nations event last October, so we've seen these figures on display. Is this another display that is currently going on, and somehow supports DYRL Kakizaki being the next release? I can't tell just from the social media posts.
  18. I think this one has jumped the shark. It was entertaining for a bit, but I think we crossed the fun-to-annoying threshold.
  19. Chances of a Bandai YF-19 reissue any time soon (within the next few years) are incredibly slim. If you want one, I'd start shopping around now. They aren't that far above their original MSRP anyhow, so a theoretical reissue (which probably won't happen) wouldn't save you much. Arcadia might try to make a "premium finish" version of their yf-19, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that, either. And that would be quite expensive. A 1/48 yf-19 or yf-21 is basically never going to happen, at least not from a company like Bandai. That scale kind of works for the VF-1 because of its relatively small size, but a 1/48 yf-19 would be quite large, and would likely be a $400+ product.
  20. Personally, I felt like he was trolling after the 2nd or 3rd post, so I kind of ignored him after that. But we do get some odd-ball, genuine posters here everyone once and a while, so I'm not as quick to label someone a troll here as I might be on some other forums, so I kept out of it. Either way, it's been a slow few months for Macross news, especially for this DX line, so a little trolling/possible misinformation can be a nice distraction from the silence we've been dealing with.
  21. It definitely could be. And I agree we'll probably get a TV Kakizaki eventually. I was just saying (along with others) that the pics from above are meaningless with regards to knowing what Bandai is planning.
  22. Yeah, I thought the TV Kakizaki VF-1A DX claim was intended to be a joke, since that clearly isn't a DX valk at all. Perhaps it is a self-bamboozle, though. Either way, I would not assume anything based on the information we have. Leaks seems to be very rare for Bandai, at least leaks that make it to us. But people claiming to have insider knowledge still seems to happen from time to time, even on small forums like this.
  23. Regarding the carrier designation, I think "Prometheus" is the "more correct" carrier designation for the M&M 1Js, but it's SDFM which is riddled with various production errors, so it can be pretty hard to tell what is intentional and what is in error when you starting dealing with this minutia. A Blue/white Max 1J valk is first seen in Episode 24, and it appears to be launching from the Prometheus, as far as I can tell. Then we see another blue/white valk in Episode 25: Virgin Road, which most of the community has decided is a different valk from the episode 24 valk. It has become known as the VF-1D "Virgin Road" edition, despite being clearly being shown with a VF-1A head in the animation. But because it has two seats in it, and some toy companies made that version as a VF-1D, some of the community has decided it was the 1A head that is the anime production error. It could well be, who knows. I've never seen any official statement to conclude one way or the other. We then see the M&M blue and red 1Js in episode 27. I don't think you see where they launch from, specifically. They are already launched when we see them.
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