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  1. Just adding to @SpaceCowboy, as I helped him with his bot and used it as well. It basically confirms everything I said earlier; every individual retailer needs it own special bot, and they need to be constantly updated to have a chance at being successful. We had to update ours like 3-4 times between inception and use (and we only focused on HLJ). There is also the very real question of how "competitive" a homemade bot is. Finding an item and completing an order is one thing; having it do it faster than a human on PO madness night is another. Of course you could run multiple bots, but how many different accounts do you really want to have? The takeaway for me is that most of these things are actually being bought by humans, despite some people believing otherwise. Where bots are involved(and I do believe they are involved), they are made and maintained by "professional" scalpers that buy way more than Macross stuff, and do this on a scale your mere collector/enthusiast cannot keep up with. Just my experience, a theory and my 2 cents.
  2. Roy_preorder.gif Good luck tonight, all.
  3. As far as I can tell, she doesn't say thing about the red triangles specifically in the narration. She doesn't really say anything about the paint except that it has skull markings because he is skull leader, is the best I can make out. But I'm definitely still learning japanese, so maybe someone else can pick something out. I think the actual answer is something along the lines of basically (literally?) every other TV valk has red shoulder triangles, so when people who are used to coloring TV valks go to do the triangles, they make them red, without realizing that Skull Leader (generally) has yellow triangles, But that is just my theory.
  4. He has red shoulder triangles during the transformation animation. Lol, it continues.
  5. Yeah, that's fine.
  6. This one took a little longer than I hoped, but I guess Roy deserves it. Roy ready to wreck our wallets on PO night:
  7. Based anime accuracy was always so close: I was actually just working on something else Macross-meme themed in PS, when I checked this thread (so I just put that together real fast). Hopefully I'll finish what I was working on this weekend.
  8. I'm a fan of the TV style hands (even though I think the DYRL hands objectively look better) more for nostalgia sake than anything else. I didn't like that they did not include TV style fists, so I made my own. Even I wouldn't be too excited about articulated TV style hands; I don't think they would look right if they actually had any functional articulation (probably too skinny), so I think fixed-posed work fine for TV style needs. Gun-gripping, splayed hand and fist are enough to cover basically any pose I want, though I do wish we had left gun grip and right splayed hands. I have a hunch Bandai is going to try to package TV style fists with their GBP accessory, possibly up-scaled a bit.
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't read too much into the "special" part, as I've seen that get thrown around for a while. It basically means Roy Focker custom/use, but for whatever reason "special" gets used sometimes, especially for Roy. I don't really know why. They did the same thing with their HMR Roy. And yes, one of those did come with a "special" display stand, they also did a release that didn't come with a display stand, and still called it "Roy Focker Special." I'm pretty sure I've seen that used for other Focker toys, but I can't find another example at the moment. But I believe it's been around since the 90s, maybe even the 80s. Edit: Arcadia calls theirs Roy Focker specials, too.
  10. There are definitely a lot of animation errors in the series, no doubt. But there is always that question of what is intentional versus animation error. The red triangles show up in more than just those few scenes, and they show up in multiple episodes. I don't want to spam the thread with a bunch of screenshots, but they are there. Currently, I'm thinking the red triangles only show up (sometimes) in episodes 28 and on, and even then it's maybe a 50/50 split between red and yellow. It may be that you never see red triangles on Skull Leader when Focker pilots it, in which case props to Bandai I guess for getting it right (intentionally or unintentionally). Memory is a funny thing, as when I think of TV skull leader in my head I pretty much always see it with red triangles, but in the animation that is a minority of the time.
  11. It looks like it is another case of color changing. The 3M shows them as red, but they are often yellow in the anime. Here are some shots of the red shoulder triangles in the anime (one is even weirder, with the triangles outside of the black): But now you've got me thinking, maybe it only appears as red when Hikaru has the 1S? I wonder if they ever appear as red when Focker is piloting Skull Leader. I'll have to go back and look, but odds are they are more often yellow than red, at least when Focker is piloting, so I'll give Bandai the benefit of the doubt on that one.
  12. I dunno why, but I'm just not that excited about this one, at this point. Maybe I've just had my fill of VF-1s. I dunno what is going on with the head arrows, like others have said. Even if they go with the yellow one (which is DYRL), it should have a black border around the arrow to make it stand out more. Really makes me think the arrows are added on in post for those photos. The TV Skull leader should also have red triangles on the shoulders, instead of yellow, but I don't think Bandai will fix that. I'm glad they beefed up the pilot, as the TV pilots just seem off currently. I'll probably try to get one on pre-order, but I'll live if I don't get this one. I kinda prefer the DYRL Roy. Will TV super parts be a thing? I guess we'll find out.
  13. I'm pretty sure those are pictures from a display that Bandai did for the DX VF-1 a while back, right before it came out (so like late 2017). So you probably won't find much higher res, as it is just people taking pictures of a display. Actual CAD probably exists at Bandai, but I doubt they will be releasing that to the public any time soon. Is where they first start showing up.
  14. Eh, it's not perfect, but assuming what we see is fully transformable, and has all the appropriate accessories (fast packs, guns), I'd buy what they already showed. The fact that they didn't show any accessories lends credence to the idea that they are in fact still working on the mold. I do hope they improve it before retail, but I'm pretty impressed with what we've already seen.
  15. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    There is something called nuance and circumstance. Not every instance of "not anime accurate" is bad, and not every instance of anime accuracy is good. Especially when it comes to something like SDFM, that contradicts itself often in the anime. I'm generally not one complaining about things not being 100% accurate to the anime, anyhow. But just using one mold that has hardpoints for the wings for everything, when those hardpoints are nearly impossible to see when not looking at the bottom, is way different than say, adding markings that are never seen in the anime. Only hardpoint wings would be cheaper for them to do, anyhow. It would actually be a pretty easy win for Bandai. Would a few people complain? Maybe. But that's the nature of the internet in general. And fundamentally, I'm complaining about their failure to deliver everything they are suppose to (in this case, wings with hardpoints). If they did that correctly, I wouldn't have an issue. But since a 100% QC-issue free product is impossible, they should do the thing that makes errors less likely, in this case.
  16. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, there it looks like they painted the wrong side of the wing. Or more specifically, put "top right" markings on the bottom side of a left wing (and put "bottom right" paint on the top). I just ended up with an extra non-hardpoint right wing, and no hardpoint left wing. I guess it is just Bandai messing up. I really wish they never even bothered with these non-hardpoint wings, since it just makes errors more likely. And then there are the releases that don't have hardpoint wings at all, since they never had missiles in the animation. But what if you just want to have missiles on there? Seems like such an unnecessary and almost spiteful way to go about it.
  17. I've done the same. This is how to do it. Submit a ticket. It took them several weeks (surprise), and 2 tickets for them to actually update the address, though.
  18. I think it is a little early to assume we're going to get a full wave of 2.5 Frontier valks. I could see them doing an Ozma yf-29 full set pack, maybe an Isamu. If those sell well, maybe they'll go to vf-25s. But we had the YF-29 Alto teased about a year before the pre-order went up, so we'll probably have plenty of time to prepare.
  19. Bandai put 1st lieutenant for Hikaru for his VF-1S (Skull leader). Honestly, I'm not sure how canon those ranks are anyhow. Maybe Bandai actually consulted with someone involved in the production; maybe they just made it up (I'm guessing the latter). So if you wanted to match what they did with Hikaru as Skull leader, it would be 1st LT. I'm far from an expert on US Air Force ranks, or made up anime military ranks, but even 1st LT seems pretty low to be in charge of Skull Squadron. Major (like Focker), makes a lot more sense. Anything less than a captain seems too low to be put in charge of such a large/important squadron as Skull squad, but that's me.
  20. The VF-31 toys have ratcheted hips, where as the vf-25 and yf-29 renewals did not. I'm not totally sure the ratcheted hips were confirmed for this re-issue, though. But I haven't been following every update closely.
  21. Got on at Nin-nin game. Hopefully this one won't be too hard to secure once the dust settles.
  22. Yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic that this one won't be too rough. There's also a decent chance it ends up like DX VF-1A Max, where the pre-order was ridiculous, but it was pretty easily obtainable at release. And now we're talking like the Tamarians from Star Trek:
  23. A bit confused here. Is this a second run, with hopefully no leg problems? Arcadia's page doesn't mention it. Why is it a good bit cheaper than the first run, I wonder. I am tempted, though...
  24. The blue is for the Max 1A that hasn't been released yet, either (just teased). Technically DYRL Kakizaki hasn't been released either, but there has been a preorder. The black is indeed intended for Roy, who hasn't really been teased yet (we haven't actually seen a Roy VF-1S in plastic yet). The chances of them NOT making him at some point are ridiculously low. So if you plan on getting one, buy enough fast packs accordingly. The emblem that is "missing" is the red 011 for Hikaru 1A. The included red one is intended for Hikaru 1S. Maybe Bandai will include the correct emblem with the Hikaru 1A; maybe they won't care and just expect us to use the red one we already have.
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