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  1. Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or thr idiots who followed him here from another board just to tel him how much of an idiot he is?
  2. I tend to think of it like singing "La Marseillaise" to some disenfranchised frenchmen. It inspires lost feelings. I'm not even french and it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  3. I just realized I've never actually seen MacGyver. Does that make me a bad person. EDIT: I can't even spell his name right.
  4. have you tried checking your DVD player manufacturer's website to see if they have a firmware upgrade? My player didn't like certain disks until I upgraded it.
  5. If you go to the official site and click on ships>viper>CAG roster it'll tell you they have 12 vipers on duty, 23 down for repair, 31 active pilots, and 5 trainees as of episode 110(the most recent). I guess the keep a running tally which is pertty durn cool. http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/episodes/season01/110/
  6. I definately like the two engines better. I think you should move the cockpit back to the center of the craft and jam all of the guns in the nose. With everything upfront it looks too front heavy and awkward. Just my $.02.
  7. PM fansubs2000. I got all five episodes on one DVD from him for $5US.
  8. I'm meeting my brother in Copenhagen, Denmark next month and were going to fart around Northern Europe for a couple of weeks before heading to Bamburg, Germany where he's stationed for a couple more. Aside from Kronborg Castle and the Tower of London we have nothing planned out at all. Does anyone have any suggestions of cool places to go, things to see/do? And please don't say Amsterdam. I've already been there and done that.
  9. I think its the extreme temperatures in space that causes blood to boil. this is all speculation of course but it seems to me if the cockpit were pressurized the air would escape through the bullet hole in the canopy and since his space suit is assumably temperature regulated it would happen just like it was shown.
  10. Google is your friend.http://www.city.yokohama.jp/me/naka/conten...n/lesson-3.html "Otsukaresama" is used to acknowledge someone's efforts or show your appreciation for the trouble that they have gone through. "Tsukare" () means tiredness or fatigue. For example, you can say "otsukaresama" to a colleague who has just returned from an important meeting. For your superiors, add "desu" () at the end to make it more polite: "otsukaresamadesu" (). You may also use the past tense, "otsukaresamadeshita"
  11. Inconceivable! I do not think that means what you think it means. Another wierd but cool movie is Donnie Darko. Freaked! is also an awesome movie but it's only available on R2 DVD.
  12. Next they'll be saying that Tupac is doing the soundtrack.
  13. I liked Zardoz alot. Once you get over Sean Connery running around in tight red panties it's a pretty col story. It's definately diferent.
  14. The Advetures of Buckaroo Banzai The fifth Element Bad Taste I like my Sci-Fi to be slightly silly.
  15. watch the animation in this thread and maybe you'll understand my previous post. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=12845
  16. The cockpit doesn't go anywhere. The chestplate slides down over the top half and the heatshield extends down over the rest. If I understand your question correctly. All of the toys do that. It's a key part of the transformation.
  17. Opus

    Custom 1/48 Jetfire

    Matsushiro made the first Jetfires. This custom looks good but he needs to fix the paint on the nose. The red should cover the entire top of the fuselage. he did say that he hasn't finished the job yet... yeah, I know. I'm not putting it down. I was just pointing it out in case he'd missed it. I'm kind of a Jetfire freak which makes me sorta picky.
  18. Opus

    Custom 1/48 Jetfire

    Matsushiro made the first Jetfires. This custom looks good but he needs to fix the paint on the nose. The red should cover the entire top of the fuselage.
  19. Does that go for ALL AR-10s, or just the original Armalite rifles? I ask because nearly everybody in the AR field seems to make an AR-10 as well as an AR-15 these days. I don't know enough about all of the manufacturers but GI rifles use the molded parts and my Colt AR15 was the same until I had a local gunsmith replace the guts with parts he machined himself. Of course my Colt is older than I am. It doesn't even have a forward assist. Js probably knows more.
  20. My Pops has an AR-10. I think it's the AR-10B. It's OK but nothing special. The main problem I see with ARs is that they don't wear well. The internal components are made of heat treated powdered steel rather than milled from a solid block so they're hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Once they start to wear a little they get sloppy fast.
  21. I would think that the small retro-thrusters located on the sides of the intakes would not be powerful enough to stop the VF-1 in a carrier landing in fighter mode. Of course as others have said, why not just land in Gerwalk mode? Graham Come to think of it they do land in gerwalk mode in one of the early eps before the carriers were attached. I don't think any landings are show after that though.
  22. since the VF-1 is designed for space it has retro thrusters so would it even need a tailhook? I would think it could stop itself.
  23. I must be number 10. Mine sucks marsupial scrotum.
  24. I can't go but I'll send you $25 if you send me an authentic autographed picture of Ms. Ijima feeling Agent ONE's Muscles.
  25. One of mine is cracked at the center but it still plays fine. I think Animego used a second rate manufacturer. I had to send my Crusher Joe DVDs back three times for manufacturing defects.
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