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  1. They left out the Hueys, the USMC has several UH-1Ys.
  2. Y-Wings would've been really useful if they had been the BTL-S3 Y-Wings (the traditional Y-Wing with a second seat.) Being able to shoot the TIEs behind you in the very confining trench would be extremely useful.
  3. I think the issue is that the F-35B was a bridge too far. There is a long history of Navy aircraft being successfully adapted for the Air Force (F-4, A-7, A-1,etc.), but trying to shoehorn in a S/VTOL aspect into the plan is just too much compromise. Incidentally all of the successful examples I can think of were Naval aircraft adapted to the AIr Force, not the other way around (maybe YF-17 to F/A-18?) and not a joint program.
  4. If i recall correctly the X-32 out performed the X-35 in the STOVL role and was preferred by test pilots for that role. Unfortunately there could only be one. I think trying to come up with a fighter to be used on the carriers and one for the USAF would have worked, look at the A-1, F-4, or A-7. (Although all were originally Navy birds) Adding in the V/STOVL requirement for the USMC was a bridge too far, just too much specialization required.
  5. Meacham is near downtown and they have an aviation museum there (it has the A-12 Avenger mockup,) maybe the pilot stopped in for a photo op
  6. It's called boosting morale. A low pass is not unusual, the only time I fly above 700 ft AGL is for instruments and cross country stuff, I usually fly at 300 ft or below because that's wear Army helicopters do their job. Yup, he was a dumbass for mushing into the ground, but being a dumbass isn't against the rules and sometimes ends up on youtube.
  7. They weren't really show boating. He was performing a low pass to a pitch back turn, very normal maneuvers. He attempts to convert his airspeed into a climb, but mushes through the climb losing a bunch of airspeed and gains almost no altitude. Then after executing a poor pitch back turn he tries to continue an agressive maneuver instead of swallowing out the dive and regaining his airspeed. Any one of three things would have saved him 1) Better Judgment, 2) More power or 3) More altitude.
  8. That guy is a moron, he mushed his way right into the ground.
  9. He didn't know he was on fire until the flames hit the cockpit, probably thought it was a bad landing that he could ride in up to that point. I'm more interested into what led to him misjudging his airspeed so badly on approach.
  10. That would really limit you for convetinal landing assaults and we've been fast roping and airborne insertions out the side doors for years now, why change something that works. Cutting a huge hole in the floor for an extra door, would require rerouting systems that go through that area and mean having to reinforce the aircraft somewhere else, I assume you're suggesting losing the side doors to do this.
  11. They'll loop and roll, it's all a matter of altitude and airspeed (and an aviator that is willing to get his ass nailed to the wall if he gets caught...so you won't be getting any video of me doing it anytime soon)
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