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  1. Considering how much of a cock-sucker you are I figured it was appropriate.
  2. I think Mac+ is a ripoff of 2001: a Space Oddessey so stealth is a rip of a rip.
  3. It's like herpes, it just won't go away.
  4. And to think toynami used the same moulds for their SD pullback valks...ur...veritechs. Nope. The Toynami version is larger and crappier.
  5. Getting better with each one. Do you like this shot?
  6. I've got another wacky out-of-the-box theory for you. Maybe Luke wears black and kicks ass because he is the balance to the force that was forseen in the prophecies. The Jedi were too good, the Sith too bad, but Luke walks right down the middle keeping traits and abilities of both.
  7. Is that the one with the LEDs in the nose?
  8. I'm pretty sure these were imported before HG got a hold of Robotech. I never had these but I had a bunch of other Converters including the SD valks with friction motors and I'm pretty sure it was before Robotech just like Jetfire.
  9. 1911 slides don't close on mag insertion. But just like any auto you can pull the slide back a little with a mag in and it'll slam home same as if you hit the release. I feel your pain I have small hands too. Luckily I'm left-handed and I work the slide release with my index finger and the mag release with the middle finger. It works out quite nicely in the end.
  10. If I may quote Moderator Roy Focker from a previous thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...40entry180729 If you really want this guy gone then spare us the drama and PM a mod.
  11. Sorry comrades, but your acting incredibly immature right now making you no better the the individual you're criticizing in my opinion. After 3 whole pages of crapping on this guy I think we get the point.
  12. Luke did that in the Marvel comics after RotJ. One long and one short, it was pretty badass.
  13. Hmm... My eyes keep wanting to focus on the background. I think it's because your ships are blurry and the backgrounds aren't. If that's intentional maybe you should try reversing the effect. Sharp detail on the aircraft and a blurry background would give the effect that the pic was taken from another plane moving at the same speed.
  14. T-Rex looks like he's built for speed. I think an RPG would have a hard time hitting it. ( unless it's in the hands of an experienced Mujahideen. ) Maybe a recoiless rifle woud be better.
  15. Give me a Benelli M1, M3 or Remington 870 anyday over a SPAS 12. Too many damn knobs, dials, levers and buttons to operate on the SPAS 12. Not to mention it is a boat anchor. The SPAS 12, while complicated, used to be the only animal of it's kind when it came to specialized police breaching weapons. Nowadays items like the Beneli M series have replaced it. Have to remember the SPAS design is over 25 years old... and as reddsun1 pointed out they are mean-ass looking things and are a hollywood favorite because they are just so "evil" looking compared to normal shotties. The fuse on a 40mm grenade is armed by the spin of the round and most of the time they are set to arm after about 50 yards or so, so a M79/M203 would suck for close range fighting. The accuracy against a moving target at range is average, even for a marksman. Most of the time 40mil grenades are pumped through doorways or windows or over sandbag walls. Only possessing a kill radius of about 10 meters they sure as heck would harm the bajeebus out of a dinosaur but once again I think they'd lack the brute force to knock one down in one hit. Basically the things are frag grenades launched from a tube, very good at anti-personell... then again humans are quite frail targets, get a little shrapnel in one and we go down but a big dino like a T-rex or a brontosaurus I'd imagine could shrug off a shrapnel wound until it bled to death. As for the flamethrower, while an impressive weapon to see in operation they are actually quite limited in capacity and killing power. They are more or less a "shock and awe" weapon. The dino might be scared sh!tless of the flames but even if you got a good full tank of burn on a T-Rex (and a full tank on the last generation of flamethrowers used by the US was a measly 20 seconds or so grand total) all that would happen is the T-Rex would light on fire, scream a lot, and probably stomp around for a good 30 seconds or more and set everything around it on fire as well as possibly continue to assault you. Fire and flame weapons are a usually a bad choice for offense. They pack a mean punch when used for what they were intended, clearing trenches and bunkers, but they are all but useless on open ground against moving targets. OK I'll trade in my Flammenwerfer for one of these.
  16. Give me a Benelli M1, M3 or Remington 870 anyday over a SPAS 12. Too many damn knobs, dials, levers and buttons to operate on the SPAS 12. I'm suprised that nobody has suggested the M79 or M203 40mm grenade launcher as a solution for taking down dinosaurs. True it's only single shot, but if it hits, the dino is down. Graham I'd take a Saiga over any of previosly mentioned shotguns. The box mag gives it a definate advantage. I think grenades would be relatively useless against a small fast raptor type. They'd be all over you before the first grenade went off. A light machinegun like an M240 or M60 might be better. A jeep with an M2 would be best.
  17. I never read the book and I thought the movie was silly, but if I were going dino hunting I think I'd use one of these:
  18. i don't remember young anakin having a LS at all in TPM? am i crazy? I don't remember him having one either, but I am crazy.
  19. I think I've figured out why Vader was so evil. He had his winky burned off by lava.
  20. I really enjoyd the way Anakin owned Dooku's ass in ROTS. Fast and efficient not a bunch of banging blades together Errol Flynn BS.
  21. You may have not liked Anakin as a character, but the choices that he's forced to make should be something you can empathize with, right or wrong. We've already had somebody here in this thread step up to the plate and admit that the lives of billions are nothing next to the life of a loved one. I recall some posters on MW not being bothered by the prospect of killing the Tuskens, a'la AOTC, either. Anakin himself may have been a dink, but the path he chooses is one we should all be able to understand. I never said I couldn't empathize with his situation. I merely stated that Anakin was such a poncy little git that it detracted from Vader's image. Now when he force chokes someone instead of thinking he's just an evil badass I just think he probably missed his nap or has a dirty diapy. I guess it just doesn't live up to my expectations. i never try to force my opinions on anyone but isn't my ending to the movie much better..
  22. I had that spider it was awesome but I never knew what it was called. Sweet.
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