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  1. bumping since I updated the original post
  2. I just want replacement parts and armor parts. If Arcadia can't/won't do that, then they're going to have to accept the fact that these products will be sold by someone else.
  3. I am faced with having to rebuild a collection after losing mine. I researched and remembered what I didn't like about my old toys. The v1 1/60 was a crap sculpt to my eyes, as was the 1/48. I don't like how small the new Bandais are. I settled on the v2 1/60. I only collect the vf-1 series. I said all that to say this: is it worth it to collect toys? Absolutely not. You'll seldom if ever get your money back collecting anything, nevermind toys. Buy what you like. If you stop to consider worth, or investment, you've already lost. If you just buy what you like, you can't lose. maybe you're the type of guy who is a completionist, you collect multiples of every scale in every model. You've got one to open and three to store. More power to you, there is no wrong way to enjoy your hobby. maybe you or someone you know buys valkyries and regularly makes 200 or 300% profit. More power to you, you're very lucky, that hasn't been my experience. so I buy what I like, I buy used, and I don't buy to resell.
  4. Bump for a great seller. Everything was packed extremely securely, items always in as described condition, just a genuinely nice man to deal with. I've had three separate transactions and all were the same.
  5. I haven't been here in a while but I could swear there was a section that people had taken the lineart for the VF-1 and customized it with their own colors. I did a google search and found isolated ones on people's pages, but not the repository I'm remembering. Was it here? Maybe it was a link to another page. Any old timers remember that?
  6. 1. Chunky monkey (this is where it started for me with my old Jetfire, it has to come first) 2. Yamato 1/60 line 3. Yamato 1/48 (I didn't love it, I thought the proportions were just off) least favorite? Are they Macross? Then least favorite isn't a thing with me...
  7. I've found my v2 valkyries, thanks everyone Now, I'm looking for: 3 gunpods 1s or 1a head Super/Strike Armor GBP Armor I prefer originals, but hit me up and tell me what you've got
  8. heh, since no answer to Rnurmin's question, and I'd like to know the same, where is Jason these days? Nick? Tony? any ideas?
  9. I've been looking to complete my Ichijo set, the two things I don't have are his VF-1A from DYRL and of course the GBP set, in 1/48 scale. I would like to get the VF-1A boxed, no misb needed, but a good condition loose would be fine as well. before anyone asks, yes, I realize I can get the Max or Kakizaki and paint their blue and green parts red. and I can get the camo GBP and paint it red and blue, lol. I might consider those options if this one fails. thank you in advance for looking
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