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  1. Thanks for the pics. Damn, that Scopedog looks great.
  2. That cyclone's design looks like crap. Everything is so oddly proportioned.
  3. I'm still looking for the dark blue late-model Celica that I saw twice in college. The owner had put a huge image of a strike or super -1S along with the flying kite symbol. It was pretty impressive and I stood in the parking lot and gawked at it for several minutes before noticing that he had labeled the -1S as a "veritech". That was kinda disappointing.
  4. This thread gives me a boner.
  5. Sheesh, can't believe it's been that long. Been kicking around since the AFM days when everybody had different names.
  6. Saw it on DVD and damn... I think I actually hate this film. There's no chemistry between Farrell and Foxx, the plot was thin and the movie ultimately made me feel like I had wasted a few hours watching it. I'm not going to compare it to the original Vice series because there's no point in doing so. The movie and the TV series are about two completely different things. Actually, I'm not even really sure what the hell the movie was about. Was it about two undercover cops that almost lost themselves by going too deep? Or two undercover cops that f-ed up and ultimately let the bad guys get away (whoops, spoiler alert)? It was just all over the place.
  7. Same for me. Damn, guess I'll just do some work then...
  8. At least Denise Richards was somewhat attractive, so I guess that puts her above Michelle "Hiya!" Yeo in my book.
  9. Thanks for the correction, A7. Also, come to think of it, my hatred for Halle Berry might make her the worst Bond girl but then I remember how I winced every time Michelle Yeo came on screen during Tomorrow Never Dies.
  10. Best Bond: Connery Worst Bond: Roger Moore (my favorite Simpsons line is: "That is an autographed picture of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore") Best Bond Film: tie - From Russia With Love/Goldeneye Worst Bond Film: anything with Roger Moore Best Bond Villain: Alec Trevelyn Worst Bond Villain: tie - Drax/ Blofeld (Telly Savalas [sp?] from OHMSS) Best Bond Girl: tie - Tatiana (From Russia With Love)/ Diana Rigg (OHMSS) Worst Bond Girl: Michelle Yeo (blegh!) Best Name for a Bond Girl: Pussy Galore Worst Name for a Bond Girl: Christmas Jones Best Bond Villainess: tie - Xenia Onatopp (Goldeneye)/ Fiona Volpe (redhead from Thunderball) Worst Bond Villainess: Irma Bunt (OHMSS) Best Evil Henchman: Oddjob Worst Evil Henchman: Jaws Best Bond Car: threeway tie - DB5 (Goldfinger)/ V8 Vantage (The Living Daylights)/ BMW 750 iL (Tomorrow Never Dies) [edit: thanks A7] Worst Bond Car: Lotus Best Bond Gadget: attache briefcase (From Russia With Love) Worst Bond Gadget: wrist-dart (Moonraker) Best Bond Outfit: Connery's golf attire (Goldfinger) Worst Bond Outfit: anything Roger Moore wore Best Bond Theme Song: tie - OHMSS/ Tomorrow Never Dies Worst Bond Theme Song: Casino Royale (2006) Best Bond Director: tie - Terence Young/ Martin Campbell Worst Bond Director: whoever directed Die Another Day Best Bond Game: still Goldeneye Worst Bond Game: Nightfire Best Bond One-Liner: "Shocking. Absolutely shocking." (Goldfinger) Worst Bond One-Liner: too many
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