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  1. There's nothing stopping you from making Robocop today other than the fact that most of its identity, settling, jokes, etc are all very firmly rooted in '80s culture. The fears of a Japanese take over of American companies, the corporate culture and rampant consumption of consumer culture, etc. The remake was better for not trying to be a 1:1 recreation and instead trying to speak to similar issues in modern society. If anything the co-ed locker/shower scenes wouldn't be in the movie just because that was itself another of those '80s movie things that just doesn't really happen much anymore. Nothing about whatever goofy culture war thing you're trying to imply it is.
  2. Same, took advantage of that a few times to get things I didn't consider high priority together with existing major orders since everything is going out via DHL and that mostly seems to be via volume, so waiting for a large box to toss a few small items in is basically free. But mostly I've been keeping to monthly or every-other-monthly shipments of items via DHL, and I'd started using it just before things went to crap due to covid so I was already used to the cost (and amazing speed) of it. I was already using EMS and for me DHL was only a few bucks more.
  3. Yeah, mine stays in Gerwalk mode and will forever stay that way unless I have to move or something and put it back in the box for safe transport.
  4. They've been exceptionally aggressive the last 5-6 months about trying to get people to ship. I can only assume it's exactly for that reason, a lot of people waiting for EMS to return and them running out of space. Hell by now they're probably blowing a lot of money on extra storage space to hold it all, there's no way in hell their PW storage space was meant for this many products being held for so long for so many people.
  5. You need to separately log into HBO MAX's client via website, Roku, Fire TV, etc. You log in using your hulu login credentials.
  6. Hopefully, you serve as a cautionary tale that gets more people not to use NY. I know they didn't used to be this way, but it sounds like they've turned into a dumpster fire over time between the poor customer service and the self-scalping on PO nights.
  7. Chimera Class is one of the "Design the Enterprise F!" contest winners that got repurposed for a smaller, more combat-centric ship class. It's kind of notorious in the game for its big, goofy beerbelly.
  8. If you're genuinely wondering: In Gundam SEED one of the factions distributed machines around the Earth Sphere that disable nuclear reactions, so mobile suits are battery powered. The Astray frames have beam sabers and beam rifles as their main weapons, so the pilot of the Red Frame (who salvaged it, not the intended operator or pilot) wanted a weapon that wouldn't use any of that precious battery life that they could fall back on and only use the more power hungry beam weapons as needed. Also it looks cool, and the Astray mangas pretty much run off of pure Rule of Cool.
  9. Oh, that's the same stand arm that the War Machine mk 4 stand comes with, neat. Double hinged at the bottom, the butt hook for better support, plus the two smaller arms with hinges to fine-tune things. Neat.
  10. The MRD Gundam Frame Vidar is web exclusive, sadly. https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000145875/
  11. IG-11 is Star Wars, it's not coming over via Bluefin or P-Bandai US. The Marvel stuff can, the Star Wars stuff can't. And as web exclusives neither one will be up on Amazon Japan except I guess by flippers selling pre-orders on their pre-orders.
  12. Well, there was already that goofy A Princess Bride PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2 to fill a gap in Fox's release schedule a few Christmas seasons ago. So I guess there's precedent?
  13. Yeah, they're still checking on availability for the Avalanche Exia, which is what I'm waiting on and was going to cancel. They mentioned they got a decent chunk of their last order but not all of it was complete and they're still trying to figure out what else they can get their hands on.
  14. So apparently there's signs that they raided the Metal Club/Muscle Bear/whatever headquarters, but not their warehouse, and some stock is still getting out. As for if that means the company itself is going to survive, who knows but supposedly orders for stock are still being fulfilled to some degree for the moment. The Avalanche Exia MB KO might even have managed to squeak by before the raid.
  15. The english dub is up for it now, for anyone that was waiting until then to watch it.
  16. Atheonyirh

    Hi-Metal R

    It's possible. They also might have accidentally put the wrong wing in if they had multiple opened ones. It's worth contacting them to see if that's the case. Seems like an easy problem to fix if that's the case.
  17. She's a notable part of the later seasons of Rebels as well, which is well worth watching after dealing with its own growing pains like Clone Wars did.
  18. Mine just stays eternally in gerwalk mode. I fear trying to change it at this point due to the black magic involved in making it transform at all.
  19. It's scaled up to be a viable ingame ship, with changes to windows and such to match.
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