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  1. Yeah, really.. I don't think they're even detachable on the MSiA.
  2. He doesn't deserve a quick death. What he does deserve is more punishment from Cagalli. 320168[/snapback] Atleast he got the Bright Noah Treatment from Cagalli before he died.
  3. At that range, a shot from the belly gun would of done more then just blow Destiny in half... also, ZAFT's Gundams still have the cockpit in the middle of the abdomen, not the top of the chest, so it's quite likely Kira would of killed Shinn.. not something he was willing to do. Kira's intention in that fight was, from my perceptions, to keep Shinn/Destiny busy so that Cagalli could get away. Making it quite clear he's dealing with not only the revived Freedom, but its 'ghost' of a pilot is one hell of a way to make sure that Shinn's attention was on him, and not McBling Gundam. While yes, rationally it is better for Kira to have killed Shinn on the spot (and as anti-climactic as it would of been, it'd of been nice to see. Would show that Heine isn't alone in the "Badass ace pilot making stupid n00b mistakes" department) I think it's been shown quite well by now that Kira is not entirely rational and goes to great pains not to kill someone if its avoidable. He made every effort he could to find a way of simply disabling the Destroy unit Stellar was piloting until it became obvious that one, he wouldn't be able to, and two, that Shinn's stupid ass was was too busy going "OMG TEH STELLARZ " to notice he was about to get vaporized.. Hell, even with the underpowered (relatively) Strike he was still shooting only to wound while defending the Eternal.
  4. My single favorite line of the new season has to be when Brian was left in charge of the kids. "I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU! YOU'RE A DOG! YOU DON'T HAVE A SOOOOUL!" "... ... Ouch."
  5. The way I see it, Cagalli was lost. Before, she had to fight to do what was right, but in this case that would mean fighting her own people. How many of you could fight your own countrymen in a war without feeling ANYTHING about it? Cagalli was whiny, yes.. but she was lost and ineffective, and she /knew/ it. But, when she returned to Orb and found it under attack, and found out her father had left a will and testament to her.. A means to protect her country when it needed a protector most, she decided to take it. She didn't spin a 180, she just had something to focus on. And, once Jona was out of the way (and arguably even before that, given how well trained the Murasame squads with her apparently are..) she had the ability to defend her homeland the way she wanted to originally. Even I found Cagalli to be obnoxious during most of the series, but its been a consistant obnoxiousness due to a set of environmental conditions that have subsided. She's gone from wandering and ineffective to having a specific goal and the means to reach that goal. Going from "How do I get Orb to stop being the EAF's bitch lapdog?" to "I need to get these jackasses OFF my lawn!" tends to help you get your focus back.
  6. The single most hilarious thing that these people have overlooked.. is that their fuss is what made this mod so popular! I sure as hell didn't know about it before everyone started going "omg, titties in GTA!" The code was hidden well enough that in the almost-a-year timespan of the PS2 version being out, no one found it. It wasn't until the PC version came out (where they SHOULD of taken the time to clean up the code while they were changing things..) and the scripting files became easily accessable and modifiable that it was found out. From there they used the data they knew and back-tracked in the PS2 and X-Box versions to find the same code. The idea of making what is already a Mature rated game 'Adults Only' just because parents are too lazy or stupid to realize what they're buying for Little Timmy, let alone that Little Timmy can find FAR better (and already has, I guarantee..) means of getting himself corrupted (and off..) then badly rendered, polygonal tits in a GTA:SA game. But of course, videogames are only for children.. and we can't have our children looking for ways to unlock pr0n in their games on the internet! Why, they might figure out it's easier just to skip the middleman of the game and go straight for the pr0n online.
  7. Relatively speaking, it IS harmless. Remember, we're talking about GTA here. Given all the rest of the content in the game, having sex with your girlfriend ranks pretty darn low on the list of evils of the world. 313101[/snapback] Ironically, the sex minigame is one of the most wholesome activities you do in the game.. Killing crack dealers, blowing the heads clean off of cops, carjacking, turf wars, drive-by's, acting as a damned federal agent on black-ops, working for and against the mafia, the triads, etc.. Even the tamer competiitions (racings, low-rider, etc) could be argued to be gambling or the ever-ambigious 'organized crime' due to competing for cash. =P So we have a game full of moral ambiguity and malicious behavior of a most basic, violent level. ...Yet they're worried about you boning your girlfriend while you're fully-clothed for all intents and purposes? Where the hell was the whining to make God of War AO for /its/ sex minigame, tits galore, and violence..?
  8. Do you have any sales figures to back that statement up, or is it just speculation? 313082[/snapback] I don't have the sales figures to back it up, no. Every indication I've seen on the matter says that Fuduka himself came out and admitted it during one of his interviews. If he didn't and Impulse's sales didn't suck, I respectfully retract my remark. Edit: It should also be noticed it wouldn't be his first decision based purely on sales numbers. Dearka defected to the Archangel primarily due to poor sales of Buster's merchandise..
  9. ...That's where the name of the MS normally goes. All of the most recent generation packaging is that way. Just because Shinn's obnoxious and unpopular enough not to get the title card spot on the second two openings doesn't mean Bandai's going "Gundam SEED Destiny? Rofl! It was really Gundam SEED STRIKE-U FREEDOM THE ENTIRE TIME!" all over everything related to the show. Impulse's sales were crap, so they went with the safe bet (Freedom) to be the second half's mascot suit.
  10. It's likely that the DRAGOON system won't function on Earth (although there's no guarantee they can't use small thrustors to hover or something..) but it's quite likely the DRAGOON weapons themselves can be by directing the barrels in the right directions, like Legend does. Maybe the tips of the funnels can tilt to bring them around? That'd definitely make up for the loss of the Balenas.. I also wish to state that Strike Freedom is sex in a can. A sexy can. I hope the MSiA looks that sexy, and hopefully the undoubtedly coming MG model will too.
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