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  1. Ah good info to know thanks! I’ll give eBay a shot
  2. Hi, it’s been 3+ years since I’ve been active in this site, family moved in 2017 and my collection has been boxed up since. Figured I’d take some time during this break to list a few. i have two Arcadia items I purchased new when they were released a VF-0D and a VF-4G. Both I displayed on yeti stands in fighter mode only for a few months, never transformed. I know, weird, but I really just liked the plane mode the best. Any idea on what these would go for? Boxes in Good shape, no stickers applied, all pieces accounted for. thanks!
  3. Thank you! Pleasure doing business with a noted mw contributor!
  4. Bump for the Elintseeker, I'll throw in the yetistand, a $45 value!
  5. Update - VT-1 sold, bump for VE-1 still available!
  6. Purchased these from mwf members about a year ago, they went on to display stand, never transformed. US continental buyers only. Prices assume personal gift payment, shipping is not included and will be charged per your preference. VE-1 Elintseeker V2 - Sold - Note the picture where the antenna is partially missing. Box is slightly worn. Price includes yetistand, $45 value! VT-1 Super Ostrich V2 - Sold
  7. Hi and thanks for looking, been a member for some time now, mostly as an admirer and frequent buyer in the For Sale forum. The majority of these items were purchased here on this Forum. This is my first time selling, you can find my name on the straight shooters topic as a reliable buyer. Let's get to it! With two daughters getting older, this hobby of mine is taking up too much room. I am going to echo common sentiment here: US continental buyers only, prices assume personal gift payment, shipping is not included and will be charged per your preference. I am not looking for trade, please feel free to make a reasonable offer or ask for any additional info. All items have been on my shelf and transformed at most once, I just liked them in my office. Update: First to pay will receive the item, no holds, thanks! For Sale: 1) Yamato VF-11B with Armored parts - I purchased here on the forum, transformed once. box in average shape, a little worn on edges/corners - sold 2) Bandai YF-30 Chronos - purchased new from HLJ. Transformed once. Note the base of the stand is spray painted all black - $250 obo - SOLD 3) Bandai VF-19 Advanced - purchased new from HLJ. Never transformed. Note the base of the stand is spray painted all black. Also note the blue wing tip is bent (see pic) - SOLD 4) Bandai Armored Parts for VF-171 Nightmare Plus - I put a few of these missiles on the Chronos, because it looked awesome - SOLD 5) Yamato VF-1J Armored Valkyrie (this is a v1). Never transformed the valk, just displayed in armor. A few stickers applied. Box is pretty worn - SOLD 6) Yamato Armored Parts for 1/60 Scale VF-1 - Never used, bought the Armored Valkyrie combo instead. Box is average - SOLD
  8. Bump on great seller, prompt delivery, love the ostrich and 11C!
  9. Saburo's VE-1 pics are what convinced me I had to get my hands on one!
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