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  1. Basically they're testshots or items made by employees while testing the machines. Real bootlegs (or Knockoffs) usually don't get made in the official factories and often suffer from mold differences or horrible quality.
  2. Also, it's kinda likely the Quarter will include small Valks, since other Bandai carrier toys tend to include (rubber) figures of the vehicles/planes that they carry. See Xabungle Irongear, for example.
  3. Alternate death for Michael: shot in the back with his own rifle
  4. Yeah, so? Some people still buy things they really dislike. I am free to say that I don't understand what the heck those people are smoking to still buy a toy that they hate. Also, selective quoting is fun, eh? Because what I originally wrote was: Linkie: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...st&p=732265 I never used the word "loser". However, dear edwin3060 did. Stop putting words in my mouth. You did. And shot yourself in the foot by trying to imply I wrote things I actually didn't. I just got the payment request from HLJ (need a screenshot as proof?). Once I get it I'll review it, and put it on my scanner to show the color difference (sorry, my camera is broken ).
  5. Two or three people in total. How many people didn't report any problems? ...which was taken under tungsten artificial light. Which, just like a flash, tends to give weird color effects on things. There's a reason that artists who want to use natural colors don't use those kinds of lights, you know... I did? I actually wrote: Note the word "many". Does 'many' mean 'all' in your world? My post was actually aimed at people like OmegaD3k who keep saying that all of their VF-25 Valks broke one way or another or keep falling apart, but when asked for pictures they remain incredibly silent. It was not aimed at people who back up their claims with facts (eg. pictures). If it seemed that way, my apologies. From the people who don't actually own the toy, but are handy with Photoshop? Could you please point out where *exactly* I named them as giving crappy reviews? Because, you see, I didn't. You are the one who brought them up. So YOU are the one who actually suggested they were crappy reviewers. That's nice (<- 'nice' in a very sarcastic way). But, ah, wait. You reacted the same way to eriku's post. Reading doesn't seem to be your strong point. I didn't flame them. Nor name them. ... If you are so strapped for cash that you can't afford a toy, you should have the insight that perhaps you should stop buying them without needing to read a review. Don't tell me there's nutters on here that are starving themselves just so they can buy toys...if so, FFS, get your priorities straight (and go get some counseling)!
  6. Oh, I read them. I just take them with a grain of salt. Especially since I haven't seen any complaints about Luca elsewhere yet (and MW is known for having users that magnify any minor problem as if it were the apocalypse)... I bet it will. It's just that I think that the color difference is less bad than suggested. Flash photography is known to make color differences more apparent (due to reasons already mentioned). <snip> Just like, for example, replying to every other message in this thread, you mean? It's just that I see a lot of people whine about how bad this toy is. In some cases, like the broken shoulder screws, that's understandable. In others, like apparently expecting that a transformable toy should survive falling off a high shelf, it is not. I mean, you don't blame the manufacturer of your car when a tree falls on it and damages it, right? (unless you're one of those people who sue a company when you drop your hot cup of coffee and discover that, yes, coffee can be very hot indeed...) Now what I really cannot comprehend is that there's people who whine about the quality without owning the toy, say they won't buy one, then buy one and....whine about it. Self-fullfilling prophecy. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's not like Bandai forces you to buy it with armed machine guns and Gundam tanks pointing their barrels at your head... Other people who like it more will buy it, and some of them are even likely to give a proper, non-biased review. There's a few of them on this board, even. *wonders why attempts at injecting logic into this place seem to fail so often...something in Yamato's plastic?*
  7. I haven't, because I have the very strong suspicion that many of the reports are made by: - people who can't read instructions properly and therefore don't put things together the right way, - people who spend five minutes with the toy, having already decided that it sucks beforehand, put the armor in place without pressing it down, and then whine, - people who didn't read the instructions at all and don't know how to apply the parts, - people who are completists, but think Yamato is God and everything else is garbage, and then buy for completion and maginificate every small flaw there is (unless it's Yamato - even broken arms are good quality control ), - people who want the thing to be made from 24 carat gold and diamonds, yet expect to only pay $1 for it ("if it's more expensive and lesser quality it SUCKS"), and finally: - people who don't actually own the toy, but are just trolling. So I'll see for myself.
  8. MW must be the only place where "arms break repeatedly" means "good", then.
  9. Australia is Region 4, IIRC. Not Region 1.
  10. It could be a simple case of "These parts are made from a different plastic or have a different structure, so they reflect light differently". So in a picture taken with a flash you'll see the difference more that under artifical lights in your room, and the difference will be nearly gone in daylight... Which doesn't mean that the color difference doesn't look pretty awful in pictures, of course (just adding this since people here tend to read stuff into messages that isn't in them...)
  11. I think that the detractors of (the) Bandai (toy) will just continue saying that that isn't true because otherwise they'd have to admit they're wrong...
  12. It's a resin hardcopy. Resin is quite fragile. Stop trolling.
  13. Considering the size of the gun and shield, I think they'll have a hard time making joints that can hold them up. Either the joint do hold them up and moving the joints is near impossible without breaking the arms, or they'll won't hold them up. I personally prefer the second option, and it would be great if Bandai included a stand to hold them up...
  14. Uh, because the stuff put in the milk was put in because it would make the milk nicely white, so people couldn't see water had been added (milk with water is translucent whitish...)? Instead of going haywire, perhaps you too should get your facts straight.
  15. Bandai Japan doesn't bother with Ebay. They release what the Japanese customer wants, not what a bunch of fanboys with too much money want. Oh, on the 2001 reissues, only the first Valk came without a heatshield.
  16. Yes. Of course. Because the Alto Super Packs weren't announced a few months back AND SHOWN FITTED TO ALTO'S VALK, but just now. Bandai = Satan. Bandai hates MW and wants to eat its members' babies. :o </sarcasm> Why do I actually bother trying to use logic on this board...?
  17. I thought their replacement policy only applied to products that arrived broken, not to ones that the customer broke?
  18. Dude. Right now it's speculation. I bet the Alto and Ozma Super Packs will attach just fine to the earlier releases. As for the Armour & Luca/Mikhail Super Packs - were you planning putting those on your old Valks? The first includes its own Valk...the two others are not color-matched.
  19. Be aware that the clearcoat may react with the paint and screw everything up, so try it out somewhere you can't see before doing the entire Valk. Also, not being able to take certain assemblies apart might be a problem... *preorders Armoured VF25S at HLJ*
  20. "1980s" and "poseability" aren't two terms that I tend to think of together... The 1/55 Chunky was one of the most poseable transforming toys of the early 1980s with a fairly realistic alternate mode. Could you name what other transformable toys back then had ankle, knee, hip, neck, shoulder, upper arm, and elbow articulation back then?
  21. ...why are people complaining about the thing being a partsformer when they knew beforehand that it would be a partsformer from hell? Sometimes I think people on MW only post to complain.
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