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  1. I figured they might be cheaper there, but the other day I saw a *used* one in Akiba for 16,000 yen. Not sure if it was an Acardia 1/60, though.
  2. So... first post in six years. I have gotten on a Macross hitch again and finally watched the orginal series and am rewatching Seven (love the characters, hate Chie Kajiura's singing and the directing)... I always wanted a toy Valkyrie, but I have to wonder, is this newest incarnation of the VF-1 the Best Valkyrie Toy Ever? I live in Japan but even I can't seem to find a discount, so is it really worth $170 dollars?
  3. IIRC, someone who worked on Macross wrote the story... or something like that. I've played it BTW...hehehe
  4. I know, I originally thought it was a new show because it sounded like one of the shows that was coming out this year (about a cop who becomes a vampire).
  5. I know Dracula had no problem with daylight (IIRC the first vamp to die from UV rays was Nosferatu), but from what I've learned from VTM: BLOODLINES is that the vamps in VTM can't go out in sunlight (they can't even look at the sunrise).
  6. Having a Koenigsegg really kind of makes the TURBO BOOST button obsolete... Although, it's not going to be pretty the first time he takes a big jump... cars like that aren't exactly designed for rally jumps...
  7. ah, perhaps I was thinking of different show... it definitely kind of sucks (only watchable because it's VtM)
  8. OMGWTF, the vampire show that SCIFI announced a while back is a Vampire: The Masquerade show!!! Unfortunately, it's just barely watchable, and looks like it was made around 1995... And a few facts seem to be way off (vampires don't drink wine, and male ones generally don't...do it, IIRC) And WTF were they doing in daylight (albeit dusk or dawn) without bursting into flames?
  9. They need to just make a Dark Force JK series...lol
  10. Mark Hamill has collectively done far more voice acting than live action acting. I would be surprised if ANY of them would ever even consider reprising their roles... I figure they've probably had enough.
  11. I'm disappointed and horrified by the character designs. I was hoping it would be realistic characters, to basically be like a live-action show that just happens to be animated.
  12. A movie about the war with the machines would be awesome, whether or not it "ruins" or is just "milking" the franchise.
  13. They cut out the last 5 minutes... Good thing I watched it months ago...
  14. I thought it was kind of stupid and overcomplicated to the point of boredom. If a show doesn't GRAB you within the first two episodes (ie, like Eureka Seven), there's at least a 50% chance that the rest of the show is going to be mediocre. The main part I didn't like was all of the random people dieing (it just seems pointless to give characters names if you're going to kill them off 3 seconds later)...
  15. I felt bad for Lee and Roslin... then again Roslin and the Admiral basically want to make a mockery of the justice system, so they kind of deserve it... Also, wasn't Caprica Six there when they were putting a gun to his head to make him sign the order? She'd have to at least known about it. Then again, they'd never let her testify in his defense...
  16. A more interesting question stands... which is whether it will be between the SWI and Macross Plus/Seven Eras, or maybe the VFX and after era (2050's).
  17. Actually the manga was still a few months worth of episodes worth of anime... The anime is now a year behind.
  18. The animation quality seems to have shot through the roof after the end of the crappy filler arc. I imagine part of it is because of the movie, but they now have a lot more detail (like all the characters having tear ducts) and the colors and overall design seem far cleaner than they were just a few months before.
  19. Yeah, well, sometimes stuff doesn't make sense in SciFi. Like, why are there seemingly endless holes, but no guard rails or hand rails in Star Wars? I mean, people must be getting blown off pathways to their deaths in Coruscant day in and day out. And Stormtrooper heath insurance must cost a fortune when crewing the Death Star...
  20. Because she doesn't like Cottle. She commented about how he was nearsighted and made injections feel like massive spikes or something.
  21. true... it was like 40 volumes, plus another 30 or so in my suitcase The average price was about 150 yen for each.
  22. Roppongi and Shibuya are pretty far from Akihabara (30 minutes by train) I'd pick someplace near Shinjuku, since it's a reasonable distance between all three, and is basically the heart of Tokyo. Also, it cost me 4000 yen to ship a box full of manga half the size of a suitcase to the US... kind of expensive...
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