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  1. I know, but I don't suspect he would actually do that...
  2. Hey, just because I don't like her singing doesn't mean I want to hurt her feelings...hehehe
  3. うわー、せこっ That's unbelievably petty of them...
  4. I'm not necessarily suggesting that they should be the primary antagonists of a series, but they should at least mention the issue. The whole reason they started the colonization effort (which is the whole reason for the M7 and M25 fleets existing) was to prevent the human race from being wiped out if the Zentreadi show back up again. Or they could have had the Supervision Army as antagonists... I don't buy the whole "the supervision army was protodeviln-brainwashed zentreadi and protocuture" thing because it's not mentioned in the canon anywhere and is also really lame. The Varauta army was pathetic by comparison. Was anyone else really confused why the UN Spacy fighters in Frontier were labeled NUNS? I know it had technically been "the new UN Spacy" since the end of SWI, but labelling them NUNS despite Macross Plus using UN Spacy markings smacks of retconning. I also didn't like the way they changed the way space folds look... it seemed very arbitrary, despite 25 years of Macross cannon showing how it looks.
  5. The original Macross was basically a product of the two booms: the Japanese idol boom and the real robot boom. Personally I thought the most interesting things about the original series (besides the KICKASS TRANSFORMING ROBOTS) was that the Zentreadi are likeable, interesting (albeit physically impossible) villains, the concept of a makeshift city built inside of a giant warship, and the ideas about the power of culture. And of course, the concept of the entire Earth being glassed despite the war almost being over was something most shows wouldn't do. Although to be fair, the TV Zentreadi DID have a culture in sorts... it was just that the culture was all about fighting the Supervision Army (...what ever happened to them?). If you have language, you have culture. It also seemed unrealistic that with the same genes and the same cognitive ability they didn't develop music. But I guess we can assume that the gender segregation, constant combat, and strict regulations was enough to prevent real culture from developing. Honestly, the story about the main characters isn't that interesting. For example, the idea that Minmay would become so overwhelmingly and universally popular among both the people on Macross and the Zentreadi only makes sense in the cultural context of 1980's Japan. There were so many potential stories about SWI that could have been explored, especially in regards to the people living on the ship, that would have been even more interesting than the plot about the main characters. How did they build (and rebuild, and rebuild) the city in the ship? How was it laid out? The city was way too big to have fit in a strip of land less than a kilometer long, so was it multi-layered? What did Minmay's family have to do in order to keep a restaurant running with no fresh food deliveries? Where the hell did Kakizaki's steak come from? Did they build a school on the ship? They have currency with an M stamped on it, so who minted it? Just how desperate did the UN Spacy have to get before they started recruiting 16 year-olds and letting them fly billion-dollar aircraft? How did the million or so people on the surface survive the bombardment? And more importantly, what happened during the two-year time skip? On the other hand, the Zentreadi's conflict with the Supervision Army was far too vague. And how does the Zentreadi military function with no one capable of maintenance or logistics? How did the use of clones effect operations? Finally, I know the galaxy is a big place, but considering it is implied that there are millions and millions of Zentreadi ships left (and what about the Supervision Army?), why is it that we only have one canon reference (AFAIK) to non-cultured Zentreadi (Fleet of the Strongest Women) and only one (non-game) canon reference to renegade Zentreadi (Plus). Even the games mostly have you fighting Zentreadi renegades terrorists with VFs. Global mentions that the Zentreadi and Supervision Army are likely still fighting as we speak, so what happens when another Macross meets a Zentreadi fleet? That would have been more interesting than space devils or bugs with lasers in their heads. http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Self-sealing_stem_bolt Google is your friend.
  6. On another note, what is the song that is always playing in the background with the green-haired singer on the big screen?
  7. No she wasn't. Mylene was the female vocalist, not a backup singer. She was implied to be Basara's equal as far as FB was concerned. I totally forgot Docket survived. I was still researching the last episode as I posted.
  8. I understand what you mean about the mechanical design, but I was under the impression that all the UN Spacy designs existed prior to M7's production (either from toys, games, manga, models, or M Plus), and what I mean to say was that the if you considered how, to put it bluntly, shitty the Protodelvin designs were, the overall mechanical design was bad. Only Sivil came close to being a decent design, but really, nipple arrows? What purpose do they serve? I did like the detail that her cheek stripes weren't actually part of her clothing (they disappeared when the was unconscious), but Gavil's design was downright heinous, and the others weren't much better. The Protodelvin VF mecha designs didn't make any sense, either... if they used modified VF-14s, they should have just added the Spiritia suckers, repainted them and called it a day. At least that way they would have looked a lot cooler. Not ageist, I just think it's bad directing at best to use a character that young if you are incapable of understanding and realistically expressing the developmental level of a character that age (and they didn't even explain why she wasn't in school and had her own sports car). Remember the first episode where Mylene pilots a Valkyrie? She kills a guy, worse, a brainwashed guy, and doesn't even bat an eyelash. One of my biggest problems with the directing was how poorly they portrayed the human cost of the battles, or the danger of combat. Oh no, Physica died! Who cares? They just killed 30 VF-11 pilots in the same episode and never even bothered to mention them! Even Docker's death takes literally two seconds... even though Gamlin managed to survive a vastly more deadly-looking crash because he has Plot Armor. And don't forgot how the first 2/3rds of the series were almost exclusively Planet Dance, which is the weakest FB song (IMO), despite the huge amount of excellent songs that didn't even appear in the series. And then there's Flower Girl... if you have the budget to animate and voice a character in every single episode who literally does nothing until the last episode, who's only purpose in the context of the show is a giant cocktease (Will she be able give Basara the bouquet? Yes! But not in any way that really matters!), you have enough budget to animate and voice scenes that provide context for what's happening in the the show, justify something that made no sense, or at least provide something entertaining to long-time Macross fans. 反論なんてくだらねえぜ! 俺の意見を聞け!
  9. Out of curiosity, are you fluent in Japanese? I mean, out of all the songs she does I like Dakedo, Baby, while the solo version (episode 48) of Holy Lonely Night is OK, and Kimi ni Todoke is also fine as long as it's not acapella. But to me there has been something slightly off, to my ears at least. For the record, my comment about her regretting doing Macross 7 and being pigeonholed comes from her Japanese Wikipedia article, which quotes her as (in fairly recent years, IIRC) stating "I don't hate Macross 7..." which just seemed disingenuous. To me it sounds like "At first I wish I hadn't done it, but now I'm mature enough to realize that I shouldn't alienate myself from my fanbase." Considering the story, I think making the female lead 14 years old was also absolutely absurd. You would know why if you've spent any significant time around 14 year-olds as an adult. 16/17/19 from the original show and movie were already bad enough. On another note, if you ignore all the repetitive or silly parts of the TV series and concentrate more on the movies and OVA, it's much easier to say M7 as a whole was a good series.... but the fact of the matter is that the TV series should have been half as long and should have had Kawamori at the helm instead of as a "supervisor." Then again, Frontier could have been better too, and Zero could have made more sense... they have yet to really best DYRL or Plus, and it's been 20 years. (brb... need more bourbon, and can't remember the last point I was trying to make...)
  10. No. I'm not comparing them. I'm simply stating that glow sticks are standard far for pretty much female singers with largely male fanbases. Yes, I am trolling slightly I knew that criticizing Uta-Mylene is a controversial topic here.
  11. Yeah, but they do that for AKB48 and Vocaloids too, and those are only "music" in the loosest definition.
  12. The directing and writing was terrible, it didn't do anything to improve the Macross canon, the mechanical design is awful, the production values were down-right criminal. But it had the music, characters, and Macross...
  13. To me she sounds like she's always trying to sing too low. I have yet to hear anything resembling a significant range. May'n is definitely a pop star but I think the technical skill and power is there.
  14. Didn't feel like Googling it. And I was closer (not that it matters... I just needed an excuse to mention it in the first place) For the record, I think the only (age and style appropriate for the character) female Japanese vocalist who comes even close to Fukuyama levels of epicness is the girl from Ikimonogakari, although she's not nearly old enough to have been in Macross 7. On another note, I thought Mari Ijima won the role (or at least auditioned) when she was still 16ish?
  15. I'm still not convinced. But I guess it must just be me. I'll just chalk this one up to personal taste.
  16. So did they improve the joints, transformation, or durability? Because I don't really care about option parts.
  17. Ok, all criticism of her singing aside, I don't think she was a good match for the character or the show. In terms of Chiba Song Units, she's would be in the hundreds while Fukuyama would be in the hundreds of thousands (...don't take this to seriously). I understand that she wasn't supposed to be a powerful a singer as Basara (at least initially), but I don't see how "whispy and etheral" is a good match for a show about the power of rock music. I also admit I haven't listened to any of her covers, but from what I can tell she initially regretted doing Macross 7 but eventually learned to....well, at least try to make a living with it. Is it just me or does anyone wish they would remake Macross 7 with better directing, writing, and animation? And about half the length. I mean, the show had so much potential and a few great moments, but even as I fan I realize that it was an objectively bad show.
  18. Is the Arcadia an improved version of the Yamato toys?
  19. Who is Aya Endo?... I was just kidding about the "you mad" thing. I'm sure she's a better singer by now, and I understand why they chose to use singing voices in 7 and F despite Canna and Sakurai being competent singers, but I think she was a terrible choice for FB's uptempo rock music. At most she's a convincing as 14 year-old singer who sounds reasonably close to her singing voice. But by comparison, Basara's voices are so seamless that at first I had no clue it was two differnent people. Canna's singing is passable and sounds similar but lacks the power. Sakurai is also a good singer but more pop than rock.
  20. (Long time no posts. I am binging on Macross again, and finally got around to watching the whole original series.) So, am watching 7 for the first time in... a long time... and I still hate Chie Kajiura's singing. Except now I know why... at the time she had a weak voice and amateurish singing skills at best, and when compared to Yoshiki Fukuyama's EPIC POWERS OF ROCK (his songs are still good 18 years later... that can be said about very few fictional bands), it seems even worse, especially when she's singing a capella...and even more so when you consider how good Mari Ijima (at least for a 17 year-old 80's Idol) and the Frontier girls were. Speaking of which, I came with striking distance of May'n a few years ago when I snuck backstage at the World Cosplay Summit (long story). YOU MAD? (hehehe)
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