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  1. Well, the radar isn't all that hard to use... well, half the time you just point it at wherever your being RWR'ed from and you'll find them. It's extra nice when AWACS is available, since you can call it to ask where the bogeys are, and whether the plane you locked onto is friendly or hostile. The radar is especially easy to use at close range, since you can just set it to ACM, and it'll basically lock onto whatever you're point your plane at. Plus, for Sidewinders, you don't have to use the radar at all... Just hit "U" (uncage) and it'll point at whatever's hot in front of you (just make sure you can tell it's an enemy before you shoot...lol). Finding ground targets is a pain though Also, come to think of it, when an AI F-16 shoots you, you're pretty much out of commision with one little nick, whereas it takes you a GOOD amount of hits to take him down completely. So it's not just because the 30mm is powerful... And I was complaining that the Mig-23 could keep up in a turning fight... simply no way. Eventually I got to the point where I was being it in a sidewinder fight 10 to 5... although half of my deaths was because he would have missles when I was out...lol
  2. What's more amazing is that they did it all in a war that lasted almost exactly 12 months... Even the Willys Jeep took a few months to design and build (which was a miracle of American engenuity)... and it's a Jeep for Chrissakes. The most over-simplified, under-engineered vehicle you could ever fight a war with. Assuming you've got enough money and supplies, you can do anything, but only if you've got time to do it in (or at least a MASSIVE workforce, which they really didn't).
  3. Speaking of aircraft... I got back into Falcon 4.0 (well, Allied Force, which I DL'ed, since my Falcon disc isn't here), but this time I'm kind of good at it, EXCEPT... All the enemy planes are horrible, horrible bastards with missles that are probably waaaay more accurate than they should be (although I suppose that your missles are pretty damn accurate too helps somewhat... but not much). Plus, Mig 23's have little or no problem keeping up with an F-16... something's just wrong with that thought... AND, ONE little nick from a 30mm cannon is enough to take your plane out of combat, whereas it takes a damn good burst of 20mm (at 4-5 times the fire rate, I might add) to take them down, not to mention the fact that they can keep fighting after taking the amount of damage that would force you to eject (ie, engine fire, spinning out of control, all systems down). ...and good luck trying to dodge AMRAAM's or Sidewinders (in dogfight mode against US planes)... because it ain't gonna happen (unless you're damn far away, very, very lucky, or really, really good... flares and chaff don't do nuts). Of course, doging crappy Russian SAMs and AA missles (30 year-old models) is hard enough...
  4. If solid rear axles were so great, F1 cars and everything else made to go fast would be using them. But they're not... Hmm, wonder why. Also, just for effect (although I don't want to sound too much like a Top Gear fanboy...) (from Clarkson's written review of the new Mustang) Requested Mod edit: Please don't quote pics, especially larger ones.
  5. I like the designs from Eureka Seven, too, especially the Nirvash.
  6. LOL... Her hair was pink when she was a baby...FFS.
  7. Better suspension same solid rear differential. Shelby gave an interview that explained why they didn't put an idependent rear and it was because it showed no significant improvement over a solid rear but costing tons more to have it (price tag couldn't be sub 50,000 if it had the independent rear). So for the sake of the mid/high 40's price tag, i'm sure no one is going to complain about a solid rear especially if it's still going to pull close to 1.0g in the skidpad as it is. The real test is going to be pinning the car against the ZO6 and testing the performance to dollar since there may be a new winner. 397487[/snapback] Pulling 1 G's just means it comes with good tires. It DOESN'T mean it nessicarily handles well, and a solid rear is going to make it drive like an elephant on the track. Especially around complex corners... Also, it's not like an independent rear costs THAT much, considering that much cheaper cars come with them (350Z? RX-8? Basically everything that isn't front-wheel drive...)...
  8. Eyes Open > Eyes Closed I can't see how anyone would shoot with them closed...lol I realize you're being sarcastic and all, but snipers don't close one eye to shoot... You can look through a scope just fine with both eyes open (better actually since you suffer less from tunnel vision)
  9. Bah... A turbo gives you more HP, and more torque... I don't see what there is to complain about. (besides, you'll still be making the same power at 3000-4500 RPMs as you would have without the turbo, just that you'll make even more at a higher range)
  10. Yeah, but can they do it before Hyundai does? Next year's Tiburon replacement will be RWD. 395751[/snapback] LOL! Someone finally makes a cheap car the right way.
  11. Except that their birthrate is the about lowest and they have the highest, longest-living eldery population.
  12. I COULD find them... they wouldn't be all that impressive but they would show a clear pattern. Researchers expect the population of Japan cut in half by 2050 or something (since there's an extremely low birth rate and a large elderly population).
  13. Maybe they'll charge 25K+ for something that has power to the right wheels this time.
  14. Without the control law there, it is "crazy unstable", the only control for pitch is thrust vectoring, so that loop is ...quite important . And the control law I've programmed in is the "fly by wire computer", it is the reason it is taking me so long to get the thing to fly well, i.e. like a pilot would really want it to behave, pulling high pitch rates at high speed would pretty much kill the pilot instantly, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want that . I can probably throw in a flag later to disable the control laws and you would see just HOW horrible it flys without it, it is uncontrollable without the control laws running. Thanks for the comments guys, I'm making notes 395631[/snapback] What I meant was have the plane make corrections (ie, it's moving the simulated control surfaces on it's own, limiting the G's, and preventing stalls, etc) more so than have a few set parameters that it can't break for the sake of stability.
  15. No RT allowed in my thread Besides, no one cares. hehehe...
  16. Because, for one, the Japanese population is going into a decline, and two, the foreigner population in Japan is growing. Which means... more non-Japanese citizens, mixed children. Which means Japan is less and less homogenous. Although for all practical purposes, Japan is still homogenous enough that the word refers both to the nation and the race interchangeably as if the two were unseperable (which they won't be for long). Unless you consider the fact that all modern Japanese have the same ancestry as people from all over East Asia. So while they think they're a pure race they're really just mutts like the rest of us (although to a lesser extent).
  17. The barriers were the result of the UN's research on the ship... and they were disovered by accident (after the fold system dissepeared when they first folded the ship). None of the other ships had this. Of course, we all know what happened the first time they tried to use it as a full-sized barrier...
  18. I find that HIGHLY unlikely. Seeing as how in the Macross canon, the human race was basically manipulated with what was probably a pretty basic set of human genes (I assume the beings that were manipulated were the pre-Homo Sapien human species'...), yet still developed into several different races, with only a few hundred thousand years, seperated only by a few thousand miles. On the other hand, Protoculture had been around for for about a million years, and eventually spread all over the universe. There's no way that racial groups wouldn't have developed. They probably just had less importance than protoculture's view of itself as singular group. Even the Japanese are getting less and less homogenous... they only maintained their status as a single race (minus the Ainu) on a single group of islands because of their above-normal isolation (both socially and physically) from the rest of the world.
  19. Yes, you can stall it, but it's difficult, the system doesn't let you cut the throttles to zero because it will lose ALL pitch control if there is no engine thrust (no stabilizers). So, at 10% throttle, it deploys the speedbrakes instead and limits the throttle to 10% minimum. I may revist that and see if I can bring the throttle down to zero. And the altitude you are looking at is in meters, not feet. Keep climbing, it WILL run out of airspeed (EAS on the left), and the engine thrust will drop off as it climbs because of the decreasing ambient air pressure. Note that G's aren't shown on the HUD, you are pulling a lot of g's when you pull full back, it's just not shown, the control system is a Nz/Q type (C*), so at high speed, if you are pulling back, you are likely getting 9-10 Gs since Q is so slow at that speed. It is hard to turn quickly at high speed, this is why most dog fights happen < Mach 1, what they really want is turn rate, not G loading. I just ran a test, and I get 8.5-9Gs at Mach 2.0 with full aft stick. I'll add that to the data recording and the HUD so it's more visible for the next release This is a simulation of how it would perform based on the stats, and some estimation, based onRoskam, and the USAF Digital DATCOM, and whatever else I could estimate from . 395359[/snapback] Why don't you set it so it's crazy unstable (like the real thing would probably be), but program a "Fly-by-Wire Computer" simulation to make up for that to make it flyable? It seems way too stable right now... (assuming you haven't already programmed it to self-correct itself like that) That way we could have the mega-manuevers but also be able to fly it without crashing it all the time.
  20. Neat! BUT... You can't stall it! At all! You can fly straight up with no throttle and easily climb to 10,000 feet before you run out of speed, but it keeps going up! Also it seems that the manuevering performance doesn't really act like it does in the anime... It accelerates just fine but sometimes you can do 16G in a sometimes it'll only show it as 1~2 G when you're turning full-out at like mach 1. Seems like it would be a more worthwhile effort to simulate the Valkyrie in X-Plane based on the stats, to see how it would actually perform. (Although I don't have X-Plane...).
  21. Although she looks exactly like I expected she would
  22. I want to buy them (I don't have the patience or cash to buy the new dubbed DVD's...), but I know they're out of print, so who still sells them? Unless there's a decent bootleg set out there
  23. Yeah, I *know* it's a big galaxy (massively big), but we're talking about several billion ships, all capable of transversing the galaxy in a matter of hours (so long as you know where you're going), and instant long-range communications. I simply refuse to beleive that the other fleets would be completely unware of SW1, or that they wouldn't come knocking If they want to right off the rest of the fleets as have already made peace, or simply not getting involved, that's fine... but they need to at least mention it. But the conflicts that have taken place in the sequel series were simply minor skirmishes... Also, I *really* need to see the TV series...
  24. I haven't seen the TV show in it's original form (just Robotech...), but assuming that what they say in DYRL was said in the TV show as well, there are at least a 1000 Boldolza/Lap Lamiz-class cruisers each with a fleet of over a million ships in the Milky Way alone. That's what I'd call a threat. Of course, Macross has about the most convuluted backstory out of any anime anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
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