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  1. It's about damn time they make a second season. Ah wait, no, I forgot it had 14 episodes. Now I just feel stupid.
  2. I happened to be listening to NPR and some movie critic PANNED the movie, due to horrific dialogue and the fact that it was written by a 15 year-old (which he says shows). He also said "It tries so hard to be LOTR, which it's not"
  3. ...god that is a sweet rifle... I'm thinking of getting a Springfield XD45... and maybe a CCW license.
  4. of course she isn't Moneypenny... MP and JB never do it
  5. It's been out for like a week or two (raws I mean... some of the raw groups are faster than others)
  6. The h-doujin creators are gonna have a field day with Yukio and the chinpira... Also, for some reason BL is one of the only anime that I don't think I would really *want* to see hentai of (yes it exists, of course)... mainly because any scenario involving Revy would be creepy because she's a psycho (especially Asazuke's works...if you know what I mean ).
  7. Um, no you can't. He TOTALLY went "Russian Archives" (the post-interrogation gunfight from Goldeneye) on those guys in the African Embassy. At least 7 kills just there...
  8. Yes, the fact that she was firing WAAAY more than it holds was so very apparent to me. The BAR is hard enough for an adolescent to hold, much less a pre-pubescent girl. Actually USING one is out of the question (massive recoil as well... it's a .30-06).
  9. I find the idea that a little girl can even hold a BAR, much less fire and run with one, fairly amuzing... It's a 25-pound gun...
  10. yeah... get a GTO or something They're excellent drifters... if you've got 50K.
  11. I had to do an Austin Powers TWICE during the movie...thankfully I picked two very good spots to miss 2 minutes of movie at a time...
  12. I though it was great. It just didn't feel like you were watching a James Bond movie.
  13. Well, I realize the Deloreans themselves are pretty miserable sports cars, but I still have a soft spot for them since I loved BTTF when I was younger
  14. Jesse James is a tool for picking such an unsuitable base car (for a sand crawler)...not to mention for wasting an otherwise perfectly good RX-7 Just like how they destroyed a perfectly good Delorean.
  15. At first I had my doubts about him... Then I saw the trailer. Damn I wanna see this movie.
  16. If you want hot springs do it in Hakone...
  17. Yeah, they killed of a lot of characters who should have been Token Survivors (Wedge-like characters...lol). It's not like they didn't kill off enough "red-shirts" (guys in suits with guns).
  18. I never saw the original Blood but I liked Blood+. I don't see what's wrong with it if you just assume it's a loosely-related plot divergence.
  19. There's more to do in Tokyo in than you could possibly ever do in two weeks... sort of like how you can't manage to go to all the theme parks in Orlando in a day, so IMO it's best to pick one of the big cities and just stick with it. Tokyo would be my pick, if you like anime, since you've got a lot of famous locations (albiet most of them don't really matter...lol) you could visit, Akihabara for games/anime/electronics (and airsoft guns )... if you want to see the other big cities you should come back and do them later (it takes half a day just to get from Tokyo to Kyoto anyway). I was there a year and I didn't see "everything" I've been past the town (on a train) where Initial D takes place
  20. Yes... imo most anime end with about a 2.5 though.
  21. Yes, it is. Don't know why they would cut that out. There is art after every episode...
  22. Well, IIRC, there was a ring encased in amber in the opening... I don't recall whether or not it appeared in the show itself.
  23. I thought that Ray's ring was an articfact? And Renton just happened to find a matching on on earth. This is the kind of show that totally diserves a sequel, but would also be ruined by one... it would have been nice to receive some sort of confirmation that they actually came home, rather than just standing in the woods, glowing (although I suppose the drawing at the very end sort of gives anecdotal evidence that they do). There was definately no excuse not to show the crew a year later.
  24. Does he accidentally shoot someone down during a training exersize or something?
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