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  1. With graphics and controls like that, somthing tells me it won't exactly have killer sales or top review in America... Meh, I'd still buy it if it did come out. As long as they leave the "cherry boy" comments in...
  2. Macross 7 is like a fire (hardy har har). You either get too close and get burned (overanalysis), or you sit back and bask in it's warm glow. PS, FAIAA!!!
  3. I got my sister to watch DYRL, which she liked alot, and after a few weeks, got her to watch Macross 7... She watched every episode, the movie, and the first Dynamite episode. I think that explains how much she liked it. XD
  4. The Macross is one sweet ASS... Or better yet, "The UN has one sweet ASS." Err... hehehe...
  5. "Yet," lol. The minute I hear of a transforming fighter that turns into a combat robot, I'm joining the ROTC...
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