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  1. very nice. the MB box tho... in my opinion... is still the Grail! I saw one a few months back in box, not really mint... and it still went for a Loooooot.
  2. Yes, that has crossed my mind, trust me. I've mentioned the missing Link Convoy as an example... like you mentioned, to various people. Oh wells, i'm pretty much at the point of no return now... TBH, I do like how its progressing. Much better than the stiff brick that it was prior.
  3. awesome! please keep me posted!
  4. interested in these if they are ever produced....
  5. a buddy of mine picked one up earlier this year, courtesy of our very own NightmareB4. did not know about them until that point!
  6. now this is incredible to me... just wow
  7. a 1A Miria eh. with neon green gun for both. interesting.
  8. yes... in fighter mode they are so cute! lol
  9. I have the Yellow and Red KO, would love the White and blue!
  10. Wild! Thank you so much for the pictures!!!
  11. Okay @nightmareB4macross, you were right... it's really cooking in here! The mythical Joons 1A! Just incredible. Since we're on the topic of Joons, just last week I found that the "1996, Patriot" colored Joons leg fin had either blue paint, or left blank. I had my original from the late 90s that I converted to a 1S, with Jetfire arms and legs, repainted most of the valkyrie to a Max blue. Fast forward to a month ago... worked on reverting that same Joons back to its original colors and parts, minus the 1J head... which had been traded away over 2 decades ago. Here's the back of the leg fin from my originally purchased one late 90s. Blue paint. Here's one from a listing online. Blank. Here's a friend's one from Wisconsin. Blank. Here's a friend's one from Northern California. Blue paint. Seems like the ones with the blue paint on the back of the fin also have the top quarter of the outer leg painted blue originally, then painted over completely with red paint. I finally completed the "restoration" of the "converted to Max 1S Joons that I had... he still has a 1S head, inspired by Alex's earlier pictures from this thread. Hmmmm, I also found this listing on the web... it was sold in 2017? Claimed it was not tampered with... could this have been an end of the run, just get rid of left over stock version?
  12. This Fire Valkyrie is crazy lololol
  13. oops, looks like the last few links aren't working?
  14. hmmm, I remember those black stickers from the first Strike I purchased early 2000s. I pulled out the 3 I have now, took some pics. Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3 (slight over spray chest)
  15. Thank you Shawn... my request is fulfilled!
  16. wow, awesome work guys! wondering if anyone is up for also printing the 1/55 1J and 1A heads as well....
  17. got mine this morning, i've waited so long for this toy! the price killed me but its all good, got my 90s nostalgia back!
  18. i really don't see an issue with the "tabs".... it is a toy first and foremost?
  19. ahhh... the VF-2SS. I've waited so long for this to be released, i shall come out of valkyrie retirement for this piece. I have no complaints whatsoever on the design, price, articulation, etc etc... I have fond memories from when i was younger, watching Macross II and day dreaming of a transformable toy. Just the fact that it's here fills my heart with joy lol!
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