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  1. Now they sent another mail moving it to 9/30 .
  2. Maybe a VF-31 with Armor part or YF-35? 35th anniversary
  3. Lol.... He just change the DYRL Roy pilot for the TV Roy Pilot.
  4. Anyone?..any review out there?
  5. @jenius you have in mind make a transformation video of the SV-262 from B to F? Like you did with the VF-31.
  6. VF-25F x 6 VF-25S x 4 VF-171 CF x 4 And I have doubles on almost every VF that I bought.
  7. Pedro2k6

    Hi-Metal R

    Welcome... Puedes ver este link oficial de bandai y estar atento al foro. Siempre alguien aporta con las fichas de Pre order. http://sp.tamashii.jp/item_character/macross_series/1/?number=20&brand= Saludos desde Chile.
  8. Pedro2k6

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thats right...but here in Chile...if I use hlj I have to pay custom fees..cause they declare the whole value of the item...that means 30% of the item + shipping on taxes. In the other hand I don't have that problem with NY. Some math. HLJ: 300 item + 50 EMS shipping + 105 custom fees= 455 total. NY: 300 item + 75 EMS shipping + No custom fees= 375 total. and IIRC HLJ don't have SAL shipping if the item is over 150 dollars.
  9. Is not hard to do....just need 4 piece of pre painted wood, 8 screw, 1 set of glass hinge, 1 glass door and 1 piece of cardboard for the background for 1 cabinet. Those are acrylic riser... I bought it on Amazon.com
  10. This are my 4 new homemade display cabinet... Easy to build and low cost (100 dollar for all) Last 2 pics are my other cabinets.
  11. Pedro2k6

    Hi-Metal R

    About off topic...just PO S.h.figuarts Super Saiyan 3 Goku from HLJ.
  12. Is exactly like you said. Is just booking price, they will charge you later. And they have a limited run. But you can buy now others ko item, if you want to test the water first, like the yamato stand
  13. Pedro2k6

    Hi-Metal R

    Easy pass for me....almost 100 dollars relief for my wallet.
  14. Got one at NY for 21,000 shipped. With HLJ it would be 21,800 + 5,200 for EMS shipping(no more options and maybe more money) + 30% taxes (item + shipping). Grand total: 35,100. That's why I love NY.
  15. Pedro2k6

    Hi-Metal R

    Lol...ok. But there is review in there.
  16. Pedro2k6

    Hi-Metal R

    Japanese review of HMR ME and VJ-1J Millia Custom.
  17. Pedro2k6

    Toy Manufacturing

    Finally some real info and not speculation like we use to see in this board. I hope you can get more info in the future. Thank you.
  18. I gonna have to do the same with my second.... But I think we don't have to do that with this "perfect transformation" 200 dollars valk. For that price bandai should figure out a better way.
  19. I will try to glue it today. The problem is that you need the fist to get back to fighter mode...and the extra hands are bigger than the originals so we can't change it.
  20. After 24 days (EMS shipping)75 dollars custom taxes...I got my first SV-262 ...and guest what?...I broke the holy thumb...really frustrating transformation. At least I have a second coming on SAL.
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