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  1. Where’d you score the Gakken Beta?
  2. Yeah, they gave me that olympics bunk before as well.
  3. Have to say JVmacross was right on this one. After his had shipped and he suggested I lodge a refund threat with them, I gave them a few more days and still no change. So on Sunday I replied to their last response to me, so that it had the full thread history, and said just refund me and I ’ll buy it elsewhere. Got a quick response and today my tracking shows it departed Nagoya. So on the one hand, yay it shipped and I’m not taking another Nippon Yasan up the backside. On the other, I also preordered the GBP through Luna so may have to go through this dance again.
  4. So far my tracking is unchanged saying only label created. But hopefully this means movement is imminent.
  5. Please post here once your tracking actually shows movement.
  6. WB wrote Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins $20 million dollar checks each when they sent Wonder Woman 2 to HBO Max to avoid exactly this situation. Even though that movie was possibly even a bigger turd. Disney should have done the same to avoid the knock on their image by screwing over the first female Avenger. Especially when they were marketing Black Widow as a MeToo movie.
  7. I’m in the same boat as you. Please post back here with whatever they tell you.
  8. My Luna Park tracking is the same with the same dates. Still not handed over to DHL after 4 days.
  9. I’d like to see a Batou figure stuffed into that same cockpit, lol. He gets inside one in the show too, if I remember correctly. I think in real life most people would lose their crap stuffed into a confined space like that. But that figure is damn cool.
  10. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    Yeah, it’s the Bandai mold used for Matchbox. They just ground the Bandai name and any copyright info off the bottom of the feet on the molding. You can see and feel the unevenness on that area of the feet where the mold was altered. Otherwise it’s actually of similar quality to the original. Much better than their valk bootleg. Added pics of the box top, sides, back, and the feet bottoms.
  11. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    I think this awesome new bootleg that Alex has uncovered was made by the same factory that did this VF-1S Strike knockoff. Which is also a boot of a gift set that should include armor, they just didn’t include the armor! The box opens from the side just in the same way and it’s the same red-shoulders valkyries inside - just white vs grey. Also, I actually have that SDF-1 that’s in the video along with it and it’s definitely a bootleg. So now I know who made it as well! Great work on another awesome box variant discovery!
  12. I like this show but it bugs me how Mark and Omni Man’s invulnerability is very subjective. One scene they fly through mountains or anything really without a scratch. Same with missiles and alien lasers. Then Invincible gets his guts caved in by some lion guy with a mace, and later his dad,, and both times they can operate on him with standard surgical tools and put IV’s in his arm? How does that work? Is he only invulnerable when he’s awake? And why waste 18+ years becoming Earth’s superhero, winning hearts and minds, when you planned to beat the planet into submission anyway? He could have gotten the job done in a day. Makes no sense.
  13. Just got in the SX-01 Thunder Warrior because I’m a sucker for the F4 Phantom. Size comparison with a DX VF-1. I’ll post plane pics once I transform him.
  14. Keith, where did you get those details? I’ve seen all the Evangelion series and movies and never heard any of that in them.
  15. Well done. The carded examples of this line have gotten super pricey these days!
  16. Same for me. I’ve tried opening cases and doing their chat and the result has been jack shite. Even if you pursue store credit, form others’ experiences they only try to squeeze more shipping out of you for some other item that will not actually ship either. I hope they implode soon.
  17. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    Also interesting that the tail wings do not have the black stripe with Jolly Roger painted on them. Years on a Takatoku warehouse shelf! It’s the toy version of barn find dream. Not sure I would’ve had Kawamori sign this particular piece.
  18. glane21

    1/55's revisited

    What was the description on the Yahoo auction? Did the seller claim it was the jet fire packaging prototype? Or mention how they got hold of it?
  19. Where the hell is the live chat option on their site? I don’t see it.
  20. Looks really good. They got a lot of the visuals correct that the technology at the time of the 1984 film couldn’t deliver, e.g. the thopters look like dragonflies and the worm scale and movement.
  21. I have 4 SSP sets ordered since 6/2019 and they have not responded to my ticket. I put in a week ago. I know one thing, I’m never ordering from these f*cks again.
  22. It’s true, I bought a new VE-1 back in the day that came with the jet fire armor rather than correct domed packs. Didn’t include the heat shield either if remember correctly. There was no warning from the seller so I was quite unpleasantly surprised. This was before internet was ubiquitous - old school mail order - so not much recourse. I believe it was from The Robot Store in New York. The same outfit that ran ads in Comico’s Robotech comics. I still have one of their old photocopy catalogs somewhere.
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