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    Hi-Metal R

    That's why I said "Interesting" lol, Hopefully Bandai will support HMR with SHF.
  2. skullmilitia

    Hi-Metal R

    It's ok, the Robotech kids will buy them, I mean the box says Robotech. The single figures are the only interesting thing that Toynami announced and they seem to be vapored.
  3. I doubt John Boyega would be as excited as he is, if he was only going to be in one, of the three films. Plus wouldn't his mood be different if he knew he filmed a death scene. These aren't spoilers, they are just uber nerds trying to pretend to have some super insight, or inside info. Disney actualy leaked several bogus scripits for this reason.
  4. Stupid if true, I've been waiting for SS, or HT Slave Leia for years. What a waste of one of the most iconic sexy nerd costumes of all time. It's Science Fictions, Farrah Fawcet poster.
  5. That Star Destroyer has a name, from the newest Star Wars Novel. AFAIK the Captain flew the Destroyer into the planet over a lovers quarrel, Imperial married to a imperial that defected to the Rebels.
  6. toynami is probably coming up with a plan to KO it right now into Vertiech Super Valkyrie wowaweewow Hunter custom.
  7. I some how get the feeling Kawamori was playing Final Fantasy when he designed things. I really hope the character designs are not a preview of what's expected, because I'm terribly let down. At least the fighters will make decent shelf pieces.
  8. Covered canopy hinting at AI drones?
  9. Finally Saw Black series 6 inch wave 2 in the wild. Grabbed a Poe, just to even the ranks.
  10. I will say, after watching the episode twice, I'm feeling that Morgan, might end up heading back down the road to crazy town.
  11. What a fantastic episode, reminds me why I watch it. For the times when the writing is good. New director did awesome. What a great catchup moment #morgantello
  12. Yeah, the ammo thing has been discussed, either its a dream scape or a production mistake, that they wont live down!
  13. Im in, no matter what, with Kidney, or without.
  14. Yeah, familiar plot fails of TWD. At least they have made it slightly less(er) obvious. Yeah that "Oh no sudden walkers" thing is getting really tiredsome. Dead leaves everywhere, yet these 4 somehow are the Special Forces Zombies and can enter in like ninjas.
  15. They don't need the interceptor, besides as far as I knew, the Interceptor was not multipurpose, where the standard Tie is. Hence why the First order just upgraded the Tie Fighter to have a rear turret and shield generators. Like taking an F-18, and making an F-18 super hornet. Same basic look, all new guts and computers. The Rebillion was a tattered group of resistance fighters using any tech donated by the groups added. It's going to be weathered, old and barely together. The Clone Wars era tech was all paid for by the Republic. New shiny, equipment. Based on current pre-FA canon being shown, the Rebellion is strong in some places, and hanging by a thread in others. The Imperials are running blockades on entire systems, denying the destruction of the DS2 and the Emperor.
  16. Take this with a grain of salt, as it's hard to always translate exactly, being a non-really-all-speaking-much-japanese. But I think the rights got "switched owners". Which could mean Bandai, or that they just don't have the capital to pay the renewal fee right now. I would assume with Bandai's new push on DYRL, that the "Speculation" is more informal than you realize. Would also line up with what my understanding was. Either way, I wouldn't hold your breath for VF-1's from Arcadia.
  17. Looks like I'm in for 2, what a great birthday I will have, all thanks to me.. and Arcadia lol.
  18. How in the hell.. I wonder if RK will have pre-orders. Otherwise is eBay. Blah, stupid limited crap.
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