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  1. From the old days of talking to MrK, most of Arcadia’s new projects are “because no one else would make them” reissues just help float the upfront R&D costs of the new molds. So all you guys buying the reissues are doing God’s work.
  2. skullmilitia

    Hi-Metal R

    That White and blue logo envelope is a Amazon shipped Amazon prime order. You would file a complaint with Amazon not the seller. Amazon has been delivering all of their exclusive TF’s the same way, in a bagged envelope the post office works shove in to small parcel lockers.
  3. This thing looks better and better, gotta say, I hope we get variants. Especially VF-1D, VE, Ostrich etc. I’ll buy em all. I love Yammy’s but there’s something sexy about the DX line.
  4. Got Ami confirmation, congrats to all that scored! night everyone!
  5. Scored one after a long and nervous wait at AA with forever last confirmation screen.
  6. It's been awhile, and I've been lurking for a couple years now, but this I won't be missing this!
  7. Guys, you're missing the main point, Anakin Skywaker was essentially dead to Vader, he had no connection to that name until Obiwan Showed up on the Death Star. it had been year since turning fully darkside. That name was lost, that's why he wouldn't care about anyone named skywalker, or Tatoonie.
  8. Phasma was confirmed by Abrams that she will be returning in VIII. After various nerd rage hate mail sessions.
  9. Takara would follow a more economic design probably and release individual figures. 3rd party sales wouldn't even be something they would care about. legit business doesn't look at knock off markets for actual sales estimates. I would imagine the sales of the new Devy and combiner wars would be how they sell to a budget commission.
  10. I just pre-ordered the new wave of 6 inch black series with Finn as FN55 and Han. Should be a hard wave to find in stores.
  11. One of the Takara reps has said there is a prototype of the MP Constructicons and a 3D printed Bruticus in thier office. They just don't know how to release it.
  12. I grabbed Phasma from Disney. Worth the extra doh, and still cheaper than the standard black series aftermarket price.
  13. Yes because he is Leia's son, therefor a skywalker relative. Also, are we missing the easy hints? Rey lost her mother, and Luke lost his mother, as Anakin lost his mother. Who the mother is, or where she is, is the bigger question. If the mother was another well trained force user, it would explain Rey's hyper force sensitivity. Either way, Kylo is part skywalker, Rey is part skywalker.. Rey's Force powers have awakened.. its pretty much literal in it's simplisticness.
  14. From the interviews with the writers, and Abrams interviews I've seen.. here's what I take. luke and another force wielder had a child. Young Kylo is jealous of Lukes squeeze, Kylo kills the jedi training camp including Reys mother, and luke hides her on Jakku, before hermiting out of shame for loosing not only his love, but the son of Han and Leia. Taking a chunk from ROTS/ANH hiding babies on outer rim worlds.
  15. I have to say, rather surprisingly, I've agreed with everything Duke said. Once you process this movie, it really is a lot deeper than your initial reaction. Some of the less emotional scenes, may become more emotional with more story. I think Diver did a great job showing just how troubled Kylo is internally, and why he had such difficulty with fights. I do think Snoke, is not who he seems. As my initial feeling is that he isn't even a Sith, but just the head of the knights of Ren. Who dabble in Dark Side belief, but who do not have full control over it. I believe Snoke maybe in touch with whoever the remanments of Sith are. However it would need a good explanation, as we all know from previous movies, there is always a Master and an Apprentice. So once both were destroyed.. how does a new one come out of the galaxy?
  16. It's not a bad way to do trailers, I mean the story should be more important than the ending. Think about Pre-quels, we know how it ends, but we want to know how it started.
  17. It would have been interesting... Batman was good, and Burtons gave a dark twist to everything. Peters definitely would have caused that movie to train wreck.
  18. Rebelscum posted Dragon Models now has License.. hopefully this means stateside.
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