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  1. Yeah the Negan encounter brought the show back down to expectations. Such a fail of a moment, so stupid.
  2. 175$ is not that Expensive for an MP jet, that's about what MP Star Scream Mk2 was going for. Waiting to see if HLJ gets it, or is this is a Hasbro Asia release.
  3. I agree Exo, I know that they tried to say "well Lost killed unkillable characters".. but this isn't lost. and if you kill S1 survivors now.. it's just gonna leave a bad taste. I can tell you know, at this point if they kill Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Carol, Machonne or Daryl.. it's just for shock value and not writing. Everyone else, fine, fodder .. but those characters are what makes the show watchable... For me it stopped being about Zombies and more about these amazing characters who survive at all odds. I'm surprised one of them hasn't been killed off, wouldn't be surprised if Glenn dies anyway.. Steven didn't look to chipper in the Talking Dead interview. At least the show has gotten better, now just to stop the ninja zombies.
  4. Poe has his own custom X-wing color scheme. Also.. might be borrowed from another certain show, but a lot of the X wings have either green, blue, red, or yellow stripes for squadrons. Notice that looking at the variations. Poe is the only one with a black X-wing.
  5. The Sun still is mind blowing.. it's like ... just this sphere of nuclear reaction, that looks so calming from far, but far from calm.
  6. Revell is just doing what the american markets want. Cheap, snap together kits. Bandai sells to a population where detailed, intricate models are popular. But, someone somewhere should give a official reason as to why Bandai kits are not allowed to be sold.
  7. Colony ship? Covenant? I think Microsoft is going to be sending lawyers.
  8. That TieFighter has less detail than the 3.75 inch one. Stupid move Hasbro, I would have bought one, if it had been more detailed.
  9. skullmilitia

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, but like play Asia, they may have pre-orders, and end up getting NOTHING from Bandai. So don't hold all your eggs in on store.
  10. From what I've always understood, it was something with assault weapons that the path of the laser was not accurate unless upgraded with advanced barrels. Even if you were shooting straight ----, by the time the light hit the end of the barrel it would / go other directions. If you ever watch the footage, all shots from medium and small empire arms (cheapest bidder) shoot out in different directions right out of the barrel. Even the SW video games do this. Where as advanced, custom weapons (Han's blaster, Bobas) With refined barrels, and muzzles get straight and extremely accurate shots.
  11. That and they are very limited number items. Not too mention they will probably be show exclusives again.
  12. Holy Grail? 1984 Colgate Toothpaste international Star Wars Promo pack with Biker Scout. I think 3 exist in the world. I want it, I dont have it, I don't know the guys that do.
  13. You can add San Andreas to the list. I love Dwayne Johnson, but god what a stupid, pointless, and terribly bad geological movie. Plot point is only for The Rock to save his overly busty daughter from San Fransisco with his overly busty ex, but not maybe ex-wife. Every stupid cliche character ever thought up, is in this movie. Every over the top CGI sequence, has been re-purposed into the movie. How the Rock ever signed on, is beyond me. Must have been a personal favor to someone on the production team. It's not even worth the time you'll waste watching on netflix.
  14. Stadium Pods are now Sound Pods... I'm just kidding, I have no idea, but ... its Macross so it could be lol
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