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  1. Petar, Dont kill yourself on things like the little buttons, I dont think we are going to complain. Believe me If I really wanted buttons. I will just paint them. The buttons would be smaller then the Ball point Pin head
  2. Hey Petar, Here is the some of the pics you asked for of Misa space suit. I have also added a pic of the communicator they have on their wrist. Not sure if you can get that kind of detail but I got a shot of it for you anyway. And I added one of the Ground Crew. FYI i have pics from the Perfect Memory if you need them of the ground crew. Carl
  3. Great glad they are helping. I also wanted to post that the others on the board can reference the colors to the uniforms. Guys If you need any pic of something just let me know. The one area on this board that we dont have is a Reference section that we can all look into if we ever needed a idea of how something looked
  4. Ok here is the pics! I have a bunch so bare with me. I also took pics so you could see colors of the Uniforms. I will serch for more ground crew tonight. I wanted to get these uploaded first. As you can see I got the color and the pics for the Destroid pilots as well. Hope this helps and I will start getting the other pics now. Carl
  5. OMG! DUDE! Pics are on the way! Petar do you realize that you just sold prob 1000 figs
  6. EXO is Correct. I have Images, Just stuck where I cant get to them. I will have black & white scans and Color for you when I get home.
  7. NP will have some for you tonight I will get them from MY DVD's
  8. Same I would prob buy about 10 TV-style Pilots! With and without Space masks so make that a total of about 20 Destroid Pilots would also be wishful thinking of you as well. We have never had a TV-Destroid pilot And Johns destorids are ripe for them. Carl John has been talking about a New Cats-Eye. and you cant have DYRL or Any other kind of Pilot in a Cats-eye, because it was only in the TV. I figure. With Hase VF that I would like to do and Johns Cats-eye, and johns Copter. thats easy 10 pilots for TV Version. Then I need Backups for other projects.
  9. I did some research and found that That Most of the UN-SPACY forces wore the same kind of Uniform when it came to pilots, with exception of Destroids and a few other things. Pilots who flew the Commanchero, Cats-eye, VF's, Stargoose, etc had the same Flight Uniform and Helmet, and well I would love to just place some Decent looking 1/72 TV version Pilots and or Destroids in Johns Kits. If John truly looks into Re-doing the Cats-eye. Which I really wish he would Do next, I think he would break Sales Records for Kits sold. John would CRUSH Tanmans design and I for one would be buying at least 2. But the need to Fill the cockpit with Decent looking Pilots is important to me. I would love to have my Little AquaBlue VF-Pilot Like in these pics. (PS. Would love the option to doing the Space Version of the Helmet too with the face guard and visor)
  10. John, thats just awsome! OK Question: Do you plan on making a TV Version 1/72 VF Looking Pilot??? John! Serious We have never had a 1/72 TV Pilot. Only the pilots we have are from DYRL. And since We know they wear the same Helmet and uniform as the VF Pilots! It would just be a NICE Touch! ! I beg of yea oh great Maker of Kits. (I would even pay extra for the Pilots!)
  11. Thats cool john, I think you have done that in the past. I noticed that with the Zentradi face armor that you made in the past.
  12. John, This is something I always wondered. How come the canopies have to be vaccume formed? Is it harder to make a clear canopie like Haseygawa makes for velks or any Plastic model kit out there? Or is that its much Cheeper to do the way I see the bubble form made? Reason i am asking is. I just always have a hard time with cutting that material when Making a kit. Example the mask for the Zentradi you have made. Carl
  13. great job! That exaclty what I did back 18 years ago when I made mine! I ended up using the "Battleship" the Game, white pegs for my Missiles. I am Really wanting to see what you come up with! Good luck! I am also working on doing the same thing for 1/100. Jessey Mayers sold me a kit back 3 years ago that gave upgrades for the 1/100 kit. Here is a picture of some of the pieces. The kit also came with the "Bat" for the 1/100.
  14. No they kind of all go off at once. In a scatter Kind of style. They really dont lock in on a target, they are of what I would call a Scatter missile. They just destroy anything in a given area.
  15. Still looks out of perportion. I think if I were to buy the kit and build it. It will need some Personal detailing that John has put into his kit. that this kit does not even have. Where the torso meets looks kind of weird. They made it like a ball joint. 2 questions. 1. where would someone even get one if and or when its released. 2. Compared to the kits that are out there now. whats a price on a kit like that? Just 2 questions that would make the kit worth it on my end. Carl
  16. I would hate to see Hobby fan copy Johns stuff. I would never buy from them if they did that.
  17. John Did you just say Cats-eye? Oh err ahh that will be 2 please! John I think this board will LIGHT up with requests if you do that! Tanmen has nothing on you! Oh and for the Zentradi kit, yeah I am all over that too!!
  18. Wish I had your tallent. Nice John, Very very nice. Serious question, Now that you are stating to do other things like the this one. Do you think you woudl ever work on some of the other macross Copters and Planes? One idea I think you would sell a million is ground trucks and supply vechicals. Like a set of 5 different trucks and ground support.
  19. Dude you can so make your own with that picture. All you need to do is print it out on a white decal paper. Serious. Just scale it to your size. White Decal paper works best when using Colors and its not an Irregular shape. Thats a square shape and you dont have to cut around. Here is a custom Decal I made for Johns Destroid Defender. Granted its more complex and I had to cut around the Blue Reaper to make it right. But It worked. Remember Yours is Square
  20. John, do you plan on adding the Missile pods under the stabilizer wings? Carl
  21. John, I firmly believe that your Tomahawk Kit is the Best Kit of that Class ever made.
  22. oh John, Yes!! please include 2 pilots. If you could you also please keep the design to the TV uniforms and Helmets? Please!!!!
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