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  1. Petar, You in luck, John said that after he finishes the Glaug, He could do a new run at the Cats Eye. This is no joke. Ask him yourself. I thnk that he should do the Cat Next, I need more time to save up 300+ for the glaug, as of right now I dont have it, and with the economy, I dont know when I will have that much to spend. Carl
  2. Hey what color did you use for the main body?
  3. Hey Cool8or, Well I consider myself somewhat of a big fan of the Tomahawk. I have built my kit, have another kits but parts are missing 8( Somone sold it to me with missing parts. but here is some pics of the first one I did. FYI the Cartoon picture of the Phalax is the correct "Tan" Color you want to use. Its not the correct color for the Phalanx but really great for the Tommy. Please disregard the color of the Yellowish Cartoon picture of the Tomahawk. it is totally wrong!! I only gave that so you can see what it looked like body and style from the Cartoon Only. Use the Phalanx color for your Paint job. Also the Missile doors are Brown. More like a Camo Dark Brown. If you can find a good Darker Kaki that would do you just fine for main body paint color. For Decals look on starship modeler for Cheesecake Decals if you want some decent Women Pinup art. Their is SOOO Many to chooose from. Thats how I got the Indian women on the front leg. I used a Indian Head from a P-47 Model kit to represent a "Tomahawk" Just kind of a touch I did to give it an affect you may want. NOTE: The Missiles on MY Tomahawk are VERY VERY VERY VERY WRONG!! I am going to have to Repaint them. I dont know what the hell I was thinking giving them Red Tipps. Look at the pic of the 1/60 Yamato I have placed down here. THATS what they should look like and I am going to re do my Tomahawk Missiles Very soon. Johns Kit is the Best Tommy kit we have ever had, so take your time and enjoy it. You will never see them again 8( Maybe, but I doubt it. Oh for those who are asking why my feet are Orange/Red Dust? I like to Theme my kits, This Tomahawk is from the Mars Battle. Hence the Red Mars Dust on the legs I am really anal when it comes to making my Kits Accurate. So Keep doing research before you start painting. FYI Faceplates on Tomahawks are Green, NOT RED! No idea I have never seen that on any of the Cartoons. ONLY Green! Look at the cartoon shots? They are Green!! Even the cover with the busted up Tommy. OH yeah I am doing that one next!! Just wait until I get my stuff out here in Cali. You going to see a PHAT busted up Tommy. I am prob going to use the Wave Kit for that. Not one of Johns. I have also included the render of my Destroid Decals that I made. If you like to make your own decals, You can print these out on White decal Paper. Please Feel free to use them for your Kit. Or Anyone from Macross World. You can see mine on my Tomahawk. If you notice I also made my own Kill markings Hope this helps, I have lots of more things if you need them. I also have Johns Instructions for the kit
  4. So when this comes out would HLJ be the place to get them? Or some other place?
  5. Woah! and John is the only other who has gotten my WOAH! Nice man, really nice! I feel really good i was able to help you with the pics!
  6. The thing that I am most greatful for is the fact that John Loves this stuff as much as we do. I find John a person who really cares about his product and what quality he brings to the table of the kits he makes for us. I know John is a big fan of the TV Show Macross and Most of us are too. I believe that Johns Glaug will be he biggest kit to date and Willbe a major sucess. Its amazing the kits I have now because John cared enough to do this for us. With Profit asside, Its clear that he fully enjoys doing this for this Macross community. With that said, I cant see any Kit that John makes not be a profit maker. I do hope he continues with the 1/72 Line of TV macross kits. Cats Eye, LVT Avenger II Attack Aircraft, Siokorvsky Sea Sergeant Helicopter,Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger Battle Suit. Are just some examples of many kits that We could see. I can see any kit he makes Sell.
  7. Man all you on the Glaug. Thats going to be one BIG kit! I will have to start saving now, but I am in for the Glaug. I have always wanted to do a Diarama of 2 Cats eyes, sitting next to a Velk on a Runway.
  8. John, I know you have talked about it before, but on a serious note. Is the Cats Eye something you are still considering for the future? This was my Wish kit after you did the Destroids. Carl
  9. Thanks John, That I am sure I can manage. Carl
  10. John, due to the econimic times, and the fact that it is Christmas I will not be able to buy a $350.00 Doller kit at this time. I have bought every kit you have ever made. But during this time I just cant afford it. I would love to get this kit but I would suggest to wait a few months, maybe April. Now if you went with something thats in the 130.00 Range I can deal with it. But I think people are going to be hurting to Pay for 300+ Thanks for what you do john.
  11. Its the vinyl kit isent it? Not resin?
  12. Its kind of nice that they are releasing the 1/60 ground crew and pilots the only thing thats sucks about the Crew and the Destroid pilot, is 1 the Uniform is Not correct and totally wrong and they are also colored wrong. They are so far off on what the pilot looks like its having a gundam pilot man a Velk. Yamato is VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD when it comes to color accuracy. and I can back up what I say here However, they got the colors right for the destroids. They got the color PERFECT for the 1/60 Defender I will give that to them.
  13. Give this some time and I think I certin someone may take this poject on.
  14. Petar, Dont kill yourself on things like the little buttons, I dont think we are going to complain. Believe me If I really wanted buttons. I will just paint them. The buttons would be smaller then the Ball point Pin head
  15. Hey Petar, Here is the some of the pics you asked for of Misa space suit. I have also added a pic of the communicator they have on their wrist. Not sure if you can get that kind of detail but I got a shot of it for you anyway. And I added one of the Ground Crew. FYI i have pics from the Perfect Memory if you need them of the ground crew. Carl
  16. Great glad they are helping. I also wanted to post that the others on the board can reference the colors to the uniforms. Guys If you need any pic of something just let me know. The one area on this board that we dont have is a Reference section that we can all look into if we ever needed a idea of how something looked
  17. Ok here is the pics! I have a bunch so bare with me. I also took pics so you could see colors of the Uniforms. I will serch for more ground crew tonight. I wanted to get these uploaded first. As you can see I got the color and the pics for the Destroid pilots as well. Hope this helps and I will start getting the other pics now. Carl
  18. OMG! DUDE! Pics are on the way! Petar do you realize that you just sold prob 1000 figs
  19. EXO is Correct. I have Images, Just stuck where I cant get to them. I will have black & white scans and Color for you when I get home.
  20. NP will have some for you tonight I will get them from MY DVD's
  21. Same I would prob buy about 10 TV-style Pilots! With and without Space masks so make that a total of about 20 Destroid Pilots would also be wishful thinking of you as well. We have never had a TV-Destroid pilot And Johns destorids are ripe for them. Carl John has been talking about a New Cats-Eye. and you cant have DYRL or Any other kind of Pilot in a Cats-eye, because it was only in the TV. I figure. With Hase VF that I would like to do and Johns Cats-eye, and johns Copter. thats easy 10 pilots for TV Version. Then I need Backups for other projects.
  22. I did some research and found that That Most of the UN-SPACY forces wore the same kind of Uniform when it came to pilots, with exception of Destroids and a few other things. Pilots who flew the Commanchero, Cats-eye, VF's, Stargoose, etc had the same Flight Uniform and Helmet, and well I would love to just place some Decent looking 1/72 TV version Pilots and or Destroids in Johns Kits. If John truly looks into Re-doing the Cats-eye. Which I really wish he would Do next, I think he would break Sales Records for Kits sold. John would CRUSH Tanmans design and I for one would be buying at least 2. But the need to Fill the cockpit with Decent looking Pilots is important to me. I would love to have my Little AquaBlue VF-Pilot Like in these pics. (PS. Would love the option to doing the Space Version of the Helmet too with the face guard and visor)
  23. John, thats just awsome! OK Question: Do you plan on making a TV Version 1/72 VF Looking Pilot??? John! Serious We have never had a 1/72 TV Pilot. Only the pilots we have are from DYRL. And since We know they wear the same Helmet and uniform as the VF Pilots! It would just be a NICE Touch! ! I beg of yea oh great Maker of Kits. (I would even pay extra for the Pilots!)
  24. Thats cool john, I think you have done that in the past. I noticed that with the Zentradi face armor that you made in the past.
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