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  1. This opened quickly and easily. Please post the instructions this way. Thanks again John for all the hard work. Cheers & Semper Fi- Jason
  2. Another great model Capt.!!! Have you gotten these shipped??? Cheers & Semper Fi-Jason
  3. I found mine at the LHS here in Okinawa for 1300 Yen. Nice looking sprues & tons of decals. Cheers & Semper Fi-Jason
  4. Darkwind... question on OTAKO. in my japanese dictionary otako means~1. you 2.your house;your home. Wher you thinking of Otoko~male;man ??? I am still learning japanese and it is mostly the okinawan dialect. Cheers & Semper Fi-Jason
  5. I know in the series Fokker was part of a flying circuis when he was a kid. I think there was a flashback that showed this aircraft. I Have a kit and would like to finish as Fokkers. Does anyone have pics of the aircraft??? Cheers & Semper Fi-Jason
  6. Time to start saving my pennies & Yenies.............. and hope my resin model fund from the wife starts over again after the new year. Kannichiwa-jason
  7. I am just drooling over this. I sent you an email shortly after I joined the forum asking when you would make another run of the kit. I would love to have one!!! It does not bother me if it is a V2. I would love to see this with Capt's level of detail. Please make another!!!! and put me on the list for one. Kannichiwa & Arigato- Jason
  8. Count me in for one John. Kannichiwa, jason
  9. really like your ava!

  10. Dax, Please put on the list for one of these models. Kannichiwa, Jason
  11. I just got my kit from the LHS here in Okinawa. And i must say this thing is huge!! the detail is very crisp and an added bonus for a HASG kit NO SEEM LINE IN THE CANOPY!!!! I will not be unbagging this bad boy anytime soon as i have 5 different kits on the bench all in diferent stages of completion. Kannichiwa & Arigato, Jason
  12. wwwwwwooooooSMURFINhhhhhhhoooooo!!!! OK John, will we get them before Christmas?? The model looks awesome. Cannot wait to get this gunship in hand. Great work. Evil
  13. The web site says it is a resin kit. I will not know for sure until i fly home in late Dec. Evil
  14. Just found the VF-4 resin model kit for sale online. Ordered and it has been shipped Is this resin kit hard to build or easy? Here is the URL http://www.monstersinmotion.com/catalog/pr...products_id=134 Love this Looks of this Aircraft!!! Evil
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