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  1. Serious they just announced it. Guess they'll contact you soon. Ben
  2. oh man i didnt see this post until now.. i had just registered for my wife to go with me..i didnt know she was going to be able to get the day off that day until now. hopefully her pre registration can still go through. if not, how much is it for those at the door who couldnt pre register? ben
  3. Are we suppose to receive a confirmation e-mail after registering? I may have possibly registered twice cause i dont think i ever received an email when i originally registered and then I started second guessing myself if I ever registered at all in the first place.. ben
  4. thanks for the info! yeah the ebay prices a pretty steep, i found a local store thats selling for 95, i figure thats about the same as buying from importers+shipping plus i wouldnt have to wait for the item to arrive. still shopping around for the best price though thanks, ben
  5. are there any differences between these 2 besides the cover and disc art? the second one seems to have the LE box art but is being sold separately. can anyone please confirm if thats the only difference? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Macross-Do-You-Remember-Love-Hybrid-Pack-PS3-Blu-ray-Japan-Sealed-F-S-/170898157367?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27ca52ef37 http://www.ebay.com/itm/FS-New-Macross-Do-You-Remember-Love-Hybrid-Pack-PS3Blu-ray-Japan-Sealed-FREE-EMS-/261078622000?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc97f9f30 thnaks, ben
  6. Boomstik01

    Macross figures

    I was hoping there would be a Nanase Matsuura figure other than the petit collection figure . I have a few figures of Ranka, Sheryl and Klan, but no Nanase. I know her and Luca were more of the supporting characters, but it'd be nice to have a 1/6ish style to go with the rest of the figures. ben
  7. sorry i got the 25,700 on the main page. theres 2 prices on the image, 26,985 and next to it 25,700. also when i said it was on par with frontier valks , i was referring to the renewals and ebay prices. all are above $300 ben
  8. price seems to be on par with bandai's Frontier valks, and since its suppose to be exclusive i guess thats why the price is that high. even then, i'm sure it will sell.heck, i would buy it if i had the funds for it, hehe. ben
  9. a few recent additions to the display shelves. 1/48 tv max courtesy of HTOWN21 Max and Miria VF-22s courtesy of KEIICHI 1/200??i think mini trading figures, picked these up at robo toyfest a while back also picked up a gx-57 yamato ben
  10. From the album: Boomstik's Yamato collection

    dont remember what brand these are, just mini trading figures around 1/200 scale i think
  11. +1 for Keiichi, smooth transaction and super fast shipping!! ben
  12. Same here, no tv style hands, but no biggie since I have a few extra tv hands from other vf's Ben
  13. just received my 1/48 TV MAX!! just as described.. i cant believe you never even opened this, i was so excited that i opened it even before i left the post office,lol..and man if i had more money to spare i would more of your stuff!! thanks again!! ben
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