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  1. hate to sound like a broken record but.... HTOWN21.... once again, super smooth transaction, even better, shipping package was very secure and arrived faster than expected!! if i had more money , i would buy more of your stuff!!hehe thanks again!! ben
  2. Hi guys, well here is my small collection of Yamato Valks. I finally got a display cabinet that could fit some of them. I know, it's green, but at 40 bucks at Ikea, i just couldnt pass it up. It surprisingly doesnt look too bad with the valks colors. I'm thinking about getting another one for my other figures just cause they're so cheap, hopefully it will still be on sale next time i go. What better way to top off the "Yamato" valks display other than with a "Yamato" hehe ben
  3. From the album: Boomstik's Yamato collection

    What better way to top off the "Yamato" Macross display than with a "Yamato" hehe
  4. How much shipping for the virgin road to 90201? Which ever shipping method is cheaper I guess, no preference weather it's ups or USPS. I'm ready to buy with PayPal if the price is right, let me know. Thanks, Ben
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