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  1. I thought HG wasnt allowed to make any new material using the likeness of the original characters/macross stuff? Hence the reason for Rick Hunter looking nothing like he did in Shadow Chronicles vs the macross saga. I mean look at Roy, even with the eye patch, that's obviously Roy. ben
  2. I will watch it....because of Karen Mok. Haha Ben
  3. Since E.Y.E.S. of Mars was mentioned earlier in this topic, I'm guessing we can include animated sci-fi as well. so I'm just going to say it : Robotech Shadow Chronicles. I loved Robotech growing up, heck I'm still a fan of the Robotech versions of Macross and Mospeada. But man, storywise, Shadow Chronicles just seemed to drag on, I must have dozed off atleast 5 different times trying to watch the movie,and when i woke up it was finished and I'd have to start over again since I couldnt remember the parts I had seen, It was that forgettable. Eventually I was able to finish the movie. it didnt help that the CGI battle scenes were so terrible looking.As a fan I really wanted to like it, but no matter what, there was just nothing, no feeling of excitement, no anticipation of what comes next, just nothing. For the record I dont think EYES of Mars was that bad. ben
  4. I'm curious as to what this alternate episode 4 with solid snake sounds like? I have the US release VHS and manga dvds and as far I know its the same Isamu on all of them...Which Macross Plus DVD set is it on? Hd remastered?Japan only release? anyone have maybe a youtube clip or maybe something along those lines of it? Is it considered better or worse than the Manga release? ben
  5. hmmmm.....maybe this is where they got the line art for the design of the toy? in the opening space battle in dyrl? ben
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  7. Had a great time at the Con. got to meet alot of cool people and was even lucky enough to win a raffle prize!! First time I ever been to a Macross Convention, hopefully wont be the last. For me the Highlight was Mari's concert and autograph signing. Never knew she was so comedic, she just kept making everybody laugh! Thanks again to all the promoters and organizers of the event. I posted a few pics in the gallery section under conventions. ben
  8. Boomstik01


    Just some pics i took at the MacrossWorld Convention 2012 at Concept Cube.. pics are from iphone. enjoy!! ben
  9. Serious they just announced it. Guess they'll contact you soon. Ben
  10. oh man i didnt see this post until now.. i had just registered for my wife to go with me..i didnt know she was going to be able to get the day off that day until now. hopefully her pre registration can still go through. if not, how much is it for those at the door who couldnt pre register? ben
  11. Are we suppose to receive a confirmation e-mail after registering? I may have possibly registered twice cause i dont think i ever received an email when i originally registered and then I started second guessing myself if I ever registered at all in the first place.. ben
  12. thanks for the info! yeah the ebay prices a pretty steep, i found a local store thats selling for 95, i figure thats about the same as buying from importers+shipping plus i wouldnt have to wait for the item to arrive. still shopping around for the best price though thanks, ben
  13. are there any differences between these 2 besides the cover and disc art? the second one seems to have the LE box art but is being sold separately. can anyone please confirm if thats the only difference? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Macross-Do-You-Remember-Love-Hybrid-Pack-PS3-Blu-ray-Japan-Sealed-F-S-/170898157367?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27ca52ef37 http://www.ebay.com/itm/FS-New-Macross-Do-You-Remember-Love-Hybrid-Pack-PS3Blu-ray-Japan-Sealed-FREE-EMS-/261078622000?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc97f9f30 thnaks, ben
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