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  1. May i add VA-1SS Metal Siren - looks like a ninja :-) and quite unique in terms of body proportions.
  2. I would imagine you don't need to be checking for it until mid next year the earliest. Because in 2014 it's going to be a 30th anniversary for DYRL. Just make sure that you have saved funds for the 3 VE-1s and VT-1s you will be ordering due to the current withdrawal condition :-P
  3. It's not like they need to rush. Yamato for instance is not rushing that much with Macross 7 either and for the same reason. The people who will buy them will buy them whether they are released in 6 months or at the end of the year, or next year even. I am sure Bandai will pull some trick to steer customers away from Yamato's VF-4! Tamashii exclusive renewal VF-25G with Tornado Parts perhaps?
  4. Dimis

    Retail prices

    Yes, most people got a VF-25F renewal for a decent price, but if you were talking about VF-25S thinking in RRP terms goes out the window if you don't live in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore. Hopefully, VF-25G and RVF will be less popular.
  5. The total weight will probably be around 1.1 kg, Ordering from Japan, this will be something llike $25 for Airmail or $40 for EMS? Count yourself lucky. People in Europe pay more.. :-)
  6. I don't think there was anything to be addressed on the first issue. The VF-19 first issue had an issue with the ankles allegedly, that was addressed with the VF-19s. Also i've not seen HLJ put up a sold out on the VF-17s and VF-19s. So probably first issues?
  7. The v1 Ozma looks so funny. Kinda like a puppy you've dressed in an outfit for fun and it's terrified.. :-D
  8. I think it makes sense. The both got glowing reviews. The consumers are not dumb! mostly
  9. Where did you see the Blazer VF-19s for $200? I have been scanning, and scanning since December and found it nowhere for under $300, And i assume the first batch sold out completely if they re-issued it within three months. The VF-17s too. Also it seems illogical to put the Vf-17s on sale when the Vf-17d comes out, unless they re-issue either with some kind of decals added version? I have given up trying to second guess this industry when i paid 35000 YEN for the non-main (force attack) variant of Aquarion DX. :-)
  10. The thing is it seems unlikely that the Blazer VF-19s will be re-issued this year again, or before the other variants, don't you think? That was my reasoning so i also ordered it at full price too rather than pay any premiums later for it because it's the only variant i like.
  11. If you handle Yamato's VF-17s it feels so solid that you get the impression you'll have to be really rough with it to do any sort of damage. That's not the case with the VF-25 releases, or the YF-29 for that matter. I imagine it will not be the case with VF-171 either. If it were a bit floppy like Yamato's YF-19 and YF-21 i would have agreed with you that it is overpriced, but now i think it's worth it.
  12. I also just bought a VF-19s literally yesterday. When i saw this post i almost choked :-) But the re-issue of the VF-19 FIre Valkyrie has been discounted a lot. I wish i liked it.
  13. Well if you are going to do a social analysis, there's enough people who call too many to list morally reprehensible acts... enterpreneurial spirit. Buying numbers of a rare item you know someone else is looking for, just to make sure they don't find it and pay you for having produced nothing, or offered some sort of service- such as asking a proxy service to acquire a Tamashii exclusive and then hitting you with a premium-, just simply acting as a hindrance, is wrong. My opinion, and i'm simply posting it, i won't try to shove it down anyone's throat. I am not a communist either btw, on the contrary.
  14. Absolutely not. That's completely different and i specified "if they only want one out of the 3"! I too have ordered two M9 Gernsbacks from Alter Almecha, but that's because i want to keep one MISB.
  15. Although i love our fellow fans who live in the US, i do think it's mainly them who order the 3 and 4 valkyries at a time, due to TAX FREE importing. If you live in Europe (as i do) you need to pay what comes out at 25% on top of a total price. Therefore should i have to order from Yahoo auctions, as i have, i need to pay retail price, proxy service fee, shipping cost, and another 25% on all of this. You simply cannot afford to order 3 at a time! Of course the people who did order the 3 and 4 valkyries so as to secure one are so mentally unstable - as i see it, i mean it's a model of a mecha, it's not cans of food during war- that they cannot see anything wrong with any of it. If only Bandai made every MF DX release a Tamashii exclusive... :-) Problem solved!
  16. I really don't think you should worry. And definitely not panic, because that's what the greedy ******** pray for, to make you hand over the premium. Just compare the stock that has been made available through the various shops you can see in this forum to that of the two VF-25 renewals. No comparison.
  17. One of the few voices of reason in this post chain. I instead went down the middleman service, but still overpaying a bit. What i find really ironic is that the people who get upset for not getting these models at sale prices, are exactly the people who would buy more than one just to sell it on eBay. Otherwise if you just want to buy one for your collection, you still can...
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