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  1. That's reasonable because you could have been looking for this instead http://www.nippon-yasan.com/lang-en/figurines-autres/442-diecast-macross-dx-chogokin-macross-yf-29-super-parts-limited.html
  2. Well it was never reasonable anyway. You wouldn't expect to find them for less than $150, when someone in Japan who ordered directly from the Tamashii shop paid $100!
  3. Personally i think it looks a bit anaemic at this stage. The final product will no doubt look more vivid but i think the yellow details made it look more dynamic. The yellow was not the hue shown in the photos - almost all the photos i've seen distorted it to some degree.
  4. I voted YF-29 if we are comparing fighter modes only. But in battroid i prefer VF-25F with super parts. About gerwalk, YF-29's gerwalk can compete if you mess with the thrusters and the swivel lasers to give it a more "functional" backpack. SUch as:
  5. Considering the VF-1S Roy, VF-1S Hikaru, VF-1A CF in July, VF-19F and VF-17D in Autumn, and VF-4 later, if they reissue it, will they do it any sooner than next year? If you are not willing to wait it's better to get it now. Paying a small premium unless you pre-order is the ordinary anyway, you aren't the only one!
  6. Can anyone who's observed Yamato exclusive's announcements and pre-orders before guess when they may open them? Also do you know how long they last usually? Thanks,
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to smaller packaging once the VE-1 is reissued. This looks thicker than the Patlabors'!
  8. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Mine is a bit more unconventional. Which is why i was even considering Basara's.
  9. People in Greece pronounce Nike, like Bike indeed. I personally think Nikeee sounds cheap, as if its a knock-off brand of Nike. lol
  10. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Yes that's the perk for living in the country they are made. Add another £400 ($700) to the prices you mentioned As you may have to do if you order the Basara guitar! Could have been worse though. Imagine if it was a partnership with Caparison instead!
  11. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Funnily, i got a PRS custom last year and that is also the reason why another expensive guitar is out of the question. Those PRS are making everyone's life difficult apparently!
  12. V1 VF-25F is GE-42, and VF-25s is GE-43. Also their boxes are black while V2 are white.
  13. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    Thanks for clarifying. Since i saw the ESP make i've given up on acquiring one. Perhaps if it was their LTD series, but now it's going to add up to a ludicrous amount with shipping and taxes too.
  14. Dimis

    Nekki Basara Guitar

    I'm resurrecting this, cause since the poster says 20th anniversary, it means we have a good couple of years to talk about it until it is released.. :-P
  15. Guess it's fighter mode only for VF-25f with super parts for me. Although the side-skirts are the same off-white colour, so they kinda match.
  16. May i add VA-1SS Metal Siren - looks like a ninja :-) and quite unique in terms of body proportions.
  17. I would imagine you don't need to be checking for it until mid next year the earliest. Because in 2014 it's going to be a 30th anniversary for DYRL. Just make sure that you have saved funds for the 3 VE-1s and VT-1s you will be ordering due to the current withdrawal condition :-P
  18. It's not like they need to rush. Yamato for instance is not rushing that much with Macross 7 either and for the same reason. The people who will buy them will buy them whether they are released in 6 months or at the end of the year, or next year even. I am sure Bandai will pull some trick to steer customers away from Yamato's VF-4! Tamashii exclusive renewal VF-25G with Tornado Parts perhaps?
  19. Dimis

    Retail prices

    Yes, most people got a VF-25F renewal for a decent price, but if you were talking about VF-25S thinking in RRP terms goes out the window if you don't live in Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore. Hopefully, VF-25G and RVF will be less popular.
  20. The total weight will probably be around 1.1 kg, Ordering from Japan, this will be something llike $25 for Airmail or $40 for EMS? Count yourself lucky. People in Europe pay more.. :-)
  21. I don't think there was anything to be addressed on the first issue. The VF-19 first issue had an issue with the ankles allegedly, that was addressed with the VF-19s. Also i've not seen HLJ put up a sold out on the VF-17s and VF-19s. So probably first issues?
  22. The v1 Ozma looks so funny. Kinda like a puppy you've dressed in an outfit for fun and it's terrified.. :-D
  23. I think it makes sense. The both got glowing reviews. The consumers are not dumb! mostly
  24. Where did you see the Blazer VF-19s for $200? I have been scanning, and scanning since December and found it nowhere for under $300, And i assume the first batch sold out completely if they re-issued it within three months. The VF-17s too. Also it seems illogical to put the Vf-17s on sale when the Vf-17d comes out, unless they re-issue either with some kind of decals added version? I have given up trying to second guess this industry when i paid 35000 YEN for the non-main (force attack) variant of Aquarion DX. :-)
  25. The thing is it seems unlikely that the Blazer VF-19s will be re-issued this year again, or before the other variants, don't you think? That was my reasoning so i also ordered it at full price too rather than pay any premiums later for it because it's the only variant i like.
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