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  1. yeah!! it's gonna be gorgeous!! keep posting man!
  2. Are you going to do weathering on it? it definately would looks better:)
  3. How about the "Sundowners" scheme? VF-111 is cool!!
  4. Nice picture! Zentradi always stronger than U.N.SPACY..hehe!!
  5. Nice one! It represents your bravery & effort, no less!
  6. I'm going to make collection of Toma hawk(Olive) & VF-1J(mass production)soon..hehe! Currently i've got :1)1/60 VF-1S with super parts(Hikaru custom) TV ver. 2)1/60 VF-1A (mass production) Hope can get more in the future..
  7. There is something faulty with the Yamato...But I still prefer the DYRL strike parts by comparing to TV super.hehe!
  8. Hi OOGeass, Same here..i didn't get the decal and the instructions for the super parts but at the end i got it by requesting the decal from the toy shop.. And it came only with the manual for the valkryie itself..it's totally weird!!
  9. Hi mickyg, This is totally awesome! Very impressive! If I have this unpainted kit, i would go for "VF-111 Sundowners" paint scheme..
  10. nice weathering....looks real!
  11. caslon


    nice one! How wish that i have one of those custom made valkryies..
  12. just bought VF-1A mass production TV version..hehe!

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