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  1. hehe... yep, it isn't "official"~ I'm really impressed with Yamato these days... The hands are looking better with each subsequent release (my pet peeve with previous yamatos) and pretty much everything else in my list is being crossed out. I got one to add though. Prices. It's about the only thing really that makes it totally sweet and honestly it's something I don't think we can expect until a competitor comes into the picture. Anyway, good job Yamato. Bravo. P.S. Yamato, make the vf-0D... Please. That's my personal #1 on the list.
  2. The US aint so bad~ We save elsewhere (cars, authentic tech products, avg living expenses:avg income). evens out eventually.
  3. I'm in manufacturing... it's nothing to do with toys... but I deal with japanese stuff. I think as far as the prices go, dante's comment rings the most as far as initial price goes, with dealer inflation coming in with the obsessive demand that DnD talked about. Japanese goods to begin with, especially collectibles, are way overpriced. Is it just yamato? No, not by any means... but I only start to have a problem with them when they give us craptastic bullshizzle about them barely breaking even with this stuff. I find it funny... Very funny... especially because they make it all in China. They cut corners when they can (like any company will do) and they charge a killing for these things and still have QC issues with 99% percent of their first releases. A lot of people will be happier even if it all cost the same amount for the stuff we're getting these days, but for everything we do get to be POLISHED... It's really the only thing they need to step into the next level as a company. ----- DnD's point is a good one that would work, but on the flip side if everyone did it, maybe work too well and possibly trigger something in the light of what happened with Yamato back in the early part of this decade. News drought (silent treatment), and repaint after repaint... Basically, Yamato turning into the equivalent of a turtle hiding in it's shell and playing it safe. It takes balls to release a totally new sculpt and pre-orders and audible fan demand gives them the balls to do so. However, again, on the flip side, if we just kiss their ass with every release and brush off their QC issues with comments like "aww shucks yamato, It's okay, I'll just file that down and nail polish it in a jiffy", and yeah like DnD said, jump on every pre-order x 5, they'll just say "oops, hehe sorry dudes, just buy another one in the second batch ". It's a balance. We need both the cheerleaders and the pit bulls.
  4. All technically true but where else are we going to find comparable good macross toys to completely stop buying them? It's teetering over to be right in saying how much "we have to pay" rather than how much "we're willing to pay." Yamato needs some serious competition. Correction. We need yamato to have serious competition in the form of Bandai. It'll not only raise the quality of the toys, but drop their price down as well.
  5. Hehe. Yo. I go out of town a couple days for the holidays and poof!, a batty war with MW's very own Batty Bouncer went on without me~ Got to admit though, it's pretty damn hilarious reading it on the sidelines. Maximiria, you're entitled to your opinion and I totally agree that change only happens when people voice their opinions. It's the whole point of a toy section forum. Just make sure you dont take it personal when you're the only one bantering about it... sometimes you get more people behind you and it eventually gets to Graham and then maybe into the ears of Yamato, sometimes you're alone and it ends up no where and you're left licking your wounds from all the anti-battying beat down you get. To his credit though, Eugimon did approach you mildly, you just pissed him off with your rhetoric~ IMO, The yamato's yf-21 legs are skinny and the Dstance does capture the essence of the yf-21 battroid better than the yamato but yamato has the fighter mode down so good that I really stopped caring if the legs were a bit skinny. And thanks for the comparison pics guys... I used to love the D-stance but I'm happy I'll be getting something better with PT come early next year.
  6. this is freakin awesome.... Holy crap how did I not see this until the 11th page??? awesomeness!
  7. The hands look good. They actually look like beefy hands not like a friggin Terminator endoskeleton hands.
  8. Yamato is getting good at designing toy versions of macross valks. All they need to do is to test them before 1st release and clamp down on the QC problem in their Chinese factories.
  9. Right... I was just about to say myself... So far in my book yamato has yet to get newly released toy right the first time. It's kinda sad though... obviously they see it happen all the time... Make a few and test a couple before you release to the public. I'm sure the japanese & HK employees there working over time wont have an issue messing around with one an hour a day. Shoot, give graham a freelance gig and have him mess around with it. It really seems like yamato GUESSES it's QC all the time and releases a valk with it's fingers crossed. I personally wanted to have the option to have the limbs be removed with a detailed inside like the d-stance but I totally see where Eugimon is coming from though... This is frackin 100%-Sub-Par-QC-Yamato we're talking about here. The yf-19 had removable visors, but then had f-ed up landing gears and crooked gunpod attach points. So yea I agree, get the bloody basics right.
  10. I want bandai to do it on the condition it's a high quality, high end toy. Competition is almost always a good thing for us consumers. Hopefully they'll make a great toy that will force yamato to step up a bit on quality and find ways to bring prices down a bit. judging by current yamato trends, I see it the only way we'll see halt yamato's prices from continuing to go up. Bandai usually hits a lot more than it misses with it's current quality of their higher end products so I think it's really something to look forward to. If it happens...
  11. Nice observation. yea, looks like they make a triangle and fit underneath the top piece. Odd way of dealing with the feet. We'll see soon enough...
  12. Told ya so~ It's not a model but it was something else. I'll take the vf-11b in 1/60 please!
  13. I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet guys, Graham's statement can be misinterpreted... after all, he said that when people were asking if the detailed CAD pic were of the vf-11b coming up. He could be just saying it's not the cad of the new yamato 1/60 vf-11b but a 1/72 scale model of the vf-11b battroid. He also mentioned before that the 1/48 scale is done with for yamato.
  14. I think I'll be inclined to buy a couple of the vf-1's I love if a newer PT 1/60 came out. I think we'd have to go through the whole M+ M0 MF line before we see anything like that from Yamato again though...
  15. Thanks for the scans Graham, After seeing the pics now... I don't see a single thing wrong with it. The only thing that can mess it up is major shoddy QC. thumbs up
  16. I'm glad they made the changes in paint. Cant wait for mine~~~~
  17. Nani?!

    SV-51 CF!!!

    Right. Unfortunately they decided the bronze-ish "Brownie" CF vf-0 was a figment of our imagination and it was really shin's grey, just without the stripe~~
  18. I like the D-stance the best so far... but yeah the yamato is looking nice so far. It'll take some still hi-res images to get a better idea though **cough** need pics Graham **cough**
  19. Looks like the rear landing gears are coming out of the wing roots like we've hoped. The intake covers seem to be the snap on variety, while the head seems to be able to turn (a bit). Legs still look a bit slim, but if it allows for a more sleek fighter, Good trade. Looks great, colors are great. I hope the QC stuff is ironed out. I'll be buying two. thanks for the video guys.
  20. Nice, Looks very promising. Now if only we can have some of them proto pics
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