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    Macross Revoltech

    hahahaha Can the GNU hold that cross legged pose??
  2. yea, I'm with you. I NEED the VF-0D And the reactive armor I want as well as long as they can make it nice and thin, unlike the 1/48 sumo suit.
  3. I love, LOVE, that they finally got the kite tampoed. Looks like I finally can cross off "tampo all important markings" off my yamato to do list. Hand size looks great too, as well as the inclusion of fixed posed hands. With the upgrade we've been begging for, along with the pleasant new bonuses, this is the vf-1 series TO GET for me. I left something out in the things I can ask for list I mentioned above and yes indeed, - SIDE COVERS. With the level of detail they got going so far, it almost degrades the beautiful battroid mode which, otherwise would be perfect. This shouldn't be included with a future GBP set which if they do, would only seem like it'd be a business decision to include an added incentive to purchase that set. Slick, but unnecessary. I'd still get this regardless, no doubt... but I hope they take the road that will give them massive kudos by their fans. The GBP will sell itself if it's sleek and beautiful like its model counterpart.
  4. Yamato is really impressing me with this line. Very well done. They seem to have put a lot into this new line to make one last run with the vf-1's and by golly, they got my money. I'm glad I either held off or sold most of my 1/48's. The skull squadron + my low vis is sufficient. With this line, I'm planning to reclaim the all-inclusive collection I once had with the original 1/60 line. The only thing I can possibly hope for with this is that: - it's QC'ed to the max, - the GBP doesn't look sumo like the 1/48, - dual seaters that have a nice extended canopy. - includes stands?? perhaps I'm pushing my luck. Lookin Good.
  5. this is the type of thing I want to see. really shows off what this new vf-1 brings to the table and for me, justifies the purchase of yet another vf-1. Thanks for the link. Lovin it.
  6. Lookin good~~ definitely on my list.
  7. You know, you should really add the following to that list: - Take better pictures with better poses. If they want to pry away revoltech customers who are already leaning towards the revy's simply because of series continuity, they have to market these a lot better. I'm ordering both sets next week and I'm going to pose the hell out of them... we'll see what these can do. BTW Graham, thanks for the update on your dialogue with yamato. It's good to know feedback is getting where they need to be.
  8. Better poses. A lot better. Thanks for the pics physio. Though I'm still firm behind my opinion that revoltech still has the upper hand in terms of fluid poseability, the advantage margin in build quality the GN-U's have over the revoltechs seems to be even greater. Yamato seems to have the advantage for upcoming releases... the changes they have to make are far easier (add accesories and a stand, upgrade poseability and joint clearance) and hence I can see myself collecting these. I stand corrected. As a huge fan of M+ I will now be getting both sets. Thanks to Graham and Physio for the pics.
  9. Like I said a few pages back, I really want to like the GNU.. The ability to capture dynamic poses is what smaller non transformable toys like this usually thrive on. To me, IMO, it's priority #1. If sculpt and good material is reason enough for another person to go for these, then the choice is simple. The accuracy of the sculpt was never questioned on my part. Yamato should have learned from their success with the sv-51 and yf-21. Also, accessories/ stand would have definitely sweatened the deal. If they want to charge more, a good array of accessories is a great way to ease people in and get heaps of kudos. Edit: Updated my sig, btw.
  10. yep, I saw that pic. Are the open hands identical for both hands? They both look like hands that support the barrel of the gunpod. It would have been cool if one of those hands were completely open or pointing... I think what I look for in the nature of a toy like this is simple. The ability to replicate memorable dynamic moments in the anime... Not (necessarily) a replica. If it can do both, great. But the former has to be there. IMO, and just IMO, the revoltechs nail the dynamics of those poses... they nail the inertia of a punch, the speed of flight. The GNU's (from the pictures I've seen so far) look slightly "rigid" (for lack of a better word). It's not necessarily range of motion either... To Yamato's credit, it's their freshman effort... Kaiyodo's been making things way back with NGE Eva's The GNU's make a great battroid replica... But I already got a bigger, transforming one.
  11. Thanks for the comparison pics Graham. From the pics you posted I can clearly see why they cost more. The quality of the material is definitely better. Given that this is yamato's freshman effort at a toy like this I really give it kudos. However, I hope they realize the nature of these toys. Accessories are a must. Stands are a must. Multiple variations of hands are a must. Memorable poses are a must. A gunpod as the only accessory? A habit that dies hard for yamato... I rather have them a little smaller and with the small savings that come from that, include more stuff.
  12. Nani?!

    Macross Revoltech

    Nice. Thanks for the links to the pics cf18.
  13. The day toynami gets their hands on the frontier is the day I quit my valk addiction. BRRrrrrlaaaaah...God... the horror.
  14. The cockpit coating is nice indeed. I just hope the production version isn't prone to paint chipping like that. Bah... I guess I have buy another skull squadron.
  15. Nani?!

    Graham's Sig

    Right... come to think of it I spend more on yamato's products than I do in any other hobby or form of entertainment. Anyway, the sig can point to anyone in any thread. I guess everyone who's nagged about anything yamato recently is saying "who, me?" I think it's likely that he's pointing to someone in the GNU thread (who, me? ) because the comments in majority are either negative or indifferent and in favor of the revoltechs. Graham seems particularly adamant about the GNU's superiority over the revoltechs. To each his own~
  16. Nani?!

    Graham's Sig

    Did you bash the GNU's? Looks like you didn't. Then don't worry, it's not you~
  17. Thanks for the pics Graham~ Great effort on Graham's part to push these and I've been really trying hard, hard, hard to like them... I really have, but... sigh~~ I'erno.... For all the hoopla with the skeleton and all, the GNU's poseability is in line with their transforming big brothers... and although the proportions are more technically "accurate", for a toy like this, accuracy is measured not technically but by their ability to capture the moments of "cool~" that we all remember watching... and not to say that yamato has to do exactly what Kaiyodo did... but at least have some sort of unique desireable...... something~~ From what I see, they're in some lukewarm place between the 1/60's and the revoltechs... No identity...
  18. I jumped ship and ordered one as soon as Graham & co gave the qc free thumbs up~ Cant friggin wait!
  19. thanks for the pics swoosh! Looks beautiful. The yf-19's battroid looks better while the yf-21's fighter is killer.
  20. Looking at those last two pics, it looks a bit too smokey... Meh...
  21. This is a transforming toy we're paying $200 + dollars for. I understand that people have a favorite mode but at that price, it better be functional and tight on all modes. If I just wanted fighter-mode, I'll make me a friggin model for less than 40 bucks. Fortunately, I keep my valks in display 98% of the time, so I'm reminded less of the fact that the yf-19 doesnt lock in place in Battroid but if I handled it at all... It'd bug the crap out of me. So yea, I definitely understand those who feel miffed... It's also telling when of all people, "Fighter-mode-man" Dave is frustrated with it... But in the same light as what eugimon said... It wouldn't be a yamato if it didnt have a couple "Duh!" retardations. Thankfully, the retardations are getting milder and milder.
  22. yea, I know but it has the foldildo. I'd rather have the clear stand instead.
  23. They need to rerelease the yf-19 like they're doing with the yf-21. Including: -Fixes to it's original problems. -Fast packs. -Clear stand. I'm drooling at the 21 pics and my yf-19 is just standing there saying, "why the heck did I not come with fast packs and a clear stand?"
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