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  1. Nice, big thanks to EXO for sharing the pics! As far as the color, it being just a CAD rendering being one thing, it's also whole a other thing to get colors right on printed marketing material. If the new arcadia valks are anything to go by, it seems the last thing to worry about is their willingness to listen to fan feedback on color. Super excited. Can't wait for the 0S and 0A!
  2. Yep definitely sounds douchey I like the 25S head better, and having recently purchased both the 25f and the 29 isamu, the 25 just looks more believable as a fighter. They need to reissue the 25s NOW.
  3. I was in the nether realms and skipped this whole preorder "madness." What are the advantages of getting it at pre-order vs regular release? Why stay up to order something coming out 3 months from now?
  4. This is kind of what I mean by hoping everything stays together. It's nice that the wings can pivot to be swept back but if it's a froppy pain in the a$$ to keep at the right angle, then thumbs down. Hopefully this isn't the case.
  5. Looks epic so far. IMHO, I don't mind the grey markings being left out. IIRC, it never visible on the anime and I always thought it was somewhat out of place in fighter mode. I just hope the valk stays together in all modes securely. My biggest gripe with the Yamato yf-19 is that it didn't stay together in gerwalk and battroid mode securely when you picked it up.
  6. Nice pic vf5ss! That about confirms it for me.
  7. Just to clarify, I definitely think the vf-0D is the best guess based on the lineart fitting like a glove in what is visible. I'm not really looking to debunk anything, but to keep it interesting and far and away from price guesses. i would love love love a vf-0D. but what if it isn't? There are a couple things that throws that hypothesis off for me a bit. 1) IF it is the vf-0D, why is single missile mounted so far out, almost ON the pivot point of the upward tilting tip of the wing? The lineart contradicts this... 2) Why start the Mzero series of valks with the 0D? IF the same method/reasoning, that non-hero valks are better to launch first is followed, then they would have started the macross plus line with the vf-11b and the vf-1D for the original series. Well... we all know that ONLY hero valks are out so far for each respective series. 3) Also, as a business trying to make a splash and trying to create a firm footing financially, the smart thing to do is to pick the low hanging fruit. The yamato vf-0s/a were almost perfect as far as accuracy goes... and with a few tweaks you can really make some money off of it... why skip that and instead go for something that has been notoriously discussed here as a difficult valk to produce/ get right? I think for the most part, a 2015 launch window gives arcadia enough time to announce this now and still make arguments 2-3 null, by relaunching the vf-0a/s with tweaked yamato molds, while also drumming up anticipation for the vf-0D. That would really kick some a$$ huh?
  8. Does anyone else have doubts that this is in fact a vf-0D? I definitely think it's a zero... But logistically and financially a vf-0D just doesn't make sense for arcadia to launch first. Not only that, the forward canards should be visible even blurred to some degree but there's nothing. Also i don't think the delta wing is certain. Could be the wings swept back a bit.
  9. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's not a labor of love. I would probably attribute it more to a lack of experience/exclusive focus with macross. Yamato's earlier creations lacked details as well. Having created 3D objects myself, trust me, it's a labor of love.
  10. PFFF, for $1075 that crap better be made from aircraft grade aluminium with laser etched UN Spacy markings. Eff waterslide decals. hahaha. I see a safety/fire selector above the trigger. Maybe it does shoot nerf projectiles. Again for that price though, that sh*t better be a 3D printing Valk pen.
  11. Lol, definitely buy it for a dollar. Seriously though, how many pages of price guessing are we going to do? Even more hilarious is that some dudes here are actually using it as an opportunity to measure d*cks.
  12. Lol.Funny as hell, but I think he means the real world counterparts not tacky after market window tinting. As far as my two cents on the darker tint making the toy look more like a toy... I'm not so sure. I think it was more consistent as far as their design direction goes with the darker tint. The colors they've initially chosen is what the anime depicted most of the time. The canopy was dark most of the time on screen. The feet looked blue, most of the time... The gunpowder did look a bit FDE/OD. Now with the body color tweaks and the canopy tint tweak, I'm worried that it's neither here or there in terms of visual consistency. It's a hybrid between anime accuracy and lineart accuracy... Hopefully the mix works, but I'm going to reserve judgement of whether or not the lighter tint indeed makes it better. EDIT: formatting
  13. Number 1 wish? Change the company name back to Yamato and get rid of that gaud awful gold logo. The whole branding reminds me of a bad video arcade title.
  14. True, but price gouging due to limited quantity existed then just as much. In general, prices, both retail and scalper prices are higher. I do, however see that the quality and accuracy of these toys have increased proportionately to the prices. So much so, that I've awaken out of my valk hibernation because of it. At least now the prices will aid me in fighting the impulse to buy every repaint they churn out.
  15. I know right, WtF? I got to admit, it's hot though. I think if I don't hear about an impending 25s reissue come May I just might get this... Miss the days when these things cost low enough to just buy multiples of both.
  16. This is the type of picture that makes me want to start a collection all over again..
  17. I've been away for a while and WOW... They actually did the GBP justice with this.... Awesome. Too bad I'm saving up for my AR-15.
  18. why is all defence of yamato a strike at bandai? bandai are greedy too, no doubt. but how bout we argue for yamato with stuff about yamato.
  19. "blood, sweat and tears?" Almost sounds as if yamato hand carved each valk out with their own bare hands. Anyway, look... the question wasn't whether if yamato has the right to ask top dollar for their creations... which certainly they do and they have. The question is that is it greedy practice to gauge top dollar from your "crazy" fans in a niche market, with virtually no competition? The simple answer to that is.... YES, it is. But then again, what company isn't greedy? ~shrugs~
  20. GREAT NEWS. Nice. Thanks Graham. Just ordered mine.
  21. interesting~ I'm definitely hoping it just takes a little bit of playing around with. If Graham can confirm it staying up, this baby's mine next paycheck.
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