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  1. One for bouncing boy77 Quick payment and great communication. Thanks!
  2. Taking best offers for SV-51r's and Gundams. PM me
  3. Anyone have an extra 1/60 vf-11b lying around? Like new or new preferably without any issues and includes box & all the stuff that came with it. I'll buy or trade Nora or Ivanov SV-51r with extra stuff... Pm me.
  4. Guys the sv-51's and the gundams are still left. Any takers?
  5. Yes sir~ I'll have that for you once I return.
  6. I chickened out and decided to keep my Macross Plus stuff..... That series got me into Macross. Can't do it. Can you blame me?
  7. Thanks for the fast payments guys. I'm reciprocating and sending the 4 finalized sales today (in about 30 minutes). I'll pm you the details later this afternoon.
  8. Thanks for the interest guys! I will try to keep up with the pm's as fast as I can. People waiting on purchases to fall through, check back next morning as that is the deadline I'm setting for the first comers.
  9. This is the type of picture that makes me want to start a collection all over again..
  10. Wsup? Thanks for looking. I am selling all the stuff I consolidated down to to focus on another hobby, music. I'm on the SS list several times over. All prices include standard ground shipping to the 48 continental states via ups ground or USPS. - Anywhere else in the world shoot me a PM. - Different shipping options are available (ie, specific packaging instructions & express mail). Subject to price adjustment. - Paypal only. Please add 5% Paypal fee. - Local pickup is also an option if you live near Raleigh, NC. Cash accepted with this option. MIB Never Transformed or Displayed 1/60 SV-51r Ivanov: $ 160 Pending Payment 1/60 SV-51r Nora: $ 160 or $300 for both!
  11. I've been away for a while and WOW... They actually did the GBP justice with this.... Awesome. Too bad I'm saving up for my AR-15.
  12. why is all defence of yamato a strike at bandai? bandai are greedy too, no doubt. but how bout we argue for yamato with stuff about yamato.
  13. "blood, sweat and tears?" Almost sounds as if yamato hand carved each valk out with their own bare hands. Anyway, look... the question wasn't whether if yamato has the right to ask top dollar for their creations... which certainly they do and they have. The question is that is it greedy practice to gauge top dollar from your "crazy" fans in a niche market, with virtually no competition? The simple answer to that is.... YES, it is. But then again, what company isn't greedy? ~shrugs~
  14. GREAT NEWS. Nice. Thanks Graham. Just ordered mine.
  15. interesting~ I'm definitely hoping it just takes a little bit of playing around with. If Graham can confirm it staying up, this baby's mine next paycheck.
  16. Thanks for the video Graham! The toy looks absolutely awesome. Yamato really is getting the art of making valks down to a T. It's too bad that they dont spend enough time on QC. It's kinda mind numbing when you think about the things they do slip on. After touting the ingenious way they got the heatshield to work on close ups and stuff, you'd think and expect that they'd make sure it was free of issues. I tip my hat off to the folks willing to plop down $200 bucks knowing you'll get vf-11b "cyclops edition". I want mine with both lids closed.
  17. "Panic" Why is it panicking when each person who considers a floppy eyelid-like heat shield a deal breaker, states that it is? $200 for a bloody toy in the middle of a recession is a big damn deal... I want one without the cyclops syndrome, please. Hopefully, maybe it's just that Graham and Alex need a little more time to pay around with it... EDIT: that pic up there is effin awesome... if the heatsheild turns out okay, I'm on it.
  18. I really wanted to get this on the first run but a heat shield that cant stay shut pretty much making battroid retarded looking is a big issue in my book. I'm sure graham played around with it to keep it up and for him to resort to addressing it with yamato isn't giving me any confidence either. I'll take a v2.1
  19. Every new pic of it makes it even more enticing. Awesome. Is there still a chance this thing might ship with a stand? The price doesn't make sense if they dont. It's also not like the stand will cost them much either... the mold is already there. *if this changed in the last month I've been away, sorry*
  20. I'm loving the vf-11b. Small feet, small hands, small rear fins yea... but I love it!
  21. yup~ The feet kinda looks like the vf-27's or the sv-51's only without the third toe. I would have even been okay with the size if they scrapped the toe articulation and put less of an extreme arch on bottom of the front half of the foot. Not a deal killer.... but definitely a bummer that simple stuff like failing to improve on the tail fin size, making the feet look awkward, and the why they decided to revert back to the chicken hands mar what IMO, could have been the most ALL AROUND anime accurate valk of the new 1/60 Mac plus line. If it's already in the colored prototype stage like this, I'm afraid the only changes possible at this point is color... which... is pretty spot on.
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