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  1. Fully transforming kits are definitely out of the question, that's way too fancy for Fujimi. Speculation on Japanese twitter so far has been: 1/700 Prometheus and Daedalus Ozma's and Mylene's cars They've recolored some of their nature kits into Evangelion colors as seen above, so if they're lazy they might do that for Macross. If they're not lazy some are hoping for Vajra kits
  2. Fujimi, another one of Japan's long time plastic model companies is joining Macross Modelers members Hasegawa, Wave, Aoshima, Bandai and Max Factory. Exactly what they're doing will be revealed on a webcast on 25th of April. While Fujimi has made all sorts of military and civilian models in the past I feel like they're most famous for their ship models....so are we going to get some very high detailed Macross ships with a disgusting amount of photoetch? Time to speculate!
  3. Welp, and here we see exactly why Valk proportions do no work for a Battroid
  4. Given the Macross Modelers initiative I'd say the coexistance isn't awkward at all but is actively coordinated. Hell, even Fujimi just joined so who knows what they will make from the franchise?
  5. While I agree for the most part, I do think occasional accommodations need to be made if there were artifacts of a specific process. Look at it similar to the Star Trek TNG remaster. Originally it was a combination of beautiful film footage with old low-ish resolution 3DCG that was edited together on video and the final master was SD. To do the remaster properly they had to re-render all the 3DCG at HD resolution and re-edit it back together with freshly scanned high-res film footage. Lot of extra effort but absolutely worth it for the final product being as good as it can be in the modern day vs the day it originally came out. Maybe for DYRL's 50th anniversary they'll see the benefit of doing an in-depth remaster going back to all the best original film elements, if those are still around. Once can only hope.
  6. YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! I can sell off my extra YF-19 valk kits that were meant to be bases for converstions to battroid! Now....now just announce the VF-19kai valk kit....
  7. You'll notice that the extra grainy and soft scenes are almost always the ones with the Japanese subtitles for the Zentradi speakers. That's because those were optically composited the same way OP/ED credits would be back in the day. You're taking the animation film (yes the film, not the cels), stacking it with the text film and then photographing that to get the final image. This is inherently a lossy process and if done quickly can look sloppy. For a truly great DYRL remaster they would have to dig out the original negatives for just the animation for all those scenes, but given how quickly the production went and that we've never actually seen those scenes unsubbed I'm not sure those negatives are still around. That and it's just easier to run a complete reel or two of the "final" thing instead of digging out potentially hundreds of individual scenes and then having to re-edit the whole thing together again.
  8. Macross Modelers webcast didn't exist when these kits first came out 😛
  9. I'm honestly quite amazed that they're doing completely new bodies for each, limbs included because the size difference is significant and they thought it worthwhile.
  10. Someone else seems to have been slowly whittling away at making the existing kit into a 1/20 Battroid.
  11. No new Macross kits for May, all we're getting is a reissue of 1/48 VF-1S/A Strike/Super Skull Squadron http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/mc03/
  12. Those are 100% old Wave resin kits. Specifically this is the Wave ad from the December 1995 issue of Hobby Japan, page 186. This is why archiving old print media is important :V You are unlikely to see announcement with fully finished product photos in black and white in modern days.
  13. Someone definitely trying to get Hasegawa to spite announce a 1/48 YF-21
  14. Only reason I have five VF-31 VFG is because I wanted to make them into Walkure! But things got in the way and now I can just buy the ready made Walkure and probably get rid of the four unbuild vanilla VFGs.
  15. 2025 onward - buying the full set in bulk for half the price when some poor bastard who pre-ordered them all suddenly needs immediate cash. 😛
  16. Traditionally animated robots are inherently rubbery and no amount of fanwank is ever going to make them completely physically consistent. And that's perfectly fine! Honestly that's more than fine! Old Battroid look amazing because they had their own appeal designed into every mode! Meanwhile the 3DCG era designs trying to perfectly physically consistently unwrap a beautiful fighter and end up with a skinny, boring and ugly Battroid with no appeal of its own.
  17. Really glad Reina's hacking skulls are there
  18. All the PLAMAX Battroids looks straight up amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and I'm so glad we have companies stepping in to pick up Bandai dropping the ball
  19. Preview of WF display, looks like we have a VF-1D battroid coming
  20. No new kit announcements for April, but we are getting a few rereleases: 1/48 DYRL VF-1S/A http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65792/ 1/72 VT-1 http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/7/ 1/72 YF-19 http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/9-2/
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