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  1. No new Macross kit announced for September but we do get a re-release of 1/72 missile sets and VF-0 Battroid
  2. Couriers care more about volume than weight. By the time you get to a box that's like 30x30x40cm you can pack like 15kg in there and the price will be the same as it if was 3kg. The solution is 10 extra kg of photoetch, files, drill bits, chisels and maybe a dozen magazine issues or so.
  3. Indeed. Unfortunately HLJ doesn't get to tell Japan Post what to do. Until Canada's status changes on this page we're stuck with scalping couriers: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html
  4. Ok this is legit a much better way to attach the tail fins and make sure they're both secure and aligned properly. Couple dozen breakdown pics on one of the Max Factory staff accounts, too many to embed: There's also a bit of a Q&A: They are also recommending glue/cement since apparently a lot of this is for alignment: It will come with stickers, not waterslides: Q&A rounded out with a "No comment" stance on further VF-1 or other VF kits coming in the future.
  5. Livestream has a look at the runners and parts breakdown
  6. Just out of frame of the monster we have Makina VFG. Back when the original VFG came out I ended up buying 5 so that I can do custom Walkure figures for all of them but I sat on my ass and now it's a pointless project it seems.
  7. Eh, not really sure how explosive the joints are gonna be at that scale but at least this should serve as a starting point for fixing the post and then puttying over the joints.
  8. Quite soft looking on the detail but I guess that's to be expecting if people want to emulate Bandai
  9. The April 1st announcement covers what will be shown at Shizuoka. Similarly to the way the double month announcement in August/September pre-announces stuff that will be shown at All Japan Hobby Show in late September.
  10. Well, got my hands on the Fire Valk and Sound Booster. Just Blazer Valk left but I'm done shopping for the time being
  11. So I came across this through youtube recommendations and it's still very much available and awesome.
  12. Going through some older Model Graphix and found this in issue #222
  13. Or in less than 48 hours? Hasegawa tweeted out that they're back to the usual thing of announcing June and July releases together to pre-empt Shizuoka Hobby Show. Announcement will be April 1st at 13:00 JST
  14. Side by side: Comparison to the old Imai/Bandai pod size And seems the knee joint is indeed just four polycaps
  15. Ok now I'm legitimately tempted to build the chamber behind the nozzle and paint it with one of those paints that Anish Kapoor is not allowed to have On a less silly note it would probably have some kind of structure to the fuel grain, right? I don't know too much about hybrid rockets but aren't they usually on the longer side as far as aspect ratio of diameter vs length does? With how the Super packs's dimensions are the room for the combustion chamber is kinda wide and stubby, plus a pretty large throat and I assume that's not idea because it seems like it would let just oxidizer spill without fully interacting with the fuel grain? Maybe there is a need for a more elaborate injection structure after all.
  16. Does it also give any more detail as to the structure inside the super pack engines? It's quite a revelation that those are hybrid and not liquid rockets. Ever since I got the PLAMAX Gerwalk I've been struggling to figure out what to put inside the two big nozzles because I hate the stock ones but not a single piece of DYRL lineart gives ANY detail for what's inside the nozzles besides a black void. I've been on and off hunting for the perfect greeblies to use as an injector plate deep past the throat but now that assumption is out the window.
  17. Ended up using scans of two slightly busted boxes to cobble together clean pic. Hopefully I can get my hands on the Fire and Blazer valks eventually too.
  18. April announcements: Max & Milia VF-1 Eggplanes!!! http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65876/ Meanwhile Armored Battroid is already scheduled for another run, along with 1/48 weapons set and 1/72 stands
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