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  1. Yeah, NY shipping notification received..... I suspect this is going to be an amazing release, it will be interesting to read/watch the reviews as they pop up.
  2. Not that you need any PR Yeti, but seriously you run a tight ship. Thanks for ALL your help - and organising to ship out the stands so fast!
  3. Hey Yeti, Just wanted to say thanks for the CNY offer, I decided to bite the bulet and get a few stands. Now to work out the new display.....
  4. Thanks Yeti, I'm yet to pull the trigger on a set of stands....I'm not sure where to start. I think I will read the the last few pages again.
  5. That new adaptor really brings the 1/48 GBP to life, awesome work Yeti. Do you think it will be safe for the long run? I know those back back hinges are a little on the weak side.
  6. Do you know that TV show - American pickers, kind of makes you wonder if in fifty years your long lost VALKS will pop up as an antique that are worth a fortune......
  7. A little late to the party....I just preordered from Lunar. evilcat005 - thanks for all the information, your posts pretty much convinced me to jump on board.
  8. Hey Yeti, I was away for the weekend....BANG, they are all gone! No stress, I will grab 5 from the 2nd run.....hopefully it's not too far away. Thanks for making these amazing stands, the effort you are going to is EPIC.
  9. Hey Murphy, I think that looks great. The color looks pretty well spot on, and matches the regular parts so much better.
  10. Looks amazing Yeti! I have had a few 1/72 scale stands for die cast aircraft with a similar tolerance level. As in once it's together it's damn near impossible to separate. Had you reconsidered the international shipping?
  11. About two years ago I reached a point where I could no longer fit any more VALKS into my display cabinet. I do try to move things around, but these days a newbie arrives - I always open it, transform at least twice and leave it looking towards the cabinet for a few days.... I call it "display envy".
  12. I will bump up the tally - 5, for Australia!!
  13. I'm not sure if it has been asked already, but do those feet/nozzles look like they have a ball joint? I'm wondering if Arcadia are using a similar system to the YF-19..... The current "0" line pulls out, and has a few degrees of left to right motion but that latest Gerwalk picture leads me to believe that there is a higher range of movement. Could be wrong, just curious to see what the experts think.
  14. Colour aside, I think it looks really good. This thing is going to eat up display space!
  15. VF-1D looks great in those shots, is that a Hellcat in the back ground?
  16. Damn, really wish I had ordered the 25F & 25G tornado parts separately. I need to wait until the 25G parts arrive before NY will ship them out......
  17. I know everyone outside of Japan is out of luck with the triangle situation on the canon fodder release. I was wondering about Macross collectors in Japan, have they been able to return their faulty copies? I guess retailers would offer exchanges or refunds in Japan, but is it common knowledge that the problem is widespread. Has anyone on MW heard anything about Bandai taking responsibility for their product, or recognising the problem. I get that I'm out of luck here in Australia, but I was just curious to see if the problem had been acknowledged in Japan. At the very least it would make me feel a whole lot better about the upcoming Luca release...
  18. It's when Hikaru is on his first mission and boards the Zentran ship. From memory he was blown out of a hatch shortly after confronting a Zentran solider.....but I could be wrong
  19. A little late to the party.... Received my two copies and "broke the seal" yesterday. Really loving the colours, both of my copies have a small scratch on the right wing where it slides into the fuselage, it's right through the orange into the white of the plastic. Both have awkward fitting front landing gear doors, they refuse to sit flush in fighter (not a problem in battroid). There's a little paint slop here and there, but overall they are nice pieces to add to the collection.
  20. Thanks for the advice, just used a sharp blade and carefully scratched off the excess glue.
  21. I'm really happy with this VALK it looks really aggressive, in a soviet SU-47 kind of way... Had a few small glue marks, most noticeable on the seam of the rear cannon (left side). It's like a small dot 1.5mm across but doesn't wipe off, it's crusty like a cement that has hardened. I will try to break it down with acetone, any suggestions?
  22. Have broken my recent trend and preordered just one.....I think I'm reaching critical mass with my VALK collection!
  23. I posted about a week ago about receiving an answer on my two 29's. I had a "prep in progress" around 4 days ago and JUST received the shipping notice and details today. I'm sure they will get to you, but sending off another ticket wouldn't hurt!
  24. I kind of like it, I have the Yamato but I bought it because I'm a collector - not because I love it. The gold metallic, that's pure hot rod - which is cool. Based on the extras and the colour change it's enough of a difference for me to buy this. Wonder what the price will be.....
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