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  1. Yeah, NY shipping notification received..... I suspect this is going to be an amazing release, it will be interesting to read/watch the reviews as they pop up.
  2. Not that you need any PR Yeti, but seriously you run a tight ship. Thanks for ALL your help - and organising to ship out the stands so fast!
  3. Hey Yeti, Just wanted to say thanks for the CNY offer, I decided to bite the bulet and get a few stands. Now to work out the new display.....
  4. Thanks Yeti, I'm yet to pull the trigger on a set of stands....I'm not sure where to start. I think I will read the the last few pages again.
  5. That new adaptor really brings the 1/48 GBP to life, awesome work Yeti. Do you think it will be safe for the long run? I know those back back hinges are a little on the weak side.
  6. Do you know that TV show - American pickers, kind of makes you wonder if in fifty years your long lost VALKS will pop up as an antique that are worth a fortune......
  7. A little late to the party....I just preordered from Lunar. evilcat005 - thanks for all the information, your posts pretty much convinced me to jump on board.
  8. Hey Yeti, I was away for the weekend....BANG, they are all gone! No stress, I will grab 5 from the 2nd run.....hopefully it's not too far away. Thanks for making these amazing stands, the effort you are going to is EPIC.
  9. Hey Murphy, I think that looks great. The color looks pretty well spot on, and matches the regular parts so much better.
  10. Looks amazing Yeti! I have had a few 1/72 scale stands for die cast aircraft with a similar tolerance level. As in once it's together it's damn near impossible to separate. Had you reconsidered the international shipping?
  11. About two years ago I reached a point where I could no longer fit any more VALKS into my display cabinet. I do try to move things around, but these days a newbie arrives - I always open it, transform at least twice and leave it looking towards the cabinet for a few days.... I call it "display envy".
  12. I will bump up the tally - 5, for Australia!!
  13. I'm not sure if it has been asked already, but do those feet/nozzles look like they have a ball joint? I'm wondering if Arcadia are using a similar system to the YF-19..... The current "0" line pulls out, and has a few degrees of left to right motion but that latest Gerwalk picture leads me to believe that there is a higher range of movement. Could be wrong, just curious to see what the experts think.
  14. Colour aside, I think it looks really good. This thing is going to eat up display space!
  15. VF-1D looks great in those shots, is that a Hellcat in the back ground?
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