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  1. Just checked and Discs 5, 8 and 9 from my 3 disc mini sets are cracked. . I thought I treated these wit h kid gloves...damn. Disc 9 seems to be a problem for a lot of people...
  2. Interesting. More impressive proportion of sales than I would have thought but a lot of posters on here seem to have the attitude that it's a much greater proportion attributed only to MacrossWorlders and/or foreign (non-Japanese) fans.
  3. I have a problem with you saying 'this is where the money is'. The Japanese market is a lot more significant than the total sales to members of MacrossWorld. Just because a few people on here spend their whole paychecks on whole squadrons of 1/48s doesn't mean that Yamato sell more to them than to all the hobby shops and Toys R Us in Japan. Japan is a country of over 120 million people with a very high level of disposable income. Japan is also the home of obsession. If you think you spend a lot of money on your hobby I can introduce you to a bunch of Japanese friends I have who spend much more. Or like a guy I saw on Japanese TV who swapped one of Nomo's original Dodgers jerseys (valued at around US$30,000, according to the TV show) for a front row ticket to a Morning Musume concert because his 'hobby' is Morning Musume. I'm not surprised that Yamato doesn't give a crap about the whinings of a bunch of mostly American fans on here and probably why they don't bother feeding Graham insider info anymore. Its not worth it for them. Get over it, Yamato don't care that you exist. A lot of people on this board act a little too self important and act as if Yamato is making Valks just for us MacrossWorlders...Just a gripe I've had for a while that's been building up. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  4. Ebay sent me an email notifying TwoPieceNarrow had been deregistered but luckily got my M0 1-5 a week ago from him now. My FX DYRL? and M7 work fine on my PS2 (chipped). From what I've been hearing on MW glad I didn't pick up the FX M0.
  5. Hayase has a great link there. Lots of nice Squadron markings/regalia. Really interesting. Some of them are just wierd like the Monster 'My Baby' marking - a sign of the early '80s Japanese "Lolicom boom" as documented in Otaku no Video???
  6. Ewillen - Thanks for the links! I should always do a search first!
  7. Skull00

    What scale Destroids?

    It would be cool (& price effective) if they did the destroids (1/60 or 1/48) like Takataka??/Bandai?? did in the '80s as a variable set with a universal body or two and attachments for all the humanoid destroids.
  8. Hey you can see Mari IIjima and Mika Doi's name on two of the Phalanxs destriods. Yeah I own the TV box set but never noticed that before. Even though it doesn't have the Orgroid in it that screen grab is so interesting. All the graffitti the animators put in. I wonder if the girls face on the Phalanx closest to the screen is supposed to be anyone? I can't make out the characters under her picture..
  9. No it was produced by Viz Comics in America as a sequal to the translation of the Japanese Macross II: Lover's Again manga they did.
  10. I got my TwoPieceNarrow disc here in Australia yesterday. Thing only took around 4 days to reach me! Thats service! Video & audio seem fine. Unfortunately the subs are imbedded in the video and can't be switched off. That's my only gripe. Recommended. As mentioned previously there's no slip cover. Does anyone know where we could download a cover? Perhaps just for episode 1? ...Now I just have to order that Sailor Moon Live Action TV set on his eBay store and I'll be in otaku heaven...
  11. Props to Low Viz Lurker for his always highly detailed and passionate posts! Enjoy reading em!
  12. Skull00

    Huge SDF1

    I got a kick out of the transcript off the back of the box. Apparantly the SDF-1 has a full complement of Alpha and Beta fighters!! Cool!
  13. I'm Australian where Robotech wasn't aired untill 1987 or so. Luckily I lived in the States from '82-'85 and saw RT there in 1985. After the last episode aired I cried for like a whole day. I was only 7 but it definately had a profound effect on me. I soon realised it was from a country called Japan. I then started to have an interest in everything Japanese, from Bonsai to the Karate Kid! When I got back to Australia I'd tell kids about Robotech and they'd be totally confused but when it did come on here my friends were totally hooked too. In University I studied Japanese and went to Japan on exchange for a year partly out of my love for Macross and the unique culture that produced it. During High School I joined a local anime club and watched Macross Plus and DYRL. After that I knew I had to get the original Macross and ordered the Harmony Gold Perfect Collection tapes...then they were cancelled 2002 was a watershed because I finally got the Animeigo set. Now I feel I've come full circle...But there is always still more to collect!!!
  14. Thats so damn cool! <orders Lum vol 13> Thanks for that Pat.
  15. That's nothing special. Mikimoto has several exhibits and signings each year, some with Broccoli and Art Jeuness. Also the prints are on the cheap side, some of his stuff usually sells for closer to $900. The US branch of Art Vivant had a brochure from a few years ago with $1000-1200 price ranges. The DYRL Minmay is his latest print I believe. I think the figure's nice but it's sort of bland otherwise. Here is a link to buy the calendar. I'm not certain if the reservation window has expired or not. It's been up a couple of months now. I saw a Mikimoto art exhibition in Ikebukuro back in early 2002 when I was an exchange student there. Original art for sale etc. I bought a nice postcard set for around a few hundred yen.
  16. And thankyou too for the info. The 'To Be Continued' is missing from Dynamite? Wierd. Anyway, anal as I am about my Macross its still an acceptable ommitance from a great set.
  17. There are fourteen volumes, I believe. Or was it thirteen? I forget. Anyway, I don't particularly care for the DVD art, I prefer the cover art for the original LD and VHS releases. Funnily enough, these are shown on the BACK of the DVDs, below the blurb, in slighty "tainted" form. The best artwork is that of the LD Box Fire set. Mikimoto, of course, is the only way to go. Thanks for the info Renato, guess I'll have to get the LDs for display purposes. A friend brought back a bunch of M7 LDs on a trip to Japan once for 500 yen each I think...
  18. I just got my Macross 7 FX sets delivered today (All the way to Australia from the good people at Valkyrie Exchange - Thanks guys!) and started watching the series for the first time since watching the fansubs 5 or so year ago. My impressions so far: Video and audio are really nice, well definately acceptable for a TV series. Love the inclusion of so many extras. I remembered how great the character animation is and how bad the mecha animation is... The cover design is pretty weak imo. Would like to download scans of the Japanese box art. Anyone know how many volumes the R2 DVDs run? Are there any Macross 7 titles missing from this set? I don't think so.
  19. In Japanese 'unthinkable' is 'masaka' I always thought those guys were saying 'The Culture' when they said 'Dakurucha'?? Then again I've only got an unsubbed LD copy as reference. I should go back and check the Japanese subs again...
  20. Well, actually, that would be more like the difference between Linn Minmei and 'Rinn' Minmei. The general rule when translating a Japanese character for 'Ro/Lo' is to use Ro in the romanisation. For example my Japanese friend "Hiroko" is not called Hiloko in English even thought the japanese sound in her name could be translated as either lo or ro (The Japanese sound for this is a mix of r and l sounds in our language). Therefore the convention is to use the R sound in romanisations so I would go with Megaroad as the official English translation, not Megaload (although this might be in the art books, its a common mistake of Japanese to translate Katakana into funny English or 'Japlish').
  21. Yeah BOB was good but A Bridge Too Far and The Bridge at Remagen are still my favourite depictions of WWII. What is it with bridges and WWII?
  22. ...that's 'MacrossNalds', not 'MacrossDonalds' by the way.
  23. Its like everyone's reading my mind on their feelings about the original Gunbuster. Gunbuster has the same nostalgia value as Macross/R-word for me and a sequal like this insults the memories. At least they can't touch my ancient US Renditions tapes. Stay away Gainax, stay away. You never know though, Macross 7 half redeemed itself in the later half of the series for a lot of fans. Gunbuster 2 might not be all bad...then again
  24. I can answer a couple of your questions: 2)Who is Basara thread 4)Yeah, thats KOMILIA. The first daughter of Max and Milia Story of 2036 is here: 2036 Thread
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