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  1. CD Japan still doesn't list episode # 3 for pre-order yet. Anybody know of any other sites that have it listed already? Graham
  2. I'm still sulking about losing the old post counts, although I understand the reason for it. But I was getting close to 3,000 posts damn it! Graham
  3. Graham

    Meeting with yamato

    Any requests for Yamato? I'm going to ask them to add grey panel lines (like on the 1/48 Low Vis) to the 1/48 Hikaru VF-1S. I'm also going to ask them to sculpt non-articulated DYRL hands for the VF-1S Hikaru, like they are doing for the VF-1J. Any others? And of course, I will keep on pushing for the things I really want like a VF-2SS with SAP and a VF-17D/S with FAST Packs. A VF-5000B would be nice as well. Of course all should be in 1/48 scale ha ha ha! Graham
  4. Graham

    Meeting with yamato

    2 hours 15 minutes and counting until the dinner. I'll ask those questions and more, but please be aware guys that Yamato may not actually allow me to reveal much which can be a real bummer at times. Graham
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