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  1. 1/60 Monster would be BIG. but still great to have it with another 1/60 vf1 and Destroid together. In term of lower the cost, I would like Yamato cutting down some over-done details. Since Monster has so little joins/movement in its design. I don't even care if it turn out to be just a 'fix' pose toy! I think they should creat something like the Jumbo Grade Gundam type of quality, http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN913939 not the best material/ finishing, but reasonable. Cheap enough to get one - (about 20000 yen?), and size does matter!
  2. I guess some futuristic weapon (for human) could still happen. So far all we saw is just 2 mins trailers. Remember that is only the first of the three 'new' terminator movies...
  3. So Phalanx, Sparatan then Monster (please)?
  4. Thanks for the review, CollectionDX. (wrong music though) I can tell you are not a MACROSS fans.
  5. My masseffect photoshop holiday card. enjoy. Happy new year!
  6. I would love to see more Macross charcater figures too, but not action figures. After recent release the 17cm height CM Minamy figure, I really hope they will continue this line. I love to have figures such as Misa, Hikaru and Roy in this kind of size and quality. Yamato should just continue to do mechs, after see the Yamato Minamy Doll, I am having nightmare....
  7. Happy New Year to all fellow MW members. New year resolution : get a gf, buy some more toys and starting a new job in a few days.
  8. Love your Zentraedi Ships, so awesome. I hope Yamato, Bandai or Wave would produce some Zentraedi ship toys/ models...
  9. And make a god damn 1/60 Tactical Pod Glaug too.
  10. I agree that too, especailly all the VF-1 series. They should slow down a bit. But to not other mechs, such as Destroids. I can understand Yamato just want to release more macross product quickly. Since they can take an advantage with the current Macross Frontier market wave. But the strong Yen , high price mark products and weak economy are killing all the collectors outside Japan.
  11. Did he simply pull the head out and just left the head 'sit' on top of the cap without push down to lock up, so the position of the head is higher? It does look much better.
  12. http://toysdaily.com/discuz/viewthread.php?tid=83072 more VF25 F photos here...
  13. Yamato, just to our voice - Give us some damn 1/60 enermy mechs such as Regult, Glaug Officer Pod, Nousjadel Ger or even 1/60 some enermy soliders. And a 'nice' scale TV version SDF1 and some enermy ships too! WHo the hell is the Yamato marketing guy doing? These toys will sell great cause NOBODY has done them!
  14. As much as I like her and think she is hot. This movie is not looking good to me. But I guess it is better than the TrukeyBall (DragonBall) movie.
  15. Is there any confirmation about the shoulder hinges material being used on 1J and Hikaru 1s are different than the Roy's 1S? So far no one report any shoulder hinges problem on the 1j yet, right? I am thinking to get a VF-1J soon...
  16. I assume it is because all shipment are come from the 'air'? Price should settle down once the sea shipment arrive, and more stores have them. Also some toys will get even cheaper once the Chinese New Year sale kick in...
  17. It might be truth, after all- Business is business... smaller market = less effort However, if recent Macross F toy line sell well enough, there might still 'hope'.
  18. Hopfully 1/100 MG Zock (since we already have z'gok, gogg and acguy) , i know not many people like them... but I love to have it to complete 1/100 0079 collection!
  19. If Bandai can make the Quarter like gundam-fix toy such as GFF Metal Composite Psycho Gundam, serious design, nice build, great details marking and great material... I would be happy. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN939729
  20. Another Japanese review for the Denfender. Good to see pic that with Defender, Tomahawk and 1J pose together. http://blog.kuruten.jp/bat/59907
  21. It sounds good deal to me. The ProtoGarland alone is near 100 us dollar (if with 50% off), so add 30 dollar for shipping... Go for it.
  22. nice. I will pick a few bandai stands up when i go to HongKong next month then. It seems good for a few 1/60 toys so far, and cheap too. thx
  23. wonder if this stand works with the new 1/60 vf25...
  24. Z-plus, New pic, with paint finished. http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/tamashii...shouten_th0001#
  25. Man, just find another version of Sheryl on the net. Not sure that is a toy or resin kit though...
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