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  1. It might just typing mistake in the site?! Someone forgot to put the '1' in the front of 9,800 yen? I hope it is really that 'cheap'. Have anyone try to order it?
  2. Well, even if we can build model, this is a 1/60 scale. That would be nice to have to same scale as the rest of my Yamato 1/60 macross collection...
  3. Don;t know if anyone has seen this, can't help it... has to post it. Give it another 20 years, it might looks closer to a 'real Destroid'!
  4. I like the gloss finished plastic. Fighter mode with all the markers make both (vf25s vf25f) toys look great. It is real shame about the Ozma BATTROID mode's neck... and the wimpy head lasers!
  5. I am not the one from the 'toysdaily' who complain about the dull colour. But I do prefer the VFX color theme... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vPb1upvPW30/Rmmo...-h/PSD3D074.jpg
  6. New Defender photos from GA Graphic, the color seems a bit different than the pics from Yamato site though... http://ga.sbcr.jp/mgangu/011950/index.html#01 Should looks good together with my Tomahawk.
  7. They are selling them in Yamato online shop - http://www.yamato-toys.com/items/detail.php?gid=1258 I also just get a shipping confirm mail from HLJ, they are shipping my P Garland with my two another small toys by SAL!!! (not EMS) Man, that is so awesome!!!
  8. Find this picture on the net, is it Sheryl?
  9. I don't know if anyone post/see it... New stickers on ProtoGarland. It looks rather cool.
  10. I really don't think that is what u r talking about... but it is a 'macross' kite. http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/113887648
  11. Ordered my 2 days ago. Still waiting for the final shipping bill... suppose to be 4000 yen ems shipping, but I have another stuff ship with it, hopefully will pack them together! And, HLJ just list the Proto as 'backorder' today, i think.
  12. Just order the Proto Garland, hopefully will get it in 2 weeks time. I still think the 'red' Garland looks better though, if only it has no 'design' and 'qc' problem...
  13. Good to see the ver2 MG RGM79, got to get this one! But where is the Guntank, Bandai???
  14. Yes, I might do that too... still not sure about the battroid mode, but the fighter mode loks good enough to me! just the pilot figure looks a bit rubbish.
  15. 1/60 ver.2 VF-1D is coming, offical photo from Yamato. http://www.yamato-toys.com/items/detail.php?gid=1242 in two months time...
  16. lol true, man. That's why I still yet to own 1/60 ver2 VF-1 toy.
  17. Yup, it will only make 'your' Sheryl even more special than already is...
  18. Anyone think US dollars to Yen is bad... Check on the Canadian Dollar rate to Yen, it is like paying around 20% more than 12 months ago!
  19. Man, Gundam MG kit is getting better and better in recent years. Shame it also getting more and more expensive...
  20. cool. All three looks great, I wish I can afford all of them! At least I have my Klan order though.
  21. Is that the photo you are looking for? It is going to be expensive, but I still hope it will come out oneday!
  22. yes, me too. I want to know that if 1J has the same shoulder hinges material as 1S...
  23. Wooow... only started a month ago. Nice collections! Good luck to your wallet. I started my macross 'toy' collections just over a year now... my wallet hurts. So many toys come in recent months.
  24. Very nice. If only they sell them in Canada...
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