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  1. Yes, totally... it is small and expensive. However it looks very nice and details. I hope Yamato or Bandai will do a bigger scale of it, like 1/3000 or 1/4000.
  2. I just want to make a few points here: Yamato is not a small company, it might not as big as Bandai, it has grown a lot. Some of their products are certainly over-price. Such as 1/12 Scopedag (around 18000 yen) , 1/60 vf19 without fast pack(around 18,800 yen) and 1/24 Patlabor (28,000 yen). What they are thinking?! Yes, the more units the products sold, the lower the price can be... on the other hand, the cheaper the product price, the more units can be sold too... (i will have everthing Macross toys they made, if they r much cheaper...) Anyway, back to the topic - whether Yamato is too greedy? YES. They are in it for businness. What do you think?
  3. I would buy a large plastic box and put your lovely yamato box in... http://www.storageessentials.co.uk/shop/pu...0with%20lid.jpg something like that!
  4. Wonderful job, well done.
  5. The size of a 1/60 Monster would be huge anyway ... Don't mention that Yamato's BIG package box! BTY, Yamato... isn't it about time to show off the 1/60 Destroid Phalanx toy? (we all know that is going to happen...)
  6. With both versions in one pack... Can't imagine how big the Yamato package box will be!!!
  7. I agree those figures are not perfect, but for that cost... We can not complaint. I do like the 'love triangle' pose though. These figures will a great collection.
  8. same here, 1/60 Monster please! Perfer SDF version.
  9. Figther mode still looks rather chunky. Battroid mode looks good though. Hope it will come without FP version, then it will be cheaper and I might get one!
  10. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 17cm seems like a good size. Waiting for my shipment from HLJ All we needs now is a bigger SDF toy! (the Wave SDF is a little too small, Yamato or Bandai should make a bigger size TV version SDF!)
  11. Man, how could you order the three 'expensive' Banpresto Frontier figures, but not this beautiful Minmay figure?
  12. Feeling the same... OVERPRICE !!! but I still 'suck it up' and order my Klan figure.
  13. Certainly, it is a bussiness to them after all. If these figures sell very well, there will be a high chance that they will become 'mass production' toys. I guess that will still take a year or two (the best), until that happen. Damn, miss the order... I want the Klan figure!
  14. Damn, all three main figures sold out already...
  15. That would be great if someone doing a poll as "Is your v.2 1/60 VF-1S broken or perfect? " for VF-1J.... I really want to know if everthing is 'ok' in that toy before I get one.
  16. Yes, this doll looks bad to me. They should have done with different style, like this... http://www.hlj.com/product/MEDRAH-337
  17. Pre-order mine earlier in HLJ. It is in 'low stock' already... http://www.hlj.com/product/CMS65236 Needs to get it fast.
  18. Well, that is how they do it... http://img92.imageshack.us/img92/9894/mghj03oh4.jpg
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