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  1. I would love to see that happen too. But I guess Bandai 1/100 would have a better chance... I really hope ver2 VF1 will come with a stand as well!
  2. With Macross Frontier Movie coming later this year. Not surprise to see Bandai trying to mike every single Macross products in the felowing months... Just hope they will make some new toys from Macross Seven, rather than just 're-issue'.
  3. Yes, I love my Minmay figure. (but she fell a few time while I was moving her around for taking some photos with my phone, oh dear!) Just wish the Wave SDF-1 is 1/3000....
  4. I don't have the OD version, but I think it should have two sticker sheets..., isn't it? マーキングステッカー×2 http://www.yamato-toys.com/items/detail.php?gid=1243
  5. NICE pose, hope u don't mind I do a little 'make over'.
  6. I like the KA design, but also dislike it as you said that is 'too much' style charge from the anime. My personal favortie so far is the One Year War animation color RX78! It has extra details and modern design, but also feel just like the animation design.
  7. Is it possible to use 'warm' water to soft them in cretain temparture, without damage the pvc (and hold them straight when them cool back down)?
  8. Nice pose! Can you tell me what is the problem by using this stand?
  9. Sorry to hear that. I was going to get my frist ver2 VF-1... man, now I am not sure any more. This shoulder problem really worry me.
  10. Very cutie stuff. It is kind of expensive, although it come with 24 (12 types) in a box. Love to get the Klan Klan and Sheryl with her military stage costume. Now, if only they do Macross DYRL characters...
  11. I see the bend head lasers as a design flaw rather than QC problem. A harder material should have been chossen in the first place! Real shame.
  12. Love your collections, and the black version Jumbo Grade Gundam looks awesome.
  13. Isn't this sort of figures are suppose to be easy to find in Hong Kong, Graham?
  14. Because Graham tell everyone that he bought some Bandai DX VF-25 toys!
  15. I only order one box. I only have 2 Sheryl, 2 (diff. color version) Ranka, and 2 Brera... NO Alto!!! damn it. CM's efforts were better, but these are a lot cheaper, that might be the reason.
  16. UN Spacy I am waiting for the answer from Graham/Yamato.
  17. Great job, Dobber. Your SV-51 looks awesome.
  18. Nice, thanks a lot. Still hope to have some toyshops are closer to downtown though...
  19. same here... anyone else who know where we can get macross toy in local shop in Vancouver? I usually just order things online though. Good to know a few members are fromthe same city.
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