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  1. So, they won't be sold in 'normal' stores/websites... Anyone live outside Japan, the only way to find them is Ebay???
  2. I don't know about the photom if it has been 'retouch'... I own a RX78 Ka, it is not scale down... it just the same size as 1/100 MG RX78.
  3. Has anyone heard about this? New 1/144 GFFN ZII is coming next march. http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN955903 http://www2.moeyo.com/img/08/11/19/5/546.html I hope they will make 1/100 MG of it.
  4. My brother has it. I would love to get one too for myself, althought it is not cheap at all... Just I can't find a place to display it in the house!
  5. I believe that is 1/100 RX78 figure stand next to the Z plus. Yes, this thing is HUGH and expensive! (18,900円)
  6. Well, I heard they are making 'Macorss' live action movie a while back... didn't know they are in fact doing ROBOTECH!!!??? Anyway, writers from Smallville, I guess Kristin Kreuk could be Minmay then!!!
  7. Same here, nothing can beat the original SDF TV series... then DYRL. I also like Zero and Frontier very much, Plus 'movie vesion' is good... Macross7 is just not my cup of tea, still like some songs and the valks though.
  8. Who knows. A lot of people are waiting for the 'reactive armored'. http://miotd.com/2007/03/12/macross-armore...m-macross-zero/
  9. I would like to get the VF-25G set comes with 1/60 Ranka Lee (25mm), Speakers and Super Fold Booster. Why exclusive?
  10. We all know the first BIG toy they should make is this:
  11. I have the old ver 1/60 1D. Yes, I think the new version 1D looks great, especially in the Battroid mode ... however I am yet to own any ver.2 1/60 VF toy. I am still waiting them to 'fix' the VF1S shoulder crack problem. I am hoping Yamato will ship better QA product while they release the 1D.
  12. Haahaa I am not sure i want to hear the sreaming from Booby while I am playing with this toy! However, that would be cool if Bandai can made the gunpod open and light up!
  13. I hope it is really coming in 40cm height, however the offical poster just mention that will be 20+ cm??!!
  14. Hey Graham, If this pic is being squashed, could you find the offical source of the 'right' pic, please?
  15. Thanks for the pics. Same here. I think the fighter mode just too chunky , battroid mode is fine. Still needs to see more photos from different angles.
  16. Thanks for the news. 20cm+ height... It seems like it is about the same height as 1/4000 Wave SDF1.
  17. Thanks for the pic, charger69. That new version 1/60 VF1D looks awesome!
  18. I got mine normal version about two weeks ago, it just looks great, loving it. Shame I don't have any extra money to buy OD version (too many another macross stuff to buy).
  19. Miriya, u r welcome. I just hope Yamato will make 1/60 VF25 toy right oneday!!! (Guess we have to wait for a few years at least)
  20. Yes, I like the color of the GNU VF-11 too... I just hope Yamato will make a real Roy Focker version of VF-11, just this one I paint.
  21. Great news. Looking forward the 1/60 VF11B very much. I really hope Yamato will make a white colour version too, I always think VF-11B looks better in white than 'grey'. Next spring in Japan means - between March and May. GIve me a few months to save up for that!
  22. I canncel my order last week, I still think it is a 'ok' looking toy and it is not expensive for 1/60 scale. Now I am waiting the 1/72 super-VF25 coming out sometime next year instead... Here is my retouch photoshop pic, which I think what it could be made!
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